Traction TeamPage 5.0 Delivers Integrated Social Networking And Collaboration With New Generation Interface Technology

ImageEnterprise 2.0 Boston MA — June 15, 2010A fresh look at how social networking and collaboration work for business — Traction® Software, the leading developer of enterprise 2.0 social software for secure, scalable collaboration, today announced Traction® TeamPage™ Release 5.0. This release uses Traction’s new generation Proteus interface technology to deliver a look and feel that’s fast, easy to use, and looks great. TeamPage 5.0 leverages this technology to integrate extensible personal profile pages, Twitter style personal status, group live blog technology, a slick and simple Feed summary and more as natural parts of Traction's award winning Enterprise 2.0 collaboration platform.

TeamPage 5.0 puts social software to work for activities that matter most for business including new product development, sales, life cycle product support, communication with clients and sales partners, collaboration with customers and key suppliers, tracking business issues, marketing and competitive intelligence.

“Ever since we made it possible for groups to communicate and collaborate by easily posting, editing and tagging pages, we’ve been seeking new ways to improve, enrich and leverage information in the course of doing every day work,” said Greg Lloyd, President and CEO of Traction Software. “TeamPage 5.0 makes it simple to stay informed and connect with others using a networked communication and collaboration model that simple to understand, powerful and delightful to use.”

Traction TeamPage Release 5.0 Highlights

  • Proteus User Interface Technology - Fast, clean, beautiful. Pure Web technology looks and acts like a dedicated client using Google Web Toolkit (GWT).
  • Extensible Profiles – Shows each person’s profile profile, status stream, actions.
  • Personal status– Auto updating personal status including a Twitter-style follow model. Click any author name in blog, wiki, comment or status content to see that person’s brief contact information, current status update and link to that person’s profile.
  • Group live blogs – Auto updating conversations in a project space with a purpose e.g. Competitive Intel, Sales, Support which can be wide open or protected
  • Feed view – A compact summary of new content, edit, tag actions, follow actions and more viewable by person, project space, or rolled up to summarize an activity stream crossing all spaces you have permission to see. Great for situational awareness,
  • Expanding Feed – Click the expand icon next to any Feed item and it smoothly expands to reveal the content or action it summarizes.
  • TeamPage Microsoft Outlook Social Connector – Shows TeamPage Personal profiles and status in Microsoft Outlook to provide social context for email and Microsoft Office applications.
  • Extends the Traction Platform - Traction TeamPage is built as an extensible platform with a core Java API and Java source code and documentation for the Traction Software Skin Definition Language (SDL) layer that’s freely available to customers and developers. Release 5.0 extends the platform, adding Proteus, GWT and social networking support.

Integrated social networking and collaboration for business

Traction TeamPage 5.0 delivers fresh look at the challenging problem of providing secure and efficient integration of social networking and collaboration in a business context while also delivering a straightforward and delightful user experience. Personal profile pages, status updates, feed views and live blog posts are all managed using Traction TeamPage's permissioned space model. This automatically shows only the subset of status or feed actions which a user has permission to read, and makes it simple to give external or internal stakeholders privacy with respect to other stakeholder groups (e.g. different clients of the same law firm), while making barriers transparent to internal stakeholders. Personal profile pages, status updates and live blog posts can be commented on, tagged and linked to and edited (with a full audit trail) like all other TeamPage pages and posts. Personal profile pages, status updates and live blog posts can be indexed and analyzed using Traction’s optional Attivio Advanced Search option which provides dynamic, permission aware faceted navigation, sentiment analysis and more. Attivio’s advanced search and content navigation not only makes profile pages, status updates and live blog post easy to find, but also automatically clusters authors, conversations and collaboratively created content in context to connect the dots between people as well as the content they create.

TeamPage 5.0 Release Candidate Shipping Today

A release candidate for Traction TeamPage 5.0 is available today for download and installation by customers - including users of the free five user TeamPage configuration. Teampage 5.0 is also running on Traction Software’s corporate TeamPage server which provides free access, registration required, see Release 5.0 is a free upgrade for TeamPage customers covered by a software maintenance subscription.

About Traction TeamPage - Breakthrough in Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration
Traction TeamPage 5.0, the latest version of Traction’s award-winning Enterprise 2.0 social software platform, combines wiki, blog, social tagging, discussion and social networking capabilities in a secure, scalable collaboration platform. Global 1000 and government customers use TeamPage to collaboratively create and share valuable information such as market research, competitive intelligence, corporate and customer communications, product plans, and business development resources.

Traction TeamPage is the only product that gives you the freedom to use the simple search, linking, naming, navigation and editing model you expect in Web 2.0 for collaborative editing while also making it easy to view, click through and search the latest stable version of all pages for authoritative reference. TeamPage seamlessly integrates personal profiles, social networking and activity views that enable people to work effectively and openly.

About Traction Software
Traction Software provides business and government organizations with enterprise social software that enables groups and teams to communicate more effectively. Traction Software's easy to use TeamPage™ software creates a secure communications hub for business information and working communications that collects, organizes, links and shares sources of information in context over time. Traction TeamPage has been named “Best Enterprise Wiki” by InfoWorld. Traction Software has also been named one of the 100 Companies that Matter by KMWorld and a winner of the RedHerring100 and eContent 100 awards. The company distributes its products directly and through global partners. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Traction Software is a privately held corporation with financing from investors including In-Q-Tel and Slater Interactive. For additional information, visit Traction at

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