Exception Handling


Unreported bad news costs big money. Companies and organizations need a system to manage, report, characterize, track, and resolve risk and exceptions. Exceptions are the costly items that affect quality of goods or services delivered, influence time frames under which they can deliver, and have a serious effect on costs. Exceptions that are overlooked are even more costly to recover from.



Traction TeamPage supports the need for employees at all levels of the organization to capture, share, and characterize exceptions by describing the exception, assigning it priority and making it immediately visible to internal team members, other teams and appropriate executive levels. TeamPage's Action Tracking supports exception handling by tracking activity from initial report to resolution. Follow on entries comment on the initial report, link to earlier discussion, or link to similar cases automatically discovered by content analysis, providing context that's easy to follow. Automatic email notification makes it simple to track actions and discussion for any exception you choose to follow.

TeamPage makes it simple to flag an exception for followup: just right click any paragraph in TeamPage to create a task linked directly to that item, reducing the need to write a complicated description of the exception and giving everyone responding to the exception a direct link to the original source.

TeamPage's Social Enterprise Web makes it just as simple to add an exception to any page on the public Web or your private intranet, directly linking the source page and the TeamPage task for easy and immediate access.

TeamPage's Attivio Plus option extends exception handling even further - to the content of your existing File system, SharePoint, Documentum, or even SQL database systems. Task, tag or share content found in your systems of record directly using TeamPage to track and resolve the exceptions.

Companies can use TeamPage not just to track their own milestones and exceptions but also those of vendors. By creating a shared space in which a company can publish a vendor exception or problem, the item is accurately documented, shared at the appropriate levels across company and vendor teams, and its visibility demands swift and effective resolution.

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