Alcoa Tackles IT Projects and Compliance

At the IT division of Alcoa Fastening Systems, TeamPage has been key to reducing time spent on compliance activities by 61% and reducing time to deploy IT systems from sixteen months to seven.​

Use of TeamPage at Alcoa and measurable results are described by the Deloitte report on Social Software and Business Performance and in blog posts by Alcoa employees.​

From the Deloitte report

"The paper highlights the experience of one early adopter, Alcoa Fastening Systems, which has significantly improved employee productivity -- achieving a 61 percent reduction in time required for compliance activities -- by leveraging [Traction TeamPage ] social software tools.​" Deloitte report

Alcoa quotes:

  • “Traction Software is the place where informal work gets done.​”
  • “With Traction Software I can post meeting notes and assign action items to individuals.​ Then, they can go into the tool and write comments to update the group on the status of their action items as well as post deliverables.​ It greatly increases transparency and streamlines communications.​”
  • “What sold me on Traction Software is I realized how it can help me do my job better.​ Traction helps me get work done faster and allows me to communicate more effectively with my colleagues.​”
  • “With Traction, people take ownership for their area of expertise on the tool.​ They provide help to other projects if they have the knowledge needed to contribute.​”
  • “With Traction, people are pulled in to solve problems based on their expertise on short notice.​ Before Traction, we simply weren’t able to do this.​”
  • “Traction has increased transparency around resource allocation and made it easier for managers to find the expertise they need quickly.​”

From Brian Tullis, Next Things Next blog posts

"What was our goal? We went from request to live in seven months.​ A team of techs from the US supported a travel team of analysts.​ We accomplished a task that normally requires at least 2x the time and many more resources.​ We did it on time and under budget.​ The stars lined up for us on this project, but our map was in Traction.​" Brian Tullis, Enterprise 2.​0 and Observable Work: Recap and Speakers Notes

"By consolidating this work in an enterprise social software platform, we eliminated 61% of the work required to maintain documentation, do tests, and inefficient waste time spent searching for information across 7 locations.​ 61% equates to almost two full time resources.​" Brian Tullis, Social Software for Business Performance - Some Perspective

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