30 July 2007 | IntranetJournal - Traction, Newsgator Weave a Web that Works | NHS Orkney

ImageThis case study, authored by David Rendall (Computer Programmer - NHS Orkney) and Jordan Frank (Traction® Software), explains how Traction® TeamPage and NewsGator Enterprise Server form "a Web That Works," seamlessly integrating Enterprise Wiki, Blog and RSS technologies at NHS Orkney. NHS Orkney is a branch of the UK's National Health Service, the 4th largest employer in the world.

NHS Orkney now has a single, central point of reference for internal communication and information as well as external news. All this content can be displayed and securely delivered in a manner that is flexible enough to meet a spectrum of user needs, while also being location (a train or an ER) and hardware (a Blackberry browser or a 24" monitor) appropriate.

Have internal communications improved? Yes, definitely.

The case study includes descriptions and screen shots showing how NHS Orkney's foray into Enterprise 2.0 technology is used for purposes ranging from internal classifieds to clinical alerts and - for one small team - defining and tracking 171 tasks over 5 months; a rate of 1 to 2 per day. » Read Full Story

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Enterprise Blog and Wiki Success Story from Traction Software - UK’s National Health Service (NHS) Orkney by Bill Ives

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