21 Dec 2011 | エンタープライズソーシャル+サーチで「知識管理」の課題解決

ImageITPro Active has published a white paper by Traction® Software Partner Applied Knowledge Co, Ltd on Social Enterprise Knowledge Management and Search. A Google English translation of the article begins: "Knowledge management is an eternal challenge for companies. Traditional knowledge management approaches are not quite accumulated knowledge and fresh content to help you develop your business even if the substrate is stressed not utilize excessive accumulation have also been organized, and there is a problem."

"As a solution to these challenges is to leverage the structure of social networks like Facebook and blogs, and enhanced security and access privileges for enterprises, "enterprise social computing" is effective to introduce. Furthermore, this "search" By fusing a vast company that distributed the "knowledge" that enables integration of information."

See Google's English translation of the ITPro article and register to download the white paper (in Japanese).

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