E-Mail: an On-Ramp for Enterprise Social Media

November 20, 2012 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Bill Ives, @billives, points to Nathan Eddy's eWeek column titled Businesses Still Reliant on Email as Social Media Use Grows.​ The column reminds us that Email is still the dominant go-to application of choice and that's not changing any time soon.​ Rather than run away from email habits, social software in the enterprise has to embrace it.​ Back in 2004, I gave a presentation at the INBOX conference advocating for the use of Email as an on-ramp for collaboration and an off-ramp for notification.​

Dennis McDonald, @ddmcd, in a comment, concurred in a comment and pointed to his post on Social Media Engagement Tips where he said "Email operates as an extended user interface for many applications.​"

In TeamPage, we've steadily enhanced support for email as an extended user interface with hooks for Publishing from email including the ability to post new articles, status posts, and tasks.​ You can also setup notifications on any kind of addition or change.​ Changes can include edits, tag changes, and assignee changes (for tasks).​ There's also iCal links to permission filtered server, space, project and personal calendars.​ You can also reply to comment on notifications, so that you don't have to shift your user experience from your email client or smart phone when a notification needing your immediate response is needed.​