Traction TeamPage Technology

Traction® Software solutions are based on the company's patented hypertext technology (US Patent 7,593,954). The core technology patent covers the fundamental indexing, cross-reference and navigational elements that combine to make the Traction platform capable of outperforming traditional file and folder systems.

Traction Software's TeamPage server products are built on pure Java technology. A Traction® TeamPage server can be installed and configured in less than 1 hour. It runs on popular operating systems (Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X) and is a total solution, requiring no additional database or software licenses, and delivers a cross-platform Web browser interface. Amazon EC2 cloud hosted TeamPage is also available as a Traction Software managed service.

Traction's Proteus user interface technology uses Google Web Toolkit (GWT), HTML5 and CSS standards to deliver outstanding performance, with integrated Twitter-style autoupdating status, quick and easy navigation, rich text editing, and a great user experience. TeamPage's flexible skin technology can simultaneously deliver Proteus skins and XML, RSS, ATOM or simplified HTML skins specialized devices, search engines or custom applications.

Traction TeamPage can be integrated into the enterprise environment with the use of the Software Developer Kit (SDK), Customizable permission-aware RSS and ATOM feeds, XML-RPC, and the SOAP protocol. Traction has an optional pluggable authentication mechanism, to allow for easy integration with Active Directory (including NTLM), LDAP, or other directory interface. Traction can authenticate against multiple directory systems simultaneously. Login authentication can be augmented by SSL/TLS and other security extensions.

TeamPage integrates with SMTP and POP/IMAP email standards, which enables users to leverage existing emails systems from both brand name vendors and commodity mail systems. Secure mail protocols supported by TeamPage include SMTPS, IMAPS, POP3S and STARTTLS.

In addition to Email (SMTP), RSS and ATOM, notification may be delivered with Jabber. The TeamPage platform can send Jabber IM in plain text or can encrypt with (TLS/SSL) to send over HTTPS.

TeamPage implements Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) for files and folders attached to posted Articles and within Project Share directories. This provides document management features such as check-out, locking, check-in, auto-versioning and (for MS IE and Office documents) over-the-web editing.

The look and feel of the TeamPage interface is selected based on a skin you select, configure - or design. TeamPage can deliver different skins to different users (i.e. employees vs. customers) simultaneously. The tools for developing skins include CSS, Traction's Skin Definition Language (SDL), and Traction's Software Developer Kit (SDK).

TeamPage has a built-in Search engine, but also has a specialized interface designed for third party external search engines including Google. The search skin is automatically selected and delivered to search engine robots visiting a TeamPage site. To index password-protected content, Traction can present an authentication challenge to the search engine.

The Traction TeamPage Solr search engine adds permissioned search to over 370 document formats for files attached to TeamPage posts or stored in TeamPage web folders. Solr adds relevance ranking, automatic entity extraction, and keyword extraction to support interactive permission-filtered drill-down by keyword, person, company, location, file type, and other Traction metadata attributes.

TeamPage includes no-cost Traction® Instant Publisher™(TIP) client to enhance the user experience for customer who want integration with Microsoft Window Desktop and Office applications. TIP makes it easy to drag and drop Windows desktop content, screenshots, and attachments. It also includes a plug-in for easy right click publishing from Internet Explorer, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

TeamPage also includes standard support for Microsoft's Outlook Social Connector along with iCal compatible calendar support that works with Microft Outlook, Google Calendars and other iCal compatible services.

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