June 2014 | Traction TeamPage 6.0

ImageTraction® Software is proud to announce Traction® TeamPage 6.0, a major release incorporating important new features, improvements, and internal updates, as well as consolidated capabilities from updates shipped over the TeamPage 5.2 baseline. Sign up for a free trial, or download a free TeamPage license for free access to Traction Software's Customer Support and Customer Forum TeamPage server, including installer links and detailed change log information.


Traction TeamPage 6.0 Feature Highlights

Updated Styles for the Proteus Skin - Cleaner, crisper, less cluttered appearance. Icon and font rendering updates improve performance as well as style.

New Forms - TeamPage's Web based forms for creating and editing articles, tasks, and other TeamPage objects use a new forms framework. The new forms look cleaner, crisper and simpler. Developers can make their own forms that use standard features like naming, moderation, parent/child relationships, related project, related milestone and more. Forms support saving and loading template articles, making it to define and use templates for common tasks, meeting agendas, and other activities.

Updated and Improved Rich Text Editing - TeamPage uses the TinyMCE open source rich text editor, donating contributions back to the main project. TeamPage 6.0 incorporated the latest TinyMCE fixes and improvements, making rich text editing more reliable, easier to use, and visually attractive.

Jetty Web Server - TeamPage now includes the Jetty web server, which offers many advantages, including: server-tracked sessions, with the associated ability for administrators to expire any or all active sessions; tunable throttling to combat DDoS attacks; better resource management for handling incoming connection requests; and forward-looking compatibility with protocols such as SPDY and WebSocket to make it easier to keep TeamPage up to date with future innovations that affect the world of web based applications.

Smaller Memory Footprint - The amount of memory that TeamPage uses to provide access to the settings and properties associated with users, spaces, the journal, and the server has been greatly reduced without sacrificing performance. This can be a big benefit for TeamPage deployments of all sizes.

Updated Setup Interface - The Personal, Space and Server Setup pages have been redesigned and reorganized to make it easy to configure and maintain TeamPage defaults and options. The TeamPage unified search box at the top of every Setup page makes it simple to jump quickly to the right page by typing part of the name of a page or option and choosing from a list relevant Setup Pages that use that term.

Security Improvements - TeamPage 6.0 has been updated to use the latest industry standard procedures and cryptographic algorithms for password security, including the PBKDF2 standard (i.e., IETF RFC 2898). TeamPage now also keeps track of information about recent authentication attempts for each user account. Administrators can access this information for any user at any time, and each user can always access this information for their own account. Security conscious administrators have the option to require that each user review a summary of the previous successful and failed attempts to authenticate with their user name.

Improved PDF export - A new HTML to PDF export framework incorporates many improvements and fixes, particularly for robust cleanup and handling of messy or invalid HTML copied from external sources.

Improved invitations - Inviting someone to TeamPage automatically subscribes them to receive notifications for the spaces to which they have been invited.

IE7 Compatibility Mode - The Proteus skin now supports Microsoft IE 8 and newer browsers running with IE7 Compatibility Mode enabled.

Updated internationalization - Particularly for the Japanese locale.

Many Developer SDK improvements and examples

Many bug fixes and small improvements

TeamPage 5.2 features and improvements incorporated with Teampage 6.0

Traction Software's policy is to release incremental updates on a rolling basis to introduce new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Traction Software updates TeamPage for all Cloud hosted customers, and provides update installers for customers who choose to deploy TeamPage on their own systems. Updates with major improvements are typically released on a semi-annual to quarterly basis, with minor improvements and bug fixes on a quarterly to monthly basis depending on the urgency of any associated bug fix.

Traction® TeamPage 5.2 introduced capabilities to make it simple to track actions, show activity, watch status, and follow discussions embedded in the flow of collaborative work. TeamPage 5.2's new activity dashboards show actions, status and work in context using a format that's easy to read and reduces information overload. Activity dashboards allow people dive into and watch activity associated with projects or milestones they want to focus on, while also seeing, searching, exploring and connecting with others across a broad range of actions organized by business context as well as person. TeamPage 5.2 also introduced drag-and-drop file upload and image insertion for Web browsers supporting the new HTML 5 standard.

TeamPage Fall 2011 release: Traction TeamPage Social Enterprise Web and Attivio Plus options. The Social Enterprise Web option enables TeamPage to share, tag, comment, task, index and search linked public Web or company intranet pages. TeamPage Web browser extensions, inline badges and comment widgets link external Web sources to TeamPage discussion and provide visual feedback (similar to the way Disqus adds shared comments to pages on the public Web). The Attivio Plus option integrates deep search and discussion with live content stored in external line of business systems. The option provides permission-aware search, analysis, tagging, tasking, and sharing of content spanning TeamPage, SharePoint, email in Exchange, Documentum, File servers, SQL Databases, the public Web, private intranets, and other sources.

TeamPage Summer 2012 release: One-click action to allow TeamPage members to invite other people to join a TeamPage space (automatically creating account and adjusting permissions as needed per configurable rules); section table widget shows entry properties, including properties added as entry, task and custom entry type extensions; new developer SDK/SDL features; rewritten SDL documentation with FAQ and tree-structured index of SDL tags.

TeamPage Winter 2012 release: Calendar Events used to record meeting and other dates can be created, edited and shown along with project, milestone and task related dates. Project, task and milestone dashboards can now shown Twitter style status dialog focused on that specific activity; zoom out to see all status dialog in a space, from a person, or a merge stream of all status your have permission to see; type-ahead navigation and Attivio query completion suggestions; emailed notifications include a list of attached files; new sort options for Project, Milestone, Task sections; Java 7 update; user interface and performance improvements; developer updates.

Teampage Spring 2013 release: Unified search for quick lookup of people, spaces, tasks, projects and milestones; "finish later" and autosave support for articles, tasks, projects, milestones and comments; updated IOS 6 iPad and iPhone support; streamlined header design and navigation; Cloud pricing options, first month free; developer updates.

TeamPage Fall 2013 release: Upgrade to Java 7 as default and recommended Java version; Compatible with Attivio AIE release 3.5.1; Improved developer SDK support for custom entry types; Improved YouTube widget; improved feedback and erase features; developer updates; bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Sign up for a free trial, or download a free TeamPage license for free access to Traction Software's Customer Support and Customer Forum TeamPage server, including installer links and detailed change log information.

The Work Graph Model: TeamPage style Understand how TeamPage connects people and their work.

Alcoa Tackles IT Projects and Compliance

The IT division of Alcoa Fastening Systems used Traction® TeamPage to reduce time spent on compliance activities by 61% and reduce time to deploy IT systems from sixteen months to seven.

Alcoa's TeamPage results are documented in the Deloitte report on Social Software and Business Performance and blog posts by Alcoa employees.

From the Deloitte report

"The paper highlights the experience of one early adopter, Alcoa Fastening Systems, which has significantly improved employee productivity -- achieving a 61 percent reduction in time required for compliance activities -- by leveraging [Traction TeamPage ] social software tools." Deloitte report

Alcoa quotes:

  • “Traction Software is the place where informal work gets done.”
  • “With Traction Software I can post meeting notes and assign action items to individuals. Then, they can go into the tool and write comments to update the group on the status of their action items as well as post deliverables. It greatly increases transparency and streamlines communications.”
  • “What sold me on Traction Software is I realized how it can help me do my job better. Traction helps me get work done faster and allows me to communicate more effectively with my colleagues.”
  • “With Traction, people take ownership for their area of expertise on the tool. They provide help to other projects if they have the knowledge needed to contribute.”
  • “With Traction, people are pulled in to solve problems based on their expertise on short notice. Before Traction, we simply weren’t able to do this.”
  • “Traction has increased transparency around resource allocation and made it easier for managers to find the expertise they need quickly.”

From Brian Tullis, Next Things Next blog posts

"What was our goal? We went from request to live in seven months. A team of techs from the US supported a travel team of analysts. We accomplished a task that normally requires at least 2x the time and many more resources. We did it on time and under budget. The stars lined up for us on this project, but our map was in Traction." Brian Tullis, Enterprise 2.0 and Observable Work: Recap and Speakers Notes

"By consolidating this work in an enterprise social software platform, we eliminated 61% of the work required to maintain documentation, do tests, and inefficient waste time spent searching for information across 7 locations. 61% equates to almost two full time resources." Brian Tullis, Social Software for Business Performance - Some Perspective

See TeamPage Solutions: Quality Management
and TeamPage Solutions: Project Management


Alcoa Fastening Systems: What were you doing at 7:15AM Saturday July 2, 2011? Joe Crumpler was working.

Alcoa Fastening Systems: Forrester Groundswell Award Nomination

Enterprise 2.0 and Observable Work: Brian Tullis and Joe Crumpler, Burton Group Catalyst 2010 Santa Diego

What's Social About Software? | KMWorld 2009 San Jose

March 2014 | Traction Software Named to KMWorld's 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

ImageFor the tenth consecutive year, KMWorld recognized Traction® Software, naming the company to their annual KMWorld 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management. "Traction Software has proven to define the spirit of practical innovation by blending sparkling technology with a deep, fundamental commitment to customer success," says Hugh McKellar, KMWorld editor-in-Chief. The list is compiled by analysts, system integrators, and a select group of users along with KMWorld colleagues over a one year period.

Greg Lloyd, Traction Software President and co-founder said: "We're honored that KMWorld consistently ranks Traction Software as a company that matters in Knowledge Management. Traction Software employees work closely with customers to build a stronger and more useful Traction® TeamPage platform." Lloyd continued, "TeamPage was among the first to use the Web as a platform for work. KMWorld recognized TeamPage's potential very early, and has tracked each stage of its evolution. I thank Traction Software's employees and customers for earning this recognition." See the 2014 KMWorld 100 list.

Dec 2013 | The Wiki Way - Jordan Frank at Gilbane 2013 Boston

ImageWhat makes the public Social Web work so well? How is social software in the enterprise similar? How is it different? What does a path to success for enterprise social tools look like? Traction Software's Jordan Frank answers these questions in The Wiki Way - Towards Quality, Change and Risk Management as a Path to Enterprise Social Software Adoption (slides below). Jordan's model uses critical core content, critical record / exception management, and critical conversation to establish a base for enterprise social media success. His model shows how social tools can be put into the grain of work, take culture issues off the table, and drive creativity using specific examples. Jordan spoke on the Gilbane Boston 2013 panel, Driving Self Service and Support Through Social Collaboration moderated by Lynda Moulton, Principal, LWM Technology Services.

Sept 2013 | KMWorld names TeamPage a Trend-Setting Product of 2013

ImageOn Sept 1, 2013 KMWorld recognized Traction® Software's TeamPage as a Trend-Setting Product of 2013. KMWorld editor Hugh McKellar writes: "The common thread running through all the products listed here is the unique value—and potential value—they offer the organization, its workers and their various constituencies." Traction Software is honored that KMWorld has again selected Traction® TeamPage as a Trend-Setting Product. TeamPage customers such as Athens Group show the value of an integrated Quality Management system, industry knowledge base, and training curriculum. TeamPage enables Athens Group to train and support a rapidly growing cadre of expert consultants helping customers design, construct, and operate safe, reliable drilling rigs and platforms around the world. Read KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2013


Athens Group - Traction® TeamPage for Quality Management, Training and Knowledge Base

Decagon Devices: Plans, Products, Projects, Procedures and ISO 9001 Quality Management

ImageDecagon Devices (Decagon.com) designs, manufactures and markets scientific instruments used to measure water, light and heat in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. Decagon devices are used by 80% of the top one hundred food companies to measure water activity in food; by farms to measure soil for water and nutrient use; and by NASA where Decagon devices were sent to Mars to measure humidity and wind. Decagon deployed Traction® TeamPage for project management, ISO certification of their procedure management, internal corporate communications and knowledge management.

Decagon Devices Grows Up

About 12 years ago Decagon needed to transition from a small family start up - founded in 1983 and managed by Dr. Gaylon Campbell and children - to a company that supports many families. Decagon is now at 120 employees and growing. Tamsin Jolley, past president, and current president Scott Campbell are Gaylon's children.

It remains important to the founders that Decagon keeps its core commitment to customers and quality, as well as a unique family-friendly company culture which earned Decagon Wall Street Journal Top Small Workplaces recognition in 2008.

This lead to Decagon's Lean initiative, leveraging ISO certification as a driver to document tribal knowledge, making continuous improvement part of everyday work, and chart he company's future.

Decagon Deploys Traction TeamPage

The team at Decagon deployed Traction TeamPage in December 2008 and expanded TeamPage use to include everyone in the company. Uses include:

  • Company-wide information sharing
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Training

Company-Wide Information Sharing

Decagon opens up TeamPage to all employees and their daily work. This includes a consistent flow of headlines, trip and meeting reports, healthcare updates and key new employee information. An Employee Spotlight section adds a personal element and reinforces Decagon's core value: maintaining a tight knit employee community.

Product Management

Each Decagon product has a space in TeamPage. Product research and development are tracked from R&D through a phase-gate process to Phase 3 release and finally to Production and product updates.

Product development goes beyond basic tasking to include capturing discussion and key actions throughout a product's lifetime. In the example (left), you see the TeamPage dashboard for the Aqualab product. This gives a bird's eye view of everything from design specs to marketing materials, phase gate reviews, meeting notes and team member roles. This makes it easy to keep up to date or bring a new team member on board.

Project Management

Company-wide projects are also managed in TeamPage. One example is Decagon's transition to Lead Free / RoHS compliance. This company wide initiative required Decagon to eliminate use of lead in all products. The Lead Free Initiative spanned several years, requiring careful attention and involvement of key people from different parts of the company at different stages. The Lead Free TeamPage space at Decagon offers easy access to artifacts that are created throughout the initiative, including cleanliness reports, board meetings notes, and test outcomes.

Change Management

Decagon established a set of simple core processes to support its efforts to improve efficiency and quality in all areas of the company:

  • Corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)
  • Engineering change orders (ECO)
  • Failure analysis (FA)
  • Audits

Decagon is an "all-hands" company, taking suggestions from everyone to maintain an open, inclusive culture. Anyone in the company can submit a request to change a process, fix a problem, enhance a product, or audit a system. These requests are submitted using TeamPage templates. Each submission moves through the submitted, active, completed (or discontinued) phases marked with tags in TeamPage. CAPA Change Management applies to all processes of the company, not just product development and support.

The Decagon-wide change management space is called CAPA. It has two key elements. First, a simple template for CAPAs and ECOs. Second, a CAPA dashboard used to submit a change request. The Add button pops up a TeamPage template developed by Decagon that's easy for anyone to understand and track as it moves through the CAPA process.

Templates are easy for Decagon to change because each is based on a standard TeamPage article that's copied as the starting point for a new article with the push of a button. When the template is filled in and posted, it appears in one of the Submitted sections on the CAPA dashboard. The employees involved in evaluating changes can then manage their work and move changes through the CAPA process.

TeamPage comment features make it easy to discuss suggested changes and allow anyone to chime in if they have further ideas or concerns about a potential change.

Standard Operating Procedures and Training

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) describe Decagon procedures in Marketing, Sales, Administration, Customer Support as well as Engineering and Operations. As part of Decagon's Quality Management initiative, all SOPs are now written, reviewed and used as living TeamPage articles. Printed copies of standard operating procedures, work instructions and similar materials are considered obsolete.

Training procedures are also managed in TeamPage. A Training Matrix by area/department identifies training needed. Training facilitators and managers use TeamPage add notes to certify when training was completed and who was trained.

Edit history makes it easy to see what version of an SOP was used to train any given employee

The SOP dashboard shown at above breaks out standard operating procedures by department or function. TeamPage's draft review process is used to review and discuss work in progress revisions before a change update is approved. Changes to a SOP may be made in response to issues raised or changes proposed by CAPAs; if so, the CAPs and SOP are linked in TeamPage. SOPs become living documents, including a record of discussion and rationale explaining how the SOPs evolved.

Decagon Dashboards and Attivio Search

TeamPage dashboards organize information for one-click navigation based on tags, article types, and other selectors you control using TeamPage's Section Editor. For information that isn’t on a Dashboard, the Attivio Search option adds simple, yet exceptionally powerful search and content navigation across everything in TeamPage, including content, documents, tags and user profiles. Faceted navigation makes it easy to navigate or refine search results by article type, author, date and automatically recognized key phrase, person, company name, location and other attributes.

The combination of TeamPage Dashboards, search, and content navigation makes everything in TeamPage much easier for people at Decagon to find and use as part of an ISO 9001 process versus scattered email, spreadsheets, and documents stuffed in file servers or hidden on each person's computer.

ISO 9001 Certification for the TeamPage Quality Management System

Decagon Devices recently completed a three year renewal of their ISO certification. Their certification recognizes “their quality management system demonstrated in conformance with ISO 9001:2008.” TeamPage is at the heart of the quality management system. Decagon's ISO 9001 certificate is posted into their Quality Management System space along with other key lean manufacturing (LMS), Quality Management and ISO related information and meeting agendas.

Decagon Devices Gets Productive With TeamPage

Company wide information sharing, product management, project management, SOPs and training, and ISO compliant quality management are all good individual use cases for Traction TeamPage. When you combine all of these uses for a single company, the benefits really multiply. TeamPage Profiles, personal notification, and personal Task summaries are directly connected to the collaboratively created plans, specifications, SOP's and other procedures that make ISO 9001 Quality Management work well and deliver high quality, successful products and services.

Decagon uses TeamPage with Attivio search as a complete collaboration, action tracking, search and change management solution for administration, sales, marketing, and support as well as engineering and product development processes. TeamPage helps Decagon run their business the way they want it to run, as a high quality, innovative, successful, and employee friendly company.

See TeamPage Solutions: Quality Management

Working Across Boundaries

June 16, 2013 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageIn his Jun 2, 2013 blog post, Chess Media analyst and author Jacob Morgan asks: How Open is Too Open? He asks "Would you be comfortable working in an all glass building where people can see everything you do and every move you make?" Jacob outlines the benefits of transparency: "Keep everyone on the same page; Build trust and fostering better relationships; Allow employees (and customers) to contribute ideas and value when they see the opportunity to do so." Jacob recognizes that a balance needs to be struck, but not being transparent enough may do more harm than good. He ask: "How open is too open?" I agree with the benefits Jacob outlines, and believe the answer to Jacob's question depends on the answer to a critical question: "Transparency for what purpose?" I'll start the ball rolling in with this post, including some real-life customer examples.

For example, if you work for a consulting (or law) firm, your clients have a strong, natural expectation that their work with the firm will be kept private from other clients, even if client work is more broadly shared internally among members of the firm. Some work within the firm may be more closely held for good reason - ranging from employee health records to Board meeting minutes. I believe it's a mistake to limit collaboration to work that must be visible by all members of the firm. I also believe it's extremely valuable to work with external clients, suppliers, and partners as well internal teams, within and across necessary and natural boundaries. The question I'd like to discuss is: "How do you balance transparency, boundaries, and the need to work across boundaries?"

Jacob recognizes that a balance needs to be struck, and uses an analogy that compares a glass building vesus "a regular building that just doesn't have locked doors."

"I do believe that organizations need to be much more open and transparent but there’s a balance that needs to be struck here. There’s a big difference between showing everything to everyone vs making things open to people should they want to see it. To use an analogy it’s the difference between constructing a glass building vs constructing a regular building that just doesn’t have locked doors." - How Open is Too Open?

I'd say "very few locked doors, where needed to get work done, particularly with external stakeholders."

In an early Three Places for People blog post, I use a similar analogy:

"Great architects of physical places know that people bring expectations and norms about the kind of behavior that's appropriate and enjoyable to any physical space. Architects are skillful in designing spaces to match their clients desires and expectations by providing cues that are easy to perceive and appropriate for the intended purpose, but a lot of the norms of the same physical space become clear only from social context.

If you walk into a conference room with a group of people you don't know talking quietly around a table - and someone closes the door behind you - you'll likely speak and act differently than if you walk into the same room with people you know laughing, eating and drinking. If you walk into a theater you'll probably seat yourself quietly in the audience rather than striding onto the stage (see the Re-Placing Space reference).

What fascinates me about social software is how we're learning to create places with perceived affordances - features and user models - that seem natural for different purposes and intentions. I use Facebook, Traction® Software's TeamPage server, and Twitter as three separate places: my neighborhood, my workplace, and the public commons I like to use." - Three Places for People

One Traction® TeamPage customer matches the consulting firm / client example precisely. The firm is near the top of the list of 100 global firms in their market. They use separate TeamPage spaces for each client, but allow members of the consulting firm to work across all client spaces. Members of the firm use TeamPage's project, task, milestone or client space dashboards to focus, and can also step back to a bird's eye view across all activity that they are permitted to see, organized by Space or by Person (with activity stream, project, task and milestone tabs on each individual's Profile). See Action Tracking, Project and Case Management in TeamPage

Another Traction TeamPage customer provides services to customers worldwide, with over 5,000 employees operating in over 150 locations and 75 countries. The firm uses TeamPage to get new clients onboard; author and share client and location specific procedures; track and communicate status including response to weather conditions and other forces that require changes to planned procedures. Shared access to procedures, notifications, and changes build strong business relationships that are a competitive advantage for the firm. Tens of thousands of complicated procedures need to be constantly changed and reviewed in near real time by both the firm and clients. The shared procedures are the core operating plan for the firm and the basis for everything the client values and pays for. TeamPage dashboards, notification, action tracking and search provide simple, reliable and secure access for each client, while allowing members of the firm to maintain global awareness, diving into any project, task, or space to quickly resolve an issue or come up to speed, see Deep Search.

In summary, I believe there's no reason to settle for a collaboration and action tracking solution that only handles internal collaboration, or assumes that everything happens in a building with glass walls and no doors. Real business value and sustainable competitive advantage often depends on working easily within and across boundaries that need to be in place to do business.


The Work Graph Model: TeamPage style - Working with internal and external teams

Borders, Spaces, and Places - Walks through specific examples of boundaries and boundary crossing activity

Explaining Twitter - One of Three Places for People - About the social architecture of three places: 1) a public commons (like Twitter); 2) a place for friends and family (like Facebook); 3) a place where you work (for me, Traction Software's TeamPage server).

Intertwingled Work - Working across siloed systems and boundaries set up to meet business purposes - like the consulting firm client example.

A Circle is not a Space - How Google+ circles make it possible to share individual conversations with a list of circles each individual controls (later extended to groups) versus sharing work within one or more spaces. Some distinctions are important to understand when you want to handle collaboration for a business or other purpose over an extended period of time.

June 2013 | Enterprise Collaboration & Social Software Industry Report, Redwood Capital

ImageA new Redwood Capital Group industry report released the first week of June 2013 focuses on Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software. The thirty-two page report includes Market Trends, Competitive Landscape, M&A Activity, Private Financing, Valuation Trends, and Emerging Private Companies, including Traction® Software. You can download a free copy of this and related industry reports from the Redwood Capital Sector Focus page.

Download and read the full report for carefully drawn analysis and insights on Market Trends and Competitive Landscape in Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software as well as detailed summaries of relevant M&A and investment transactions for 2010-2012.

A few Market Trends and Competitive Landscape highlights:

From Overview

Image"Socialization and collaboration technologies are currently reshaping the established enterprise collaboration market as well as creating whole new categories of offerings, especially around private social platforms. In addition, many other enterprise applications such as CRM and unified communications are heavily transformed through the incorporation of new technologies including group messaging & activity feeds, document collaboration, and analytics. Much of this change is being driven by the consumerization of IT and the incorporation of social technologies. As businesses look to leverage the benefits of improved “connecting” and “network building” that employees have experienced with Facebook and other social solutions, a convergence is occurring between the enterprise social software and collaboration markets..."

"It is important to think of socialization and collaboration, not just as point solutions, but rather as activities that encompass a wide range of functionalities that can be incorporated into many enterprise applications. Further, we think the idea of “social networking” for the enterprise has given people the impression that these applications are simply chatty online versions of the proverbial water cooler. In fact, many tasks and projects that must be completed in a business context require connecting and collaborating with other works both inside and outside the enterprise. The concept of “social software” in this regard is really around providing a software platform that helps coordinate these connections around a work activity (such as processing a customer complaint or processing a claim or new account, which requires both connecting with other works as well as completing certain documentation. As a result, private social platforms simply provide a useful means for workers to comment, share, collaborate and follow the flow or completion of a project or task."

"Later is this document, we discuss the differences between people-centric platforms vs document centric platforms. While some platforms may truly be document centric (such as an online whiteboarding platform) or people centric (such as a CRM related application), we suspect that over time, many platforms will integrate the concept of both the social as well as the document management side to provide solutions that significantly improve the efficiencies with which workers can perform their daily activities."

From Market Growth

"While the enterprise social and collaboration software sector is experiencing substantial growth, as with any new, emerging area, trying to get an accurate estimate of the market size or potential, is challenging. A recent report by IDC estimated that “enterprise social networks and collaboration” will grow from $800 million to $4.5 billion by 2016. While this certainly implies robust growth, we believe there are a number of relevant categories the IDC study did not include, such as project management software and certain vertical-oriented solutions, which only make the opportunity that much larger. Project management and vertical solutions are particularly important sectors as we expect players focusing on specific industry verticals or functional areas to offer highly compelling ROI propositions to CIOs and thus remain competitive against the larger, horizontal platforms offered by established enterprise software vendors."

from Competitive Landscape

"Since the offerings from players in the enterprise social and collaboration sectors include a wide range of differing features, it can be difficult to compare the competitors and their platforms and even determine the categories in which they really compete. Further, the terms “collaboration” and “social software” are used with widely different meanings, each often with the intent of including the other. However, socialization and collaboration are different, and while being closely related, involve different functionalities. In order to help break down the space, we find it useful to look at the core focus of an application. In general, most solutions fall into two core areas of focus: document-centric or people-centric."

Document Centric

"Document-centric offerings are based on collaboration, content or data sharing, or presenting content (documents, files, presentations). Players in this area often fall into categories traditionally thought of as “collaboration”..."

Key Document-centric subcategories: Group Collaboration Workspaces, Project Management Systems, Electronic Calendar and Time Management; Online Proofing & Editing; Mind-mapping and Diagramming; Conferencing. [see report for subcategory descriptions]

People Centric

"People-centric solutions are focused on human interactions and are designed to make these interactions more productive. While people- centric offerings may include some document- centric tools, their core focus is on human interaction..."

Key People-centric subcategories: Private Social Platforms; Social Task Management; Social CRM; Peer Review & Ideation; Other Social Tools [see report for subcategory descriptions]

On Social Task Management: "Social task management, while similar to document-centric project management solutions, is a people-centric distinction. Many private social platforms are essentially focused on task management so this category is also perhaps just a slight narrowing of the broader private social platform concept discussed in the point above. While many of the tasks workers perform focus on a document, email or form, much of this work is often done in collaboration with others. As collaboration and private social platforms integrate these two aspects, many project or task management systems become as much people-centric as document-centric."

For more information, please contact the author:

Russell Crafton, Partner
Redwood Capital
885 Third Avenue, 25th Floor
New York, NY 10022


May 2013 | Getting Work Done with Social Task Management

May 2013 | TeamPage listed as key product in Technavio's Global Enterprise Social Networking Market Report

7 May 2013 | Real Story Group's Updated Traction TeamPage Evaluation in Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Report

7 Oct 2011 | Jacob Morgan - Emergent Collaboration Vendor Review: Traction Software

Blog1883: Laser focused E2.0, without the risk? Get Traction!

18-19 Jun 2013 | Traction Software E2 Boston 2013 Social and Collaboration Track Sponsor

ImageTraction Software is happy to be a Social and Collaboration Track sponsor at this year's E2 Boston Conference. Please visit Traction Software at Demo Pavilion 38 to see how customers build better products and work better together using Traction TeamPage. Traction Software is a leader in social task management and a consistent innovator in delivering business value to demanding customers around the world. Learn how John Hagel of Deloitte documented and analyzed a TeamPage customer's 61% reduction in time required for compliance activity using TeamPage.

ImageWhen you visit the Demo Pavilion you can also get a free copy of Jacob Morgan's excellent book: The Collaborative Organization: A Strategic Guide to Solving Your Internal Business Challenges Using Emerging Social and Collaborative Tools, see Greg's Amazon review. We'll give away twenty-four copies to people who: 1) Ask for a free copy of Collaborative Organization by Tweeting a request to @TractionTeam before Monday 17 June, and 2) Show up in person and claim your book, first come, first served.

E2 Boston conference is at the Boston Marriott Copley Place in downtown Boston, 17-19 June 2013. Register with priority code CMTRACTION and be our guest for a free Keynote and Expo Pass or save $200 on full registration. The Keynote and Expo Pass entitles you to attend keynote and free sessions, visit the Demo pavilion including the 5:30 to 6:30PM cocktail reception Tuesday and Wednesday. Hope to see you there!

For Traction E2 Boston updates, follow @TractionTeam on Twitter. To pre-schedule a meeting with Jordan Frank or Greg Lloyd at E2 Boston, please email e2boston@tractionsoftware.com, use Traction's contact form, or shout out to @TractionTeam on Twitter.

See www.e2conf.com/boston for event details and registration.

May 2013 | TeamPage listed as key product in Technavio's Global Enterprise Social Networking Market Report

ImageTraction® Software Inc (along with its Traction® TeamPage product) has been recognized as a key player in TechNavio's upcoming report on the Global Enterprise Social Networking market 2012-2016. TechNavio analysts forecast "the Global Enterprise Social Networking Software market to grow at a CAGR of 51.94 percent over the period 2012-2016." They continue: "one of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increased requirement of intranet interactivity among multiple teams in an organization. The market has also been witnessing an increased use of mobile enterprise social networking for sales activities. However, the risk of confidential information leakage could pose a challenge to the growth of this market."

This requirement for intranet interactivity and confidentiality led Traction Software to offer TeamPage in in both cloud hosted and easily deployed on-premise forms. For the intranet use case, the need for information security led Traction Software to introduce a moderation capability with TeamPage 4.0. The trend toward increased teamwork was a driver for TeamPage's deeply integrated action tracking and project management starting with TeamPage 5.1, extended to task, tag, discuss and share information stored in external line of business systems as well as the public web and private intranets.

To learn more about the Technavio report, please visit Global Enterprise Social Networking market 2012-2016. The PDF will be available in June.

May 2013 | Getting Work Done with Social Task Management

ImageAlan Lepofsky @alanlepo of Constellation Research coined Social Task Management last summer to describe a trend he saw in December 2011 as task management started to enter Enterprise 2.0 systems. Lepofsky's presentation at E2.0 Boston 2012 highlighted Traction® TeamPage as a social business platform with a native (versus integrated) task management (slide 34). Luis Suarez @elsua does a fantastic job of summarizing key points in Social Task Management - When Social Business Got Down to Work. Later in the year (October 2012), Constellation Research published Lepofsky's research as Getting Work Done with Social Task Management. The research speaks to problems with traditional standalone task management systems which create top down choke points, lose context, limit collaboration and create information silos. Lepofsky argues that collaboration is at the core of social task management while describing the many benefits.

You can learn more about how Tasks work within the social and collaborative fabric of TeamPage in Action Tracking and Social Software: Meet Project Management (a post on Traction® Software's initial project management capabilities released with TeamPage 5.1 in November 2010). The TeamPage Project Mastery Video is also a terrific introduction to TeamPage's social task management model. See also Greg Lloyd's The Future of Work Platforms: Like Jazz from February 2011.

7 May 2013 | Real Story Group's Updated Traction TeamPage Evaluation in Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Report

ImageThe Real Story Group's Kashyap Kompella @kashyapkompella posted an update describing RSG's new version of their Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Evaluations research covering twenty-five key software vendors. The new version includes a major update for the Traction® TeamPage section, including TeamPage project management, action tracking, TeamPage's ability to span and connect systems of record, and the ability to embed TeamPage discussions in other Web applications.

Kompella remarks that TeamPage is unique in that it's "best thought of as a platform to build custom collaboration applications around interconnected pieces of information." Check out Kompella's blog post, and follow the links to get the full report.

Our experience with customers reinforces the Real Story Group analysis of broad TeamPage scenario fits and strengths, including the ability to configure TeamPage to match the needs of specific business use case and organizations. TeamPage's architecture and Traction® Software's experience make it simple to configure TeamPage in days - not weeks or months - and easily extend TeamPage as desired.

See also Jordan Frank's Laser focused E2.0, without the risk? Get Traction! blog post on Real Story Group's E20 Marketplace Analysis.

1 March 2013 | Traction Software Named to KMWorld's 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management

ImageFor the ninth consecutive year, KMWorld recognized Traction® Software by naming the company to their annual KMWorld 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management. KMWorld’s list is compiled by KM practitioners, theorists, analysts, vendors, their customers and colleagues. This is the 13th year of the list. "Criteria for inclusion varies, but all companies have things in common. Each has either helped to create a market, redefine one or enhance one, and they all share two things—the velocity of innovation and the agility to serve their customers" says Hugh McKellar, KMWorld Editor-in-Chief.

Greg Lloyd, Traction Software President and co-founder said: "We're honored that KMWorld consistently ranks Traction Software as a company that matters in Knowledge Management. Traction Software employees work closely with customers to build a stronger and more useful Traction® TeamPage platform." Lloyd continued, "Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter 2012 TeamPage releases introduced many user interface, performance, and Developer SDK additions and improvements to make it easier for customers to get work done. I thank Traction Software's employees and customers for earning this recognition." See the 2013 KMWorld 100 list.

TeamPage 2012 highlights include:

  • Unified search to make lookup of spaces, people, projects and tasks quicker and easier;
  • Type-ahead completion for navigation, with optional index based type-ahead suggestions for content search; uniform work in progress autosave and finish later actions to avoid accidental loss of work;
  • Invitations to make it simple for members of a space to add new people to a TeamPage space by sending them an email invitation;
  • An inline widget to collect and summarize selected tags, dates, and other standard or custom properties from all types of TeamPage content, making it easy to create dynamic tables for task summaries and other uses;
  • New calendar event support to manage meetings and other dated activities along with project, task, and milestone dates;
  • Drag-and-drop editing of TeamPage calendar events;
  • Improved synchronization and notification for TeamPage and external calendar items;
  • Improved email digest, print, RSS, and Atom view styling, detail and context cues; improved Active Directory integration and caching;
  • Streamlined navigation header, dashboard, calendar and document tab interfaces;
  • JMX-based metering of TeamPage server state;
  • Improved iPad, iPhone and Android support;
  • Performance improvements;
  • Twitter style status that can focus on a selected project, milestone or task, as well as birds eye summaries organized by space or person.

25 Oct 2012 | ZDNET Japan on the TeamPage Cloud

ImageA column in ZDNet Japan covered the release by Applied Knowledge Co, Ltd, Yokohama of the TeamPage Cloud in Japan. They wrote "The greatest advantage of TeamPage is that it provides the virtual space to aggregate any information concerning the business and progress in the work space." The column discusses how companies in Japan can take advantage of collaboration tools like Traction® TeamPage to produce business value. Japanese companies can get started with Cloud and Download options as of the first of October 2012.

1 Oct 2012 | Applied Knowledge Company Ltd Brings Cloud-hosted TeamPage to Japan

ImageTraction® Software partner Applied Knowledge Co, Ltd of Yokohama Japan today announced availability of cloud hosted Traction® TeamPage for the Japanese market. AKJ President Masayuki Kojima said: "TeamPage provides a new communication infrastructure for projects and multi-team organizations within your company - now available as a cloud service." TeamPage cloud pricing starts at 7,908 yen per month for ten spaces and twenty-five named accounts, see www.TractionSoftware.jp for price, ordering, and product details. TeamPage cloud options include Attivio Advanced Search and Social Enterprise Web. Traction Software offers cloud hosted TeamPage to customers outside the Japanese market, see TeamPage Pricing and Licenses.


English translation of AKJ Press Release (by Google Translate)

See also Applied Knowledge Co Ltd - Bringing Traction TeamPage 5.1 to Japan

1 Sept 2012 | KMWorld names TeamPage A Trend-Setting Product of 2012

ImageKMWorld recognized Traction® Software's TeamPage as a 2012 Trend-Setting Product of 2012, citing Traction® TeamPage for "action tracking, Twitter-style status, threaded discussion, collaboration, social networking and deep search." KMWorld editor Hugh McKellar writes: "This year more than 700 products/product families were whittled down to the 89 listed in these pages. Each company whose products are listed below helped to define and enhance a market critically important to our readership by listening to and working with customers. They all represent a commitment to innovation and their customers." Traction Software is honored that KMWorld has selected TeamPage as a Trend-Setting Product for the fifth consecutive year. » Read KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2012

15-17 Jul 2012 | SLA 2012 Annual Conference and INFO-EXPO

ImageTraction Software's Jordan Frank will be speaking on Pharma Competitive Intelligence at this year's SLA 2012 Annual Conference in Chicago, Noon 16 July (see session summary below - and slides in Monitoring and Leveraging Social Media Chatter, on the Internet and in the Enterprise). You can also meet Jordan at the SLA 2012 McCormick Place INFO-EXPO Booth #4, Sunday through Tuesday. Follow @TractionTeam and @JordanFrank on Twitter, conference code #SLAChicago!

Pharma Chatter: Capturing and Managing Non-traditional Information for Competitive Advantage

Learn about the unique nature of competitive intelligence in the pharmaceuticals industry and hear how info pros are using it to improve their organizations' competitive advantage. Learn how insights from a variety of sources can help you to deliver value to your organization.

Craig McHenry, Pfizer Inc.

Lisa Orgren, Septagon Research Group
Heather Bjella, Esq., Aurora WDC
Jordan Frank, Traction Software
Monday July 16, 2012 12:00pm - 1:30pm @ Convention Center, Room E264

The Collaborative Organization - Free signed copy, Traction Software Booth 418 E2.0 Boston 2012

June 13, 2012 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageI've read an advance copy of Jacob Morgan's upcoming book, The Collaborative Organization: A Strategic Guide to Solving Your Internal Business Challenges Using Emerging Social and Collaborative Tools. I'm very happy that we decided to give Enterprise 2.0 Boston folk a chance to meet Jacob and get their own free, signed copy at Traction Software Booth 418 next week. Jacob says: "The purpose of this book is to act as a guide for executives, decision makers, and those involved with collaborative initiatives at their organizations". I believe he hits the mark with a book of lasting value, as do reviewers including Vivek Kundra, former Chief Information Officer of the United States; Erik Brynjolf, MIT Center for Digital Business Director, and others.

Jacob organizes his book into three parts: The Opening, The Middle Game, and The End Game. The Opening chapters talk to people in organizations who are just getting started with their initiatives. It covers business drivers, case studies, evaluating risk, and getting the right people involved. The Middle Game chapters cover topics including defining goals to match your business, developing a strategy, vendor evaluation, dealing with resistance, rolling out a platform, and developing governance. The End Game chapters talk about strategies for sustaining and maintaining these initiatives in the long term, including a bonus chapter on Enterprise 2.0 with Andrew McAfee.

Jacob's book is based on his own analysis and research, including interviews, case studies and survey responses from 234 individuals around the world, working for companies ranging from 1,000 to over 100,000 employees, with responsibilities ranging from mid-level to C-level executives. The Collaborative Organization is vendor neutral, involving actual practitioners who are implementing collaborative tools and strategies for their organizations - not vendors or consultants.

Each chapter includes analysis, examples and a well-written Summary and Action items section, with actionable advice that you'll turn to often. Chapters include case studies, examples and results drawn from practitioner experience, not hand-wavy fluff.

It's a handbook you'll have on your desk for the next few years. I particularly like:

  • Chapter 2 - The First Step to Recovery is Admitting You have a Problem on business drivers and problems (20 pages)
  • Chapter 7 - The Adaptive Emergent Collaboration Framework practical advice on choosing and adapting approaches to match your business goals and culture (27 pages)
  • Chapter 8 - Resistance is Futile on barriers to success (13 pages)
  • Chapter 12 - Measures of Success, practical advice on measuring soft benefits, hard benefits, and defining business value (19 pages)

Traction Software is the only source for full hardbound copies before the book's official ship date in July 2012! Show up in person at Traction Software's booth 418 during E20 Boston 2012 Showcase Exhibit hours. Follow @TractionTeam on Twitter for times when Jacob will be available for signing and to talk with him about business challenges using emerging social and collaborative tools.

Free copies are limited. I'll post rules for an online Enterprise 2.0 Twitter quiz you can use to put yourself first in line for a copy. You must show up in person to claim a book, but the Twitter quiz should be fun too!

Update: See E2.0 Boston 2012 Twitter Pop-Quiz for rules and quiz highlights.

Update: Thanks to the @e2conf staff and everyone who dropped by booth 418 to talk, and pick up a free copy of Jacob's book. After you read it, please post a review on Amazon to let others know what you think. Here's my Amazon review.

Also, after visiting us at Booth 418, don’t miss Robert Morison (@rfmorison), author of Analytics at Work: Smarter Decisions, Better Results at Talent Analytics Booth 232.

See 19-20 Jun 2012 | Traction Software Enterprise 2.0 Boston

The Future of Work Platforms: Like Jazz

Extending the fabric of work, or How to Be Emergent

NHS Part 3: NHS Orkney Board gets TeamPage and £28,000 Annual ROI

ImageThe Board of Directors at National Health Service's Orkney hospital use Traction® TeamPage and iPads to eliminate paper at board meetings. The move saves £28,000 per year in printing and related costs, and was covered by both The Guardian and BBC News. This use case follows a history of NHS Orkney innovation with TeamPage. They first used the platform to address a failing grade in a communications audit (See National Health Service Orkney (NHS Orkney) and expanded its reach to integrate their legacy directory with TeamPage profiles (see NHS integrates Intranet 1.0 with Enterprise 2.0 to get Social with TeamPage 4.0).

The National Health Service in the UK is one of the world's largest employers. TeamPage is deployed at several locations, including the Orkney hospital where it was deployed in response to a communications audit that came out poorly. It solved the communication problem at the time by allowing operational and clinical users to post communication and key resources such as policy documents and pages. It also allowed individuals to share "classifieds" such as announcing they have some extra concert tickets - these announcements formerly were sent to the whole organization. So, the platform satisfied critical communication and knowledge sharing, while also covering the incidental communications that were important for employees, but otherwise created a lot of noise in email traffic.

Until recently, Orkney printed significant amounts of paper for their Board of Directors before each board meeting. The process was expensive to the tune of £28,000 for printing and associated costs.

They moved to a "paper-light" process by moving the documents to a PDF format and sharing via a TeamPage space. The purchase of iPads made it easy for the board members to sync the documents, carry them around, and access them throughout a Board meeting without worry about battery life.

The Guardian quotes Chairman Scott as indicating: A 'spend to save' initiative was put into play using capital resources to purchase iPads and we removed printers from desks, cleared out our stores of printing material and instilled in board members the need for them to use technology and reject paper use."

Having seen success right off the bat, Chairman Scott talked about his intention to expand their digital efforts in an interview with BBC News: "In my view we need now to spread the initiative down through the organization." He added he believed NHS Orkney was the first public body in Scotland to follow such a "paper light" approach.

At A Web That Works - Social Tools and Programming at NHS, David Rendall expands on these stories with specifics on why iPads were chosen, where TeamPage plays a role, and other aspects of their network that come together to deliver this solution.

19-20 Jun 2012 | Traction Software Enterprise 2.0 Boston

ImageTraction TeamPage makes it easy for people to communicate, work together, and stay on top of what's happening anywhere in their business, including line of business systems and the public Web. Learn more about TeamPage, now with new Cloud pricing options. The first 30 days are free and you can start with a monthly plan at less than $2.50 per user per month for 25 user accounts. Traction Software will be at Enterprise 2.0 Boston Booth #418 on 19-20 June. Line up early for a free, signed pre-release copy of Jacob Morgan's new book, The Collaborative Organization.

Image The Collaborative Organization: A Strategic Guide to Solving Your Internal Business Challenges Using Emerging Social and Collaborative Tools by Jacob Morgan, McGraw Hill, 304 pages, hardback. Meet Jacob at booth 418 Tuesday or Wednesday during Expo hours, and get a free autographed copy, courtesy of Traction Software. Quantities are limited, so follow @TractionTeam on Twitter to get book signing times, and line up early! There may be a test!

Vivek Kundra, Former Chief Information Officer of the USA. "In today's global economy, collaboration is key to building a connected, engaged, and sustainable organization. Jacob's book guides leaders on how to develop strategies to build this type of 'Collaborative Organization.'"

Erik Brynjolfsson Director of MIT Center for Digital Business and co-author, Race Against the Machine and Wired for Innovation of Chair of the MIT Sloan Management Review “Most business leaders understand how critical collaborative tools are to the success of their companies. What they need now is a guide, based on hard data and practical experiences, that shows how to put those tools to work. Jacob Morgan fills that need with this book.”

For Traction E2.0 Boston updates, follow @TractionTeam on Twitter. To pre-schedule a meeting with Jordan Frank or Greg Lloyd at E2.0 Boston, please email e20boston@tractionsoftware.com, use Traction's contact form or shout out to @TractionTeam on Twitter.

This year's E2.0 Boston conference is at the Hynes Convention Center in downtown Boston, 18-21 June 2012. See Traction Software at Expo Pavilion Booth #418 from 11:15AM through 5:30PM on Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 June 2011. Register with priority code E2BOSTON and be our guest for a free Expo Pass or save $500 on full registration. The Expo Pass entitles you to attend keynote and free sessions, visit the Expo pavilion, and attend cocktail reception 4:00 to 6:00PM Tuesday and Wednesday. Hope to see you there!

See e2conf.com/boston for event details and registration.

See also Why we're here. TeamPage at Enterprise 2.0 Boston 2012

The Collaborative Organization - Free signed copy, Traction Software Booth 418 E2.0 Boston 2012

Laser focused E2.0, without the risk? Get Traction!

May 10, 2012 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

I really like how Kashya Kompella from the Real Story Group offered a great dose of context for his E2.0 Marketplace Analysis Q2 2012: "Slightly modifying what the ancient Greeks said, you cannot dip your finger twice in the same (activity) stream." Simply said, there is not a lot of room for risk when an enterprise makes an attempt at an E2.0 effort, whether they are trying to build knowledge in a wiki, approach project management from a perspective managers actually like, or wrap up the whole effort with blogs, discussion, and a social networking layer on top.

In his 4D chart below, Kompella grades market players based on vendor business and product risk. Unlike most quadrant analyses, this is a case where being high upper right is not good.


By way of example, perhaps he grades Newsgator as low vendor and high product risk because they've been around a long time (vendor stability) but their product focus has changed entirely three times (from RSS client to RSS Server to Social layer on SharePoint).

The Vendor and Product risk appears general as the color of the circle also demonstrates an area of risk based on the vendor's focus on the E2.0 market. Oracle is the lowest rated on product risk, but they are colored white to indicate a very low focus on E2.0. So, perhaps Oracle is a good choice for your next database, but don't hold your breath if you are counting on them for your E2.0 platform.

Traction Software and our product Traction TeamPage show up low and to the left (low product and vendor risk) in a cluster with Microsoft and Oracle. However, we also show a Black circle (compared to White for Oracle and Purple for Microsoft) demonstrating laser focus on the Enterprise 2.0 market - as has been our focus since our founding and long track record.

Of course, none of this matters if the platform isn't any good. This chart doesn't say much about the product itself except for its focus and the rate at which its being overhauled, which can be a sign of innovation (good) but it also may warn of a sloppy underlying platform or poor vision as new capabilities are added. Traction TeamPage was built from the start as a journaling and editing system - which laid ground for every E2.0 "feature phase" starting with Blogs and then leading to Wiki, MicroBlogging, Discussion, Social Bookmarking, RSS, Project Management and User Profiles / Social Networking.

To gauge quality, there are ample analysts who've weighed in on that matter, showing TeamPage has a stable platform upon which we've been able to innovate successfully over the last decade. Here are a few recent indicators:

  • Forbes.com contributor Haydn Shaughnessey says: "Traction, for my money, is the best conceived collaboration suite for companies that have a technical development requirement." He cites Traction Software as an example of a business that successfully competes with large companies like IBM by retaining: "... close attention to client needs, a personal desire to explore changes in the work environment, and a desire to see those reflected in the platform."
  • The 9th Annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium has announced Traction Software as one of ten finalists for the 2012 Innovation Showcase as its Traction TeamPage product represents a cutting edge B2B solution that combines the strong value and innovation to enterprise IT.
  • CTOLabs adds Traction Software to its companies of note list, "firms we believe enterprise technologists should track":
  • Jacob Morgan from Chess Media Group says: I’ve seen the Traction product a few times now I have to say that I really like it and not just for small and medium size businesses. Traction offers an amazing search integration feature which many large vendors can’t even come close to replicating."

So, if you want a platform that rocks and remains cutting edge in the E2.0 marketplace, all without introducing vendor and product risk, Get Traction! And do it risk free as we just introduced new hosting options and the opportunity to try it free for 30 days, then pay monthly. Check it out.

23 Apr 2012 | Traction Software Named Finalist for MIT Sloan CIO Symposium 2012 Innovation Showcase

ImageCambridge, MA – April 23, 2012 – The 9th Annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium has announced Traction® Software as one of ten finalists for the 2012 Innovation Showcase as its Traction® TeamPage product represents a cutting edge B2B solution that combines the strong value and innovation to enterprise IT. Traction Software will receive key exposure to many of the world’s most creative and influential IT executives at the Symposium on May 22, 2012.

"Traction Software is honored to be selected as a finalist. CIO's should want to unlock actionable value hidden in their expensive line of business applications and scattered file system, SharePoint, or other servers," said Greg Lloyd, Traction Software President and co-founder. "Traction TeamPage's capability to search, navigate, tag, task, discuss and share live data in business applications or the public Web makes collaboration at work strikingly simple and effective: it works like the Web."

Traction TeamPage makes it easy for people to communicate, work together, and stay on top of what's happening anywhere in their company, connecting people, business applications, and the Web.

“We are very impressed with these top ten Innovation Showcase finalists, as their technologies demonstrate incredible state of the art thinking to today and tomorrow’s challenges,” said David L. Verrill, Executive Director of the MIT Center for Digital Business, and the Co-chair of the Innovation Showcase. “The Innovation Showcase provides a terrific one-of-a-kind opportunity for these start ups to gain a larger visibility in front of IT executives, key stakeholders, and venture capitalists.”

For a full list of Innovation Showcase finalists visit the Innovation Showcase Overview.

The Innovation Showcase will take place at 6:20pm in the Kresge courtyard tent on Tuesday, May 22, 2012, at MIT, in Cambridge, MA. The full agenda of the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is available at the Agenda page.

About the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium
The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is the premier global event for CIOs and senior IT executives to become better business leaders. In one day, CIOs and senior IT executives receive actionable information that enables them to meet the challenges of today’s changing global economy. The annual event offers a day of interactive learning and thought-provoking discourse on the future of technology, best practices, and business that is not available anywhere else. The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is organized and developed by a team from the MIT Sloan Alumni Club of Boston, the MIT Center for Digital Business and the Boston Chapter of the Society for Information Management. Visit mitcio.com for more information and registration.

To stay connected to the community developing around the Symposium, please join The Global CIO & Executive IT Group (An MIT Sloan CIO Group), which can be found on Linkedin.com. Follow Symposium updates on Twitter: @mitciosymposium.

7 March 2012 | Forbes - Social Business Is A More Moral Form of Business: Discuss

ImageForbes.com contributor Haydn Shaughnessey says: "Traction, for my money, is the best conceived collaboration suite for company’s that have a technical development requirement." He cites Traction® Software as an example of a business that successfully competes with large companies like IBM by retaining: "... close attention to client needs, a personal desire to explore changes in the work environment, and a desire to see those reflected in the platform." Thank you! Shaughnessy is co-author of a new ebook, The Elastic Enterprise an account of how some stellar companies are reinventing business. » Read the article.

1 March 2012 | Traction Software Named to KMWorld's 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management

ImageFor the eighth consecutive year, KMWorld recognized Traction® Software by naming the company to their KMWorld 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management. The list is compiled by a team of judges including KMWorld editors, analysts, system integrators, theorists, practitioners and a few select users. "We're honored that KMWorld continues to rank Traction Software as a company that matters in Knowledge Management," said Greg Lloyd, Traction Software President and co-founder, "In 2011 Traction Software released Traction® TeamPage 5.2 introducing capabilities make live content in external documents, public or intranet Web pages, and even database records social objects seamlessly integrated with Traction TeamPage's action tracking, search, collaboration and communication. I thank Traction Software's employees and customers for earning this recognition, as well as KMWorld for awarding it." » See the 2012 KMWorld 100 list

8 Feb 2012 | CTOLabs - Traction Software: Connected Work

ImageCTOLabs adds Traction® Software to its companies of note list, "firms we believe enterprise technologists should track": The future of work: 
collaboration, conversation, identity, work product, action tracking and activity streams in context, coupled by permission-aware deep search, spanning systems of record and transactional business systems. Traction® TeamPage connects people, actions, what you create or find in TeamPage, the public Web, your company’s intranet and your line of business systems, simply and securely. » Read the full quote

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