Skin (Interface) Options and Customization

The default Traction interface is the Proteus skin (some of the feature descriptions shown the older Mexico skin). Traction ships with several other skin options and easy out of the box skin customization options. Using the Skin Definition Language (SDL), its also possible to craft any interface that suits your needs and package it as a plug-in so it is easily managed and shared.

Out of the Box Customization

Skins which ship with Traction provide out of the box controls that configure how content is displayed, modify color style sheets, font size and font type, and the logo.

Project administrators can indicate a skin preference and customization options for individual spaces.

User's can generally over-ride administrator settings to craft the interface to their preferences.

Mobile Device Skin

Simple Skin for Mobile Users is delivered automatically to small format devices like Treos, Blackberry and other mobile phone browsers. Users with legacy browsers may also want to choose this skin.

Custom Skins

Using SDL, there are limitless options for skin customizations.

Here is an image of the IJIS web site, which is a customized Traction Skin made to look just like their previous static website:

Customized Skin for IJIS site

By converting to Traction, the IJIS site instantly benefited from easy publishing and editing, search and RSS feeds. They were also able to use the same infrastructure to support their partner extranet and organization intranet. More details in Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute (IJIS).

And here is an image of one of our favorites, the Traction Software website:

Customized Skin for site

The Traction software site includes sections for website typed content and blog typed content. In most views other than the Front Page, it implements a Random News section to include 1 news article reference in the right side bar.

Custom Views

See Custom Interfaces, Views and Forms for examples of a dashboard and a glossary styled view of content in a Traction server. These views can serve as point applications or extensions on an regular skin.

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