Dynamic RSS and Atom Feeds

Traction produces dynamic, secure, and authenticated feeds. It can deliver an RSS 2.0 or Atom feed of any Traction view, even an arbitrary search query.

The Feed links on Home Page and Dashboards views will produce a feed of all content you have permission to see, or just for a space, respectively. You can subscribe to the feed link of a Search result or Category Labels based view to produce a dynamic feed based on that view.

RSS and Atom feeds

The feed will differ based on a whether a user is authenticated and what permission they have. So a feed link may produce different results depending on which user accesses it with their RSS reader.

For non-public content, Traction will present an authentication challenge to the RSS aggregator.

Feeds can be encrypted for readers that support SSL/TLS.

The RSS feed includes inline images, inline comments, and attachments.

At the admin level, it is possible to control how much context is provided in the feed (for example, should comments also show the article they are commenting on) and whether to show labels that are in the articles and comments.

The RSS feed may also include Copyright information specified at the server level.

RSS and Atom feeds are also available for all TeamPage Attivio® Search Module queries. This combination enhances the base level RSS feeds from any view or query by adding the ability to scope by entity type, auto derived key word, and document attachment full text.

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