Sep 2022 | Introducing Kanban for TeamPage, by Takashi Okutsu

ImageTraction Software is happy to announce release of Kanban for TeamPage. This makes it simple to create a Kanban board as a TeamPage entry, and use colorful Kanban cards to plan activities and share progress by dragging and dropping cards in your browser window. The Kanban board automatically updates for you and for any other person looking at the same Kanban board. Kanban for TeamPage is a free plug-in that is automatically installed starting with the current TeamPage 6.2.57 release. Takashi Okutsu of Traction Software's Japanese Business Office led the definition and development of Kanban for TeamPage, and announced it in his blog post. Please see the Google English translation posted below. We'll post more about Kanban for TeamPage here, as well as on If you'd like a personal introduction to Kanban for TeamPage, please contact us.

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Dec 2021 | Improved External User Directory Integration; Developer improvements for Ordered Lists, Forms, and Widgets

ImageTeamPage December 2021 Release TeamPage 6.2.52 is focused on improvements to external user directory integration, bug fixes, and Developer SDK improvements including support for implementation of upcoming Kanban plug-in capabilities. The release also includes over 60 bug fixes and improvements for TeamPage customers and developers. Please read on for the full list of changes.

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Mar 2021 | Microsoft Azure AD Cloud support for cloud and on-premises authentication and user management; Impi! Coaching and Mentoring support

ImageTeamPage March 2021 Release TeamPage 6.2.49 introduces support for Microsoft Azure AD cloud-based identity and access management services. This new generation of Microsoft AD technology provides Traction® TeamPage single sign-on (SSO) that works along with other Azure AD compatible cloud and on premises resources. This release also includes: New coaching and mentoring use case support for Impi! Improvement Projects; Improvements to TeamPages' rich text editor, and many other improvements and bug fixes. Pleased read on for the full list of changes.

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Clash of the Titans 2020 - Peter O'Kelly

September 7, 2020 · · Posted by Peter O'Kelly

ImageRevisiting Communication/Collaboration/Content Competition, ‘Co-opetition,’ and Culture: Opportunities for Traction Software and its Customer Community, my 2010 Traction User Group (TUG) presentation, it’s fascinating to realize how deeply the product strategies of the leading enterprise communication, collaboration, and content (3C) vendors were disrupted over the last decade. It’s also frankly a bit discouraging to realize how much 3C potential has yet to be realized by most mainstream enterprise end users, although that’s somewhat offset by the knowledge that Traction customers have been benefitting from the ongoing refinement of TeamPage’s pioneering collaborative hypertext journaling system the entire time. In this post, I’ll share perspectives on what has changed in the 3C product families of the vendors identified as enterprise 3C titans in the 2010 presentation along with some highlights of vendors that weren’t part of the 2010 discussion but are important 3C competitors today. I’ll close with some thoughts about where Traction fits into the current enterprise 3C landscape.

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Clash of the Titans - Peter O'Kelly at TUG 2010

August 31, 2020 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageI'm happy to present a transcript and quotes from Peter O'Kelly's TUG 2010 talk Communication / Collaboration / Content Competition, "Co-opetition," and Culture: Opportunities for Traction Software and its Customer Community. Or, as I'll call it here Clash of the Titans. Peter draws on his career as Lotus Notes product manager at Lotus Development Corporation and IBM, IBM Director of Business Development, Groove Networks product manager, MacroMedia vice president of strategy, Microsoft Solutions Architect, and senior analyst or director with the Patricia Seybold Group, the Burton Group, and O'Kelly Associates - see Peter's LinkedIn page and personal blog. I asked Peter to write a 'Where are they now' follow up post, and he cheerfully agreed! Look for it here next week.

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Aug 2020 | Core Project Management, email digest generation, and incoming email processing improvements

ImageTeamPage Summer 2020 Release improves performance of queries that power Traction® TeamPage's core Project Management views and feeds. This also speeds up Data Tables used to embed project, task, milestone, and other interactive tables in TeamPage articles. The release improves rules for automatic cleanup of incoming email posted to TeamPage directly or as a reply to an outgoing TeamPage email notification. The release also makes outgoing TeamPage email digest generation more efficient, and improves external search engine synchronization used to automatically reindex modified articles or attachments. SDK improvements focus on changes related to sending and receiving email.

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More Observable Work - Transcribing Jim McGee's TUG 2010 Keynote

July 22, 2020 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageWorking from home like much of the world, I thought it would be a good time to try out a new tool to transcribe Jim McGee's Doing and Managing Knowledge Work TUG 2010 keynote. The 2010 Traction User Group theme was Observable Work, with Jim's opening keynote, a closing keynote by Jon Udell, and a four hour Observable Workshop moderated by Jon on the last morning of the meeting, see 12-15 Oct 2010 | Fifth Annual Traction User Group Meeting, TUG 2010 Newport

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Jun 2020 | TeamPage uses Solr for faceted navigation and search

Traction® Software is an early believer in the value of scalable, permission aware, faceted navigation and search spanning all Traction® TeamPage content. Traction Software partnered with FAST Search starting in 2006, transitioning to Attivio in 2009, adding new search and navigation capabilities along the way. Traction Software now includes Apache Solr faceted navigation and search as a free capability for Cloud hosted and on premises TeamPage subscriptions. Learn how Solr supports TeamPage's unique work graph model for indexing, visualizing, and using work that crosses boundaries, linking customers, suppliers, partners and internal teams with different permissions to more public or more private business activities on the same TeamPage server.

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Ineffective meetings - Here's an answer

June 11, 2020 · · Posted by Greg Sassen

Are you are a business owner, executive or senior manager? Then you’ve experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of management meetings.

Management meetings are the heartbeat of any business and are in place to keep teams productive, accountable and focused. Meetings are the primary channel for communication and goal alignment throughout the business.

If you and your teams are dissatisfied with the quality of your meetings, then you are fortunate enough to have a giant improvement opportunity in your business, with low implementation cost and high reward.

When you think about it, the actions that come out of your meetings are the smallest unit of improvement of your business. The rate at which you and your teams close tasks is the real rate of improvement of your business. It is a measure of engagement and agility. Tasks matter.

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Mar 2020 | Amazon Corretto Java VM, TeamPage Quality Management, Developer SDK, and general improvements

ImageTeamPage Winter 2020 Release Traction® TeamPage installers now optionally install and configure the Amazon Corretto OpenJDK implementation of Java SE as the bundled Java Virtual Machine. This release also includes improved support for ISO 9001:2015 quality management and business process improvement solutions; improved requirement sign-off tracking; improved work in progress tracking performance; improved SDK support for Client forms, Client Actions, Database API's, and Queries; improved SDK for image and file resource management; new SDL tag support for Conditionals and Conditionals requiring resource management.

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The parable of the four unfit friends

August 19, 2019 · · Posted by Pierre Bienvenüe

ImageIn this article we tell the parable of four friends and some of their life choices.

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Jun 2019 | Pluggable Mailbox Protocols, Search performance improvements, new TeamPage plug-ins

ImageTeamPage Summer 2019 Release includes support for pluggable mailbox protocols, refinements to Traction® TeamPage's handling of configuration or environmental problems, performance improvements for built-in search filtering, improved protection from cross-site forgery attempts, improvements to TeamPage's SDK, and many other bug fixes and improvements. This release also packages several TeamPage plug-ins for general use.

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impi! and TeamPage Reduce Administration of Document Control

May 3, 2019 · · Posted by Pierre Bienvenüe

ImageIn this article we build a case for using TeamPage and impi! wiki templates to save administrative time for document control and support the intent of ISO9001:2015 to distribute the responsibility of the Quality Management System to the leadership of the organisation.

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Mar 2019 | TeamPage release focuses on Performance, Quality Management, and Interactive Tables

ImageTeamPage Winter 2019 Release focuses on Traction® TeamPage performance. It incorporates major improvements in query optimization, handling of search expressions, and caching. These improvements will be particularly significant for customers with large journals and for those who use TeamPage solutions and reporting views that make extensive use of search expressions in queries and interactive tables. Other changes include: additions and improvements to the Impi! Quality Management ISO 9001:2015 TeamPage solution; new ability to show Google calendar events in TeamPage Calendar pages; new PDF, Excel, CSV, and print export of for Data Tables; new Data Table filtering per column; improvements to PDF generation; improved temporary file management; improved background process task management; and improved statistics gathering.

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How to create a simplified custom front page for TeamPage

December 13, 2018 · · Posted by Takashi Okutsu

ImageThe other day, I helped a Japanese IT Support company build a client support site with TeamPage.

Their main request was to make the top page ("front page") of TeamPage simple as possible to be more welcoming and prevent clients from being confused. So, I (1) put the large icons and buttons on the top page and (2) removed tabs and sidebar etc.

In this blog post, I will briefly introduce how I did the customizations using a TeamPage plug-in developed and delivered to the company.

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Aug 2018 | TeamPage ISO 9001:2015 Solution adds integrated Risk and Improvement Project Management

ImageTeamPage 2018 Summer Release Traction® TeamPage's 9001:2015 Quality Management solution - developed in partnership with impi! Solutions - adds integrated Risk and Improvement Project management, tracking, and reporting capabilities. This release also adds: Advanced Japanese language search; improved type-ahead search; improved built-in search; many product and developer SDK bug fixes and improvements.

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Mar 2018 | Question and Answer plug-in and other TeamPage improvements

ImageTeamPage 2018 Spring Release includes a new Question and Answer plug-in that make it simple to add Q&A capabilities to any Traction® TeamPage solution. You can also introduce a dedicated Q&A space to support a forum connecting any combination of external customers, partners and internal team members.

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Dec 2017 | FullCalendar adds list and schedule views, ability to show calendar events for selected groups

ImageTeamPage 2017 Winter Release includes Traction® TeamPage integration with FullCalendar to add new calendar views and capabilities including: list and agenda views; the ability to display events from Google Calendars; the ability to show individual calendars for people who belong to a selected group. FullCalendar is a customizable and open-source JavaScript event calendar with many extensible capabilities and a popular API.

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Nov 2017 | TeamPage 6.2 Major Release

ImageTeamPage 6.2 is a major release which packages Traction® TeamPage changes and improvements that have been incrementally delivered to cloud-hosted and on-premises customers. In addition to bug fixes and improvements, highlights of this release are updates to API's used by developers to extend TeamPage, and substantial internal refactoring to improve the structure of the TeamPage code base.

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Why, How and What of the impi Standard Meeting Plug-in for TeamPage

January 25, 2017 · · Posted by Pierre Bienvenüe

ImageThe new impi! Standard Meeting Plug-in for TeamPage enables easier, faster and more accurate minute taking for recurring meetings which agenda is standardized. It augments the impi! solution: Goal Alignment - Mini Business Units Deployment. To learn more about this plug-in and impi's Business Management System solutions built using TeamPage, please contact Traction Software.

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Dec 2016 | Business Process Improvement with impi!, Plug-in extensions, TeamPage improvements

ImageTeamPage Winter 2016 Release Consolidates Traction® TeamPage point releases shipped since May 2016, adding numerous improvements to support business process, quality management, daily report, and other plug-in extensions. This release also includes new user experience and performance improvements, bug fixes, extensions of the TeamPage SDK, and architectural enhancements to extend the capabilities of the TeamPage platform.

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Jul 2016 | TeamPage Real Time Daily Report 日報 (Japan)

ImageTraction® Software's Japanese Business office launched a dedicated site and solution for the Japanese Daily Report 日報 practice. In some Japanese companies, at the end of each day employees are expected to write a summary of what they did and submit it to their boss. This is called a "日報" (daily report or daily journal) and is traditionally used to share information between employees and bosses. Rather than adding a chore at the end of each day, the new Daily Report solution makes it easy to share a short note after a talk with a customer, when a task is completed, or after some other noteworthy event. The note is easy to post using a phone, tablet, or desktop computer and is shared in with others in real time. The note is also automatically included in a summary email digest at the end of the day.

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impi! What's in the name? What's in the logo?

July 16, 2016 · · Posted by Pierre Bienvenüe

ImageImpi is a Zulu word for any armed body of men. It also bears in English a connotation to the art of warfare. In the early part of the 19th century the Zulu nation, then a relatively small tribe rose to a prominent nation. Under the leadership of King Shaka its influence span across Southern Africa. Shaka deeply transformed the art of warfare in the sub continent drawing from traditions and innovating. Aspects of warfare covered army structure and deployment, leadership, training, agility, logistic, weaponry, etc. Shaka's organisational development and leading of his impis were characterised by discipline (standardisation) and creative improvement.

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A Fabric, not a Platform

June 21, 2016 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageApple and Google are competing to build a fabric that connects everything you own and use, working outward from the globally meshed supercomputer you carry in your pocket. Both apply deep learning technology to AI assistants, and are opening up their AIs and bots to other apps, bots, and cloud services. This richly connected fabric makes bots useful and AI assistants valuable by teaching them how to identify objects you're talking about as well as understand what you want done. The same applies at work. Making this happen requires a shift from the traditional definition of a platform to a fabric which makes it possible to connect people and the actionable objects they use, in context.

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Jun 2016 | ISO 9001:2015 Requirements Met By impi! Solutions

ImageImpi! founder Pierre Bienvenüe shares his analysis of ISO 9001:2015 requirements based on lessons learned working with one of his clients since July 2015 under the guidance of one of the contributors to the new version of the standard. He uses the impi! model to document mappings from sub-clauses of the impi! solution model to ISO 9001:2015 requirements, and from ISO clauses and sub-clauses to solution capabilities.

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