HTML 5 Drag-and-Drop Support

Traction TeamPage 5.2 introduces HTML 5 Drag-and-Drop to insert images, attach files to articles, or drag files to TeamPage share folders.

Dynamic drag-and-drop works with Web browsers that support the new file drag-and-drop part of the draft W3C HTML 5 standard. For starters, you'll see a drop region automatically appear when you drag a document or picture into a TeamPage status, comment or edit window using FireFox 4, Chrome or Safari (Mac). We expect Safari (Windows) may soon be added, since file drag-and-drop is part of the Webkit technology shared by Safari, Chrome and other Web Browsers.

What about Microsoft Internet Explorer? As of May 2011, neither IE 9 nor the initial preview of IE 10 support the file drag-and-drop capability of HTML 5. However, Internet Explorer TeamPage users can use the file drag-and-drop support of the TeamPage TIP client until Microsoft releases HTML5 compatible drag-and-drop support in their Web browsers.

All Web browser users can also click the upload button next to the status or comment text box to attach a file or an image.

Other new TeamPage 5.2 features and all TeamPage capabilities since 5.0 are compatible with all modern browsers including IE7 and newer. We decided to support Web browser File Drag-and-Drop as W3C Standard HTML 5 support grows, not holding back on new and useful UX capabilities that can be enjoyed as standards gain acceptance. The W3C says the HTML 5 standard last call for new features is schedule to close on 22 May 2011, with a final standard and test suite published by 2014.



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