re: Detailed Data Aside, Executives Back E2.0

July 30, 2007 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Forrester provided more grist for the data mill on this topic. The following chart and some detail on it was posted at Read/WriteWeb:


Minus the seeming misplacement of IM along with other Web 2.0 technologies, two great points for consideration come from this data:

1. All except Social Networking are perceived to have at least "Limited Value" by > 90% and at least "Moderate Value" by > 59%. This may be a strong turn since a few years ago when I'll be the same ratios may have claimed that blog and wiki technology had negative value for the enterprise ;)

2. RSS and Podcasting (note, podcasting is a subset of RSS) got more "Substantial Value" points than Wikis and Blogs. Before jumping to write checks for RSS clients but not wikis, one must recognize that value creation happens in the blogs and wikis. There is an information lurker phenomenon at work here: Given an 80/20 or even 99/1 rule, substantially more people may consume blog and wiki content using RSS readers, thus the perception of universal value for these technologies.

For those who seek to break the 80/20 rule and achieve universal participation and value creation, read on: Beta Bloggers Need not Lurk in the Enterprise

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