Custom Interfaces, Views and Forms

You can use Traction's Skin Definition Language (SDL) to create custom views, forms or entire interfaces for specific applications or needs. This can be done as a set of views for a whole site or for a single page.

If new functions are required to produce your customization, you can create new SDK functions and SDL tags.

Once you create a custom interface, view or form, you can package it as a plug-in to make it available on our server, or share with others.

In this example, a custom status form helps organize and structure the reporting process. The form can be set as the default editor as well for this type of entry:


In this example, a Glossary skin was developed for a pharmaceutical firm to access definitions of common terms used in research and development. A language selector and letter index on the left, auto-completing term search, and full text search aid navigation.

A Glossary View

In this example, a dashboard view displays Alerts by Priority, which each priority level showing a different color border. This view is programmed to update every 30 seconds to keep the content fresh.

A Dashboard View

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