Greg Lloyd, President & Co-Founder
Greg has over 30 years experience as architect and engineer for publishing, hypertext, simulation, and real-time operating system projects at the Naval Research Laboratory, Mentor Graphics, and Electronic Book Technologies (EBT), Inc.​ He is the co-inventor of the Mentor Graphics/​Context change control editing system for publishing, configuration management, and engineering applications.​ He has collaborated for 30 years with Andy van Dam of Brown University on four generations of hypertext systems.​ Greg has a Bachelor of Science (1970) in Physics and Computer Science and a Master of Science (1974) in Applied Math and Computer Science, both from Brown University.​ Greg is co-author of US Patent 7,593,954 for Traction Software's core hypertext technology (along with Chris, Andy, Roger, and Jun Simmons).​ On Twitter, follow Greg as roundtrip.​ See Blog1135: Where's Greg? for Greg's real-time Twitter updates.​

Chris Nuzum, CTO & Co-Founder
At Electronic Book Technologies, Chris was a senior software engineer, project and technical lead for several projects, including multiple releases of DynaText and its Systems Integrators Toolkit (API product).​ Chris has Master of Science (1993) and Bachelor of Arts (1992) degrees in Computer Science, both from Brown University.​ On Twitter, follow Chris @heliotrope.​

Andrew Keller, Director of Engineering
Andy has been a key member of the Traction team since 1998.​ He graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Brown University in 1999.​ On Twitter, follow Andy @andykellr

Jordan Frank, Vice President Sales and Chief Emergineer
Besides sales and business development activities, Jordan speaks at industry conferences and engages in customer consulting - See Emergineering!.​ Jordan most recently held program, product and operations management roles at Inktomi and Adero.​ He landed at Inktomi after the company purchased his product (Content Bridge) and team that built and operated it from Adero in December 2000.​ Jordan graduated from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 2000.​ Previous to Sloan, Jordan spent 4 years at Cambridge Computer Services where he built and managed a region leading practice in the emerging automated forms processing market.​ Jordan received his BA from Dartmouth College.​ On Twitter, follow Jordan @jordanfrank

Roger Fujii, Principal Software Engineer
Roger has worked as a Software Engineer for Media Cybernetics and as an independent designer and developer for major graphics and entertainment companies.​ He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.​

David Shepperton, Senior Software Engineer
A long-time programmer, Dave graduated from Cornell University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science.​ He also speaks Japanese and plays guitar.​

Lucy the Enterprise Web Dog
Born somewhere in Illinois and rescued via BARC (where you can see her with Jordan in this picture), Lucy is Traction's Enterprise Web Dog.​ She is sometimes caught moonlighting as a model of sorts for UpCountry.​