Explaining Knowledge Management

August 4, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Green Chameleon posts two wonderfully funny fake interviews: Explaining KM #1 (which roasts KM academicians) and Explaining KM #2 (which roasts KM consultants). I hope they go on to produce Explaining KM #3 to roast KM software vendors! Produced by (and starring?) folk from StraitsKnowledge.com, which appears to be a very good Singapore-based consulting and research firm focused on knowledge, learning and innovation.

Their Green Chameleon blog also notes "... that some ingredients in KM are just the standard stuff you need to have, like the marscapone and the coffee in tiramisu. the other bits are a matter of taste." from Amaretto or Cognac - Which Tastes Better in Tiramisu? Amaretto or Cognac ? Tiramisu? Delightful choices. I'm glad they're showing the world how to move beyond KM granola.

Pointer from ELSUA - A KM Blog by Luis Suarez, who prefers Explaining KM #2 to Explaining KM #1. I prefer KM #1, which seems like something Ernie Kovacs would do.

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