Choosing a TeamPage License

Traction Software gives you a choices match the size of your organization, what you want to do, and how you want to run TeamPage: on your hardware, or as Cloud Hosted service managed and maintained by Traction Software. For a live demonstration, product, or pricing questions, please contact us.

You can start small with a TeamPage Workgroup configuration with ten Spaces starting at $495 per year for 25 Named Accounts and grow the number of accounts, add Social Enterprise Web or Attivio options at any time.

You can configure each Space for a specific business use or community including access rules that determine who can read, write, comment, and grant access to that Space. Spaces also add context when you want to focus on one business activity or community - you can zoom out to get a birds-eye view across all Spaces you have permission to read.

If you want more than ten Spaces to support many independent clients, suppliers, partners or internal business activities, a standard TeamPage configuration with unlimited Spaces starts at $4,375 per year for 25 Named Accounts. You can also purchase a perpetual license if you wish.

You can add Social Enterprise Web or Attivio search options to any license, starting at $2,500 per year for each option, see Workgroup or standard TeamPage pricing tables.

You can add Attivio Plus to extend TeamPage to to search, comment, tag and task content in file servers, SharePoint, Documentum, and SQL databases starting at $25,000 per year.

Try the free version. You can download and install Free Traction® TeamPage™ - a free TeamPage version with five Named Accounts, unlimited Visitors, and five Spaces or contact us for a live demonstration.

US Government Purchases: A 25% discount applies to license and professional service prices. Maintenance (based on license price net US Government discount) and Hosted TeamPage service fees are not discounted. Please contact us for a US Government rate quote.

Annual Software Support and Maintenance: Software support and maintenance is included in the price of all TeamPage Annual Subscription licenses. For TeamPage Perpetual licenses, software maintenance for the first year after purchase is included in the permanent license price. After the first year, annual software maintenance for perpetual licenses may be purchased for 20% of the purchase price of the license (net discount). Please see About TeamPage Licenses.

Qualified Non-Profit Organizations: If you are a 501(c) Tax-Exempt Non-Profit organization (or non-US equivalent), please contact us for pricing.

For more information

Please contact our sales team to discuss TeamPage™ or professional services. Reach us through our contact form or call (401) 528-1145.

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