April 2006 | Wikis and blogs transforming workflow

by Shamus McGillicuddy ... Where e-mail and enterprise content management systems fall short, enterprise blogs and wikis shine as indispensable communication tools. Experts say CIOs should be looking at these Web-based tools not as renegade applications but as lightweight liberators that boost productivity throughout an organization. ...

Paul Wormeli, executive director of the Ashburn, Va.-based Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS) Institute, has deployed blog technology inside his organization and says blogs speed up collaboration and reduce e-mail. ...

Wormeli said he implemented an internal enterprise blog to speed collaboration among IJIS members. White paper drafts are published internally as blogs and members are able to make comments and suggest corrections. Once he has a final draft of a publication, Wormeli clicks a button and the white paper is released to the public on IJIS's Web site.

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