12 March 2007 | BusinessWeek - No Rest for Wiki - Highlights Traction Customer Enel North America

ImageThe CEO Guide to Technology's "No Rest for the Wiki" story by Rachael King says that that these online tools for building collective info banks are making deeper inroads in corporations and rewriting the rules of collaboration. Within the article, she points to the Wiki success at Enel North America, a Traction® TeamPage Customer. Enel North America is a subsidiary of their parent company Enel (EN), is utilities company with a focus on renewable energy. Enel is a Global 100 company with about 56,000 employees worldwide.

The article discusses how Enel North America communicates news and business development information internally and to the parent company.

"We're able to make decisions quicker," says Ernest Kayinamura, information and communication technology manager at Enel. "The response from business-development managers has been very positive, as this has reduced the amount of time needed for due diligence to close a deal."

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