ImageGreg Lloyd, President & Co-Founder
Greg has over 30 years experience as architect and engineer for publishing, hypertext, simulation, and real-time operating system projects at the Naval Research Laboratory, Mentor Graphics, and Electronic Book Technologies (EBT), Inc. He is the co-inventor of the Mentor Graphics/Context change control editing system for publishing, configuration management, and engineering applications. He has collaborated for 30 years with Andy van Dam of Brown University on four generations of hypertext systems. Greg has a Bachelor of Science (1970) in Physics and Computer Science and a Master of Science (1974) in Applied Math and Computer Science, both from Brown University. Greg is co-author of US Patent 7,593,954 for Traction Software's core hypertext technology (along with Chris, Andy, Roger, and Jun Simmons). On Twitter, follow Greg as roundtrip. See Blog1135: Where's Greg? for Greg's real-time Twitter updates.

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