Michael Sampson's Currents: "TeamPage - the One System to Rule It All"

Michael Sampson is a well-known and respected collaboration market analyst, consultant and author (of Microsoft Press's Seamless Teamwork: Using Microsoft SharePoint Technologies to Collaborate, Innovate, and Drive Business in New Ways), Michael speaks with authority when it comes to assessing collaboration platforms. Sampson's post on TeamPage this week, Traction TeamPage: The One System to Rule It All, explains the threaded discussion and social tagging model in TeamPage. This post was one outcome of his investigation into E2.0 security and - in this case - how a strong security model can enable productive cross-workspace interactions. He concludes "The Traction team have done a fantastic job building security in from the ground up, and the level of configuration is fantastic. If you are in the market for a collaboration platform, check out what they are offering...[an example with screenshots followed by]... I think that rocks! " » Read More

December 2008 | the{app}gap reviews TeamPage Live Blog

Bill Ives recaps a conversation about revenue growth records and offers a quick review of the new Traction TeamPage Live Blog interface. Ives writes "Because the interaction is supported in Traction, conversations you might otherwise have in IM or Twitter can take place securely within a TeamPage context with a robust content, tagging and discussion model." » Read the Full Story

Forrester Research | Social Computing Changes the Enterprise Collaboration Landscape

Rob Kopolowitz states that "wikis are providing a valuable piece of the overall (Social Computing) strategy" in his April 2008 report titled "Social Computing Changes the Enterprise Landscape." The report profiles Traction TeamPage customer Enel North America and their use of Traction for collaboration and corporate communication on their Intranet. Get on the bandwagon, Koplowitz explained that 64% of enterprises surveyed have already started to invest in Wikis. » Read the full report (fee required)

Fuld & Company Intelligence Software Report - 2008/2009 Edition

When it comes to Collaborative Intelligence, Traction TeamPage makes the grade. Traction TeamPage stood apart in Fuld & Company's Intelligence Software Report which rated TeamPage's support as Very Good or Excellent in four out of five stages of the intelligence cycle. Fuld's Intelligence Software report offers insight into the CI process and technology preferences of "CI Super Tech Users" and then rates 13 software platforms that are used most often by Competitive Intelligence teams.

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451Group Reviews TeamPage 4.0 | Traction Software tackles wiki complexity in 4.0

Kathleen Reidy of the451group wrote an update on Traction Software highlighting key new capabilities in new TeamPage 4.0 release. She wrote: Its TeamPage product is well respected on technical merits, and the latest release will continue to appeal to more-technical buyers that understand the complexity of maintaining and growing large wiki sites. » Read the full report » Read about What's New In 4.0

22 Feb 2008 | Peter O'Kelly's Reality Check - Traction TeamPage goes "Beyond-the-Basics" with Hypertext Collaboration

In a post congratulating Traction Software for its fourth consecutive selection as one of KMWorld's "100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management," Burton Group Analyst Peter O'Kelly writes: "I consider TeamPage the market-leading beyond-the-basics collaborative hypertext solution; it's a compelling example of the power of moving beyond files, to a world of hypertext information items/content components." » Read Peter O'Kelly's Reality Check Blog Entry. » Read Full KM 100 Press Release

November 2007 | The 451 Group - Can Traction Software gain traction with latest wiki release?

Senior 451 Group analyst Kathleen Reidy published her second review of Traction Software and Traction TeamPage (first report published Feb 2007). Reidy's November 9, 2007 report describes Traction Software's new TeamPage 3.8 release, the implications of the release, and Traction Software's position in the market. » Read Full Story (Subscription Required)

August 2007 | Gilbane Group Interview: New solutions for a multilingual world

Kaija Poysti of the Gilbane Group's Globalization Blog interviews Traction Software's Greg Lloyd. Kaija says that in companies the "multilingual environment is not only about translation, but about working with customers and colleagues whose native language is different from one's own. That can lead to a lot of miscommunication, and I think that nobody has even started to measure the real costs or missed sales arising from it."

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July 2007 | Podcast Interview: Overcoming Fear of Blogs | Mike Gotta

Collaborative Thinking - Mike Gotta writes Jul 5, 2007: At the Enterprise 2.0 conference, I had the opportunity to interview Jordan Frank from Traction Software. The podcast can be listened to, or downloaded, here at the Burton Group Inflection Point site (along with other analyst podcasts).

March 2007 | Traction Software named to KMWorld "100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management"

For the third year in a row, Traction Software was included in KM World's list of 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management. Hugh McKellar notes that the companies listed "distinguished themselves to our panel of judgets because of their role in creating, enhancing, or defining a market." » Read More

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October 2006 | Burton Group Report - Hypertext and Compound/Interactive Document Models

December 7, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Burton Group's Peter O'Kelly's report titled Hypertext and Compound/Interactive Document Models: Collaboration and Content Management Implications goes a long way towards explaining the benefits of and drive towards hypertext (a platform for blogs and wikis and more) as a backbone for collaborative work and communication. In the report, Burton Group says Traction TeamPage... "...comes closest to bringing the visions of hypertext pioneer Doug Engelbart to fruition, and that it is also a very useful leading indicator in terms of features other vendors will eventually add."

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September 2006 | Fuld & Company Intelligence Software Report 2006-2007

Register for a free copy of the Report In its latest survey of 17 competitive intelligence software packages [including Traction TeamPage], Fuld & Co. urges executives to match packages based not only on their features, but also on how they fit with a company's approach and progress in utilizing competitive intelligence techniques...

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December 2005 | Managing the Knowledge Workforce

Jonathan Spira's inspiring new book provides a fresh view of the challenges facing today's knowledge worker and practical strategies to outfit them with tools they need. One case study covers the story of a competitive intelligence group in a Fortune 500 company. They deployed Traction TeamPage enterprise blog software to effectively put "CI in context for decision making" and "provide easy access to information across the busess." The system supports collaboration between 25 people involved in the intelligence process and over 100 decision makers. (Page 141-144)

13 June 2005 | Dark Blogs Case Study #1 - A European Pharmaceutical Group

From Suw Charman, writer of the Strange Attractor blog on Corante: I'm pleased to announce the arrival of the first Dark Blogs Case Study (pdf), examining the use of Traction's TeamPage enterprise weblog software for a competitive intelligence project within a large European pharmaceutical group. The case study examines the reasons why blogs where chosen, project planning, implementation, integration with other business systems, editorial process, launch and promotion, training and adoption.

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16 March 2005 | Blogs, Wikis, and Beyond: New Alternatives for Collaboration and Communication

(Full Report Requires Burton Group Login for Access) By Peter O'Kelly - "Blogs and wikis represent important opportunities for communication channels and collaborative workspaces... Because they are simpler to create and use than traditional enterprise-oriented alternatives, blogs and wikis are very effective for relatively basic communication/collaboration scenarios, and they’re also very well suited to address inter-enterprise needs..."

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March-April 2005 | Blogs & Wikis: Technologies for Enterprise Applications

The outward-facing uses of blogs typically need few features whereas using blogs or wikis internally (whether on an intranet or extranet) often requires a different feature set...

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October 2004 | Fuld & Company - Intelligence Software Report 2004-2005

(report is available for $250) Traction Software has harnessed this basic concept and added a considerable amount of functionality to provide a unique enterprise-level solution for gathering and sharing information throughout an organization... Traction’s TeamPage is a novel approach that represents a drive to design software around how people work, as opposed to forcing people to conform to the requirements of the software. A major benefit to implementingTeamPage is that it is applicable to not just the competitive intelligence function, but the entire organization as well. While several CI technology solutions are fundamentally designed for the CI team and may be harnessed for other uses,TeamPage is the other way around. It’s a solution designed to support any project requiring collaborative effort, and it just so happens that competitive intelligence is one of them. » Read More

12 October 2004 | Burton Group - Communication and Collaboration: Compelling Convergence or Continued Chaos?

(Document Requires Burton Group Login for Access) - Peter O'Kelly lays out a vision of well integrated workspaces for collaboration and channels for communication. O'Kelly comments: Traction is as simple as a wiki (defined and described in “The Details”) in terms of getting started with a new workspace, but the depth of its metamodel makes Traction more robust for a wider range of collaboration needs as workspaces evolve. » Read More

August 2004 | Enterprise Weblog Software - Technology Audit, Traction Software

(Document Requires Butler Group Permission for Access) The Technology Audit finds Traction TeamPage as an innovative solution for collaborative working and recommends Organisations and groups that are involved in market intelligence, program and product development, projects, business, and government communication will benefit from Traction TeamPage. » Read More

May/June 2004 | Intelligence Blogs in the Enterprise - Traction 3.0

In 1996 Providence, Rhode Island-based Traction Software evolved Engelbart’s hypertext journaling concept to develop the first Enterprise Weblog software... As an interactive webbased journaling system, weblogs reduce the pain of managing source information and automate much of the dissemination activity currently plaguing CI teams which prevents them from focusing on the core analysis task. Given more time to conduct situational and impact analysis, weblogs also furnish an excellent vehicle to inject analysis into source documents. by Arik Johnson » Read More

May 2004 | Aurora WDC 2004 Enterprise Competitive Intelligence Software Portals Review: Intelligence Portals as the Next Generation for Broad-Spectrum CI Applications

Focused on an in-depth and open examination of the top six CI software portals vendors (Including Traction TeamPage) and providing an updated functional comparison, plus screen shots of user interface and other benchmarking data, the Review is available free-of-charge to qualifying intelligence practitioners and other Aurora customers and partners. » Read More

20 April 2004 | Social Computing: Getting Ahead of the Blog

Bottom Line: Innovative decision makers and early adopters will avoid the mistakes of the past (underestimating the impact of the Web) by allocating discretionary funding in 2004 for blog pilots as part of an iterative effort to construct a broader business case for social computing. By Mike Gotta, META Group. » Read More

May 2003 | Traction - Weblogs grow up

Clay Shirky's writes about Traction in the May 2003 issue of Esther Dyson's Release 1.0 titled Social Software: A New Generation of Tools. Abstract: "Taking their cue from people’s actual behaviors rather than some idealized projection, a number of startups are designing tools that help people get what they want from group interaction." » Read More

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