Listeners and Notification

For cases where the built in notification methods like the E-mail Digest, E-mail Notifier and Dynamic RSS and Atom Feeds aren't adequate, Traction supports plug-in listeners (written using the Traction SDK) that can take action when an article is posted.

Sample listeners are provided in the Traction Software Plug-In Library. One example includes a Jabber notifier (packaged as a configurable plug-in) that can be used to notify users of posts they can read via the Jabber instant messaging system. Users may decide whether to be notified of new entries, edits, label changes, emails sent from Traction and cases where a page was erased. The Jabber notifier can send messages over http or https if encryption is required.

You can write your own listener which will look for a certain type of action, for example when an article is marked done, and take an action such as sending an email to a given set of users.

In another example case, an online newspaper wanted certain types of new articles written out to a text file for an alternate use on their website. The listener watched for new stories and took action as appropriate.

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