Weblogs for Competitive Intelligence

Use of Weblogs for Competitive Intelligence

by Gregory R Lloyd, President and Co-founder Traction Software, Inc

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Also published in the Proceedings of The First International Conference/Workshop on Business, Technology and Competitive Intelligence
25th and 26th of October 2005 Tokyo, Japan
Nihon University Graduate School of Business
Greg Lloyd presentation: 4:20 PM – 5:00 PM 25 October 2005

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Abstract: Over the past fifty years, the inspiration of hypertext systems has been the challenge of dealing with an ever-increasing volume of information. With the advent of the World Wide Web (WWW) as a near universal platform for commercial and scientific information, it is now possible to use the WWW as a platform for collecting, analyzing, disseminating and receiving feedback on competitive intelligence and other valuable business information. This paper will use examples of weblog deployment for competitive intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry to examine broader challenge of enabling enterprises to more effectively deal with the ever increasing volume of critical business information in general.

Keywords: weblog, hypertext, journal, competitive intelligence, analysis, dissemination, social software

Biographical note: Mr. Lloyd is President and co-founder of Traction Software, Inc. He is a graduate of Brown University where as an undergraduate and graduate student he worked for Prof. Andries van Dam on hypertext systems starting in 1968. Mr. Lloyd continued hypertext research while at the US Naval Research Laboratory and developed commercial hypertext editing and delivery systems at Mentor Graphics and Electronic Book Technology. The Traction TeamPage product is based on Mr. Lloyd's original research as well as that of Prof. van Dam, Douglas Engelbart, Theodor Nelson and Traction's co-founder, Christopher Nuzum.


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