I Love My iPhone

October 22, 2008 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

I don't often get enthusiastic about software (except for Traction TeamPage!) or a device, but my iPhone caught me off guard.

Joel (Chief Geek at Geek.com) loves his iPhone too. He called me after I'd left my Providence Geeks presentation to tell me he'd been walking around like a wet dog in the rain in search of his car. We used our iPhones to find eachother and then used his to find his car. Good fun.
February 26, 2009 | # | Jordan Frank

Every day, I seem to have an iPhone moment. Recently, my wife and I went to the woods with our son. With his own backpack filled with trail mix, a water bottle, a soccer ball and Curious George it was his first official hike. Having an iPhone made it a snap to capture this picture and even snappier to e-mail it to my parents - so they could share our experience. Likewise, our nanny sends pictures throughout the day, and that kind of shared experience gives you a sense of their lives over time that you just can't get by paging through pics long after the fact.Image

Because I now have mail in my pocket, I was able to redirect a time-critical customer issue on my way into a temple service. In light of helping others, I think God would approve.

♦ I also like to scan my mail when I step out my door in the morning to determine if any over-night mail beckons me to the office, or if I am able to take a meandering commute with Lucy the Webdog

♦ Because I have a newspaper in my pocket, I welcome waiting in lines.

♦ A quick click on Weather when I wake up means I don't have to turn on the TV or Radio and wait for the report.

♦ I can finally plug my music library into a radio by my bed. Its the first time in a long time that I've been able to enjoy music when I wake up or go to bed.

♦ When I bang on bongos and bells with my son and daughter, I can easily cue up Bob Marley as an accompaniment. My son is a fan of Buffalo Soldier.

♦ I recently drove to friends house. Usually, my wife drives us there. At the half-way point, I realized I only know the region where they live, but not their street name or how to get there. Good thing my wife put their address in our shared, synchronized contact list. I typed a few characters, clicked the address that came up and drove along in directions that would move the Blue pin (me) on the GPS / Map combination towards the Red pin (their house).

In just about any context, this little device seems to lend a hand.

I love my iPhone.

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