ImageGreg Lloyd, President & Co-Founder
Greg has over 30 years experience as architect and engineer for publishing, hypertext, simulation, and real-time operating system projects at the Naval Research Laboratory, Mentor Graphics, and Electronic Book Technologies (EBT), Inc. He is the co-inventor of the Mentor Graphics/Context change control editing system for publishing, configuration management, and engineering applications. He has collaborated for 30 years with Andy van Dam of Brown University on four generations of hypertext systems. Greg has a Bachelor of Science (1970) in Physics and Computer Science and a Master of Science (1974) in Applied Math and Computer Science, both from Brown University. Greg is co-author of US Patent 7,593,954 for Traction Software's core hypertext technology (along with Chris, Andy, Roger, and Jun Simmons). On Twitter, follow Greg as roundtrip. See Blog1135: Where's Greg? for Greg's real-time Twitter updates.

ImageChris Nuzum, CTO & Co-Founder
At Electronic Book Technologies, Chris was a senior software engineer, project and technical lead for several projects, including multiple releases of DynaText and its Systems Integrators Toolkit (API product). Chris has Master of Science (1993) and Bachelor of Arts (1992) degrees in Computer Science, both from Brown University. On Twitter, follow Chris @heliotrope.

ImageAndrew Keller, Director of Engineering
Andy has been a key member of the Traction team since 1998. He graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Brown University in 1999. On Twitter, follow Andy @andykellr

ImageJordan Frank, Vice President Sales and Chief Emergineer
Besides sales and business development activities, Jordan speaks at industry conferences and engages in customer consulting - See Emergineering!. Jordan most recently held program, product and operations management roles at Inktomi and Adero. He landed at Inktomi after the company purchased his product (Content Bridge) and team that built and operated it from Adero in December 2000. Jordan graduated from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 2000. Previous to Sloan, Jordan spent 4 years at Cambridge Computer Services where he built and managed a region leading practice in the emerging automated forms processing market. Jordan received his BA from Dartmouth College. On Twitter, follow Jordan @jordanfrank

ImageRoger Fujii, Principal Software Engineer
Roger has worked as a Software Engineer for Media Cybernetics and as an independent designer and developer for major graphics and entertainment companies. He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

ImageDavid Shepperton, Senior Software Engineer
A long-time programmer, Dave graduated from Cornell University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. He also speaks Japanese and plays guitar.

Lucy the Web DogLucy the Enterprise Web Dog
Born somewhere in Illinois and rescued via BARC (where you can see her with Jordan in this picture), Lucy is Traction's Enterprise Web Dog. She is sometimes caught moonlighting as a model of sorts for UpCountry.

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