Teampage Solutions: Competitive Intelligence

Teampage streamlines the entire intelligence lifecycle, helping you make better decisions sooner.


Teampage helps you collect content from all sources, including e-mail, web sites, news feeds, and business analytic systems.


Intelligence teams can quickly classify, tag, and add commentary on any paragraph, directing stakeholders' attention to important details.


Email alerts and daily digests keep stakeholders informed of critical developments, and let them quickly respond or request follow-up information.

Collect Information from All Sources

Teampage facilitates both automatic and manual collection of intelligence information. You can quickly capture and store the content of any web page, email message, or Office document. The Feed Reader lets you automatically ingest public and subscription newsfeeds. For time-licensed content, you can also set collected information to be deleted automatically when it expires.

With tools from our partner Intuli, you can also monitor competitors' websites, regulatory databases, and other key data sources for changes, and have those changes automatically pushed to Teampage.

Add Analysis with Tags, Links, Comments

Why is this important? What should we do about this? Who should follow-up, and how?

Teampage lets you comment on, link to, and tag any paragraph to call out what's important about it. And when follow-up is required, tasks and events can be placed on a paragraph too.

Get the Word Out Automatically

Your work as an intelligence professional is only as effective as your ability to get your analysis in front of the people who need it.

Automated email alerts and digests keep decisionmakers informed of critical activity.

Teampage sends email digests automatically every day. Each person sees only what his or her interests specify and permissions allow.

For example, a Product Manager may see competitive activity in her market area, while the CEO will also see the analysis and recommendations you post only for the executive team.

And for information that can't wait, stakeholders can also subscribe to immediate email alerts that let them know right away when something important takes place.

Find what you need, when you need it

You put a lot of effort into gathering, annotating, and sharing competitive intelligence. However, competitive intelligence only becomes actionable organizational knowledge if stakeholders can find exactly the right information the moment they need it.

Teampage's powerful search makes sure that the right information always falls immediately to hand.

From simple queries to faceted drill-down to a search wizard that lets you construct powerful boolean queries, Teampage makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

And once you have a search query perfected, you can bookmark it, add it to a dashboard, or even subscribe to new hits via RSS.

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