May 2004 | Weblogs Weave a New Communication Hub: U.S. Defense Department tests Web technology for program management tasks

ImageKowalczyk compares the weblog to the introduction of e-mail. “E-mail crossed all venues and is now an integral part of program management,” he says. But the weblog may be a better tool, he adds. “The weblog is a systematic, time-ordered way to look at information from e-mail and from Web sites, with a particular focus on what you are trying to do as an individual. I think it has a lot of power.”

With so many groups involved, program managers needed a way to keep track of the analyses and information being obtained. McVay and Kowalczyk considered the weblog. “For the current application, we have several organizations simultaneously testing the night-vision technology. We needed a way to coordinate and create synergy with this project,” she says. “I would not know how to do it without a weblog.” » Read More

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