8 Feb 2012 | CTOLabs - Traction Software: Connected Work

ImageCTOLabs adds Traction® Software to its companies of note list, "firms we believe enterprise technologists should track": The future of work: 
collaboration, conversation, identity, work product, action tracking and activity streams in context, coupled by permission-aware deep search, spanning systems of record and transactional business systems. Traction® TeamPage connects people, actions, what you create or find in TeamPage, the public Web, your company’s intranet and your line of business systems, simply and securely. » Read the full quote

11 Jan 2012 | Forbes - In Social Business, How to Prioritise a Successful Outcome

ImageForbes.com contributor Hayden Shaughnessy writes: "By moving social media practices into the enterprise we will change the way senior managers communicate, the way employees communicate with customers, and possibly people’s experience of work." He asked three platform vendors, including Traction® Software President and co-founder Greg Lloyd, to respond to three questions on how a company can make social a success, starting from Day 1 requirements, benefits to the employee and enterprise outcomes . Greg's advice includes: "“Social” use can informally open up a timeline of activity to make it easier for people working on the same activity – including people who may be from different parts of the organization or even customers, partners, suppliers. Jon Udell and Jim McGee call this “Observable Work” (on a personal basis “narrating your work” hits many of the same points). It’s very easy to do, and generally well accepted – people learn by example." » Read the article

21 Dec 2011 | エンタープライズソーシャル+サーチで「知識管理」の課題解決

ImageITPro Active has published a white paper by Traction® Software Partner Applied Knowledge Co, Ltd on Social Enterprise Knowledge Management and Search. A Google English translation of the article begins: "Knowledge management is an eternal challenge for companies. Traditional knowledge management approaches are not quite accumulated knowledge and fresh content to help you develop your business even if the substrate is stressed not utilize excessive accumulation have also been organized, and there is a problem."

7 Dec 2011 | Tech Expert Offers Advice to British Company That Plans to Ban E-mail for 80,000 Workers

ImagePRNewswire Dec 7, 2011: Leading unified information access company, Attivio, suggests alternate approach to all-out ban. "Visionary companies must find ways to change the way e-mail is used; not banish it," commented Sid Probstein, Chief Technical Officer at Attivio in response to widely reported news that a 'zero email' policy is underway at one of the world's largest IT companies. Thierry Breton, CEO of British-based Atos, wants to phase out e-mails over the next 18 months.

15-16 Nov 2011 | Traction Software Enterprise 2.0 Santa Clara

ImageTraction Software's Greg Lloyd and Jordan Frank will be at Enterprise 2.0 Santa Clara Booth #208 15-16 Nov 2011. We hope to see you there! Traction Software will announce pricing and general availability of new Social Enterprise Web and Attivio Plus options, see Jacob Morgan's Chess Media Group review and Traction Software on Connected Work.

29 Oct 2011 | KMWorld - Rich options expand the collaborative horizon

ImageWriting in KMWorld Magazine Judith Lamont quotes Forrester Analyst Rob Koplowitz: "Many companies are placing a big bet on collaboration to support their business activities. In particular, the workplace is moving toward one in which many business applications are integrated through collaboration and exposed through the social layer." Lamont chooses Traction® Teampage customer the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) as her first example. BGRI is an international research project funded by the Gates Foundation and others to organize and conduct research aimed at stopping the spread of crop disease that threatens a third of the world's wheat supply. "The organization selected TeamPage from Traction Software as the collaboration solution and the Attivio Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) to aggregate the many types of content on the website. TeamPage includes wiki, blog and social networking capabilities. "We chose TeamPage because it could be deployed very quickly and was simple to use," says John Bakum, webmaster for the site, which is hosted by Cornell. The site was up and running in just a few weeks, and has grown rapidly over the past several years."

7 Oct 2011 | Jacob Morgan - Emergent Collaboration Vendor Review: Traction Software

Image"I’ve seen the Traction product a few times now I have to say that I really like it and not just for small and medium size businesses. Traction offers an amazing search integration feature which many large vendors can’t even come close to replicating." Chess Media Group Principal and author Jacob Morgan just started a weekly series of concise, consistent, and even-handed public reviews of vendors in the emergent collaboration / Enterprise 2.0 space. Traction® Software is honored to chosen for the second review in Jacob's series. Jacob asks wide-ranging questions on overall direction, along with practical questions on integration, support, pricing, maintenance, time to go live, technology, focus, capabilities, customers, key differentiating factors from competition, along with Jacob's candid take.

Are Enterprise 2.0 & Web 2.0 Different? | KMWorld 2011 Panel, Thur Nov 3, 2011 Washington DC

ImageKMWorld 2011 Panel C303 2pm-2:45pm Thur Nov 3, 2011. Join Traction® Software's Jordan Frank and a stellar panel from the FDA, Attivio, and Deloitte to discuss and debate the future of social software in the enterprise, how it relates to what you see and use on the public Web, and how it differs. Expect a lively discussion based on practical experience, research, and analysis. “We want Facebook for the enterprise!” That’s a call to action, but what does it mean, and why will it fail? There is a gulf of difference in the use case for 2.0 in the Enterprise vs. the Web. Deloitte research indicates the best starting point for E2.0 is exception management, not making friends. Permissions issues, incentives, and infrastructure differ enormously when you consider the enterprise vs. the web. Enterprise architects and decision makers need to look at the web to gather ideas but not to look in the mirror.

Athens Group - Traction® TeamPage for Quality Management, Training and Knowledge Base

ImageAthens Group is an independent consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. In 2009, the company migrated their Athens Group Quality Management System (AGQMS), industry knowledge base, and training curriculum to Traction® TeamPage where the information is easily accessed, collectively edited, and the content can be moderated where necessary. TeamPage became their integrated Intranet. In 2011, the TeamPage Attivio Search Module was added to further improve information access with automatic page ranking and faceted drill down navigation.

1 Sept 2011 | KMWorld names TeamPage A Trend-Setting Product of 2011

ImageKMWorld recognized Traction® Software's TeamPage as a Trend-Setting Product for 2011. Traction® TeamPage: "enables searching both external sources and TeamPage's Social Enterprise Web to discuss, tag, task, share and badge internal or external content." KMWorld's judging panel of editorial colleagues, analysts, system integrators and users evaluated over 800 products in reaching their decision for KMWorld's ninth annual list. Traction Software is honored that KMWorld has selected TeamPage as a Trend-Setting Product for the fourth time. » Read KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2011

23 Aug 2011 | Financial Times - Tapping the Full Power of Social Software as a Strategic Tool

ImageWriting in the 23 Aug 2011 Financial Times, John Hagel and John Seely Brown of the Deloitte Center for the Edge advise CIO's how to improve performance, usually without increasing spending. They recommend that CIO's identify their biggest pain points, and adopt a Performance Improvement Funnel approach to leverage the unique, full value of social software. Hagel and Brown cite two examples from their Feb 2011 Social Software for Business study including: "Alcoa Fastening Systems reduced time spent on compliance activities by 61 percent using an internal collaborative platform provided by Traction® Software. Both companies targeted specific pain points and were able to deliver tangible improvement in performance that mattered to the senior executives of the firm." » Read the full story

3 Aug 2011 | Alcoa Fastening Systems: What were you doing at 7:15AM Saturday July 2, 2011? Joe Crumpler was working.

ImageWhat were you doing at 7:15AM Saturday July 2, 2011? Sleeping? Getting ready for a Fourth of July weekend picnic or a trip to the beach? Joe Crumpler of Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) was reaching for his iPad to review status for the world wide roll-out of an Oracle upgrade scheduled for the holiday weekend. The story starts the night before. Joe writes in the Next Think Next blog that he co-authors with Brian Tullis:

29 June 2011 | AppGap Review - Traction Introduces TeamPage Attivio Plus and Social Enterprise Web

Image Bill Ives AppGap Review analyzes Traction® Software's E2.0 Boston 2011 Traction® TeamPage Attivio Plus and Social Enterprise Web announcement. Ives says: "Using search as a lever to span silos and system of record makes their native content addressable and actionable in place without import or conversion. This is similar to the way search loosely couples content across many sources on the public Web, but focused on a business intranet." Ives also reviews project dashboard and activity stream capabilities introduced with Traction TeamPage Release 5.2, saying: "I also like what they are doing with Activity Streams as I think this is one of the most important features of an Enterprise 2.0 platform." » Read the Full Story

27 June 2011 | Forbes - Reevaluating Performance Management

ImageForbes Connected Business blogger Rawn Shaw writes on the value of keeping a record of your work. This observable work practice documents your accomplishments, helps you understand your own performance, preserves knowledge, and provides context when you and others work on the same project, talk to the same customer, or you transfer to a new job. Shaw says: "The subtler psychological point is that it is easier to document and track a project or activity if you can do it in the flow of what you are doing, rather than returning after the activity is complete... In talking to Larry Hawes, analyst and consultant at Dow Brook Advisory Services, vendors like Traction® Software and IBM provide the tools to support managing a practice of observable work." » Read the full story

24 June 2011 | Peter O'Kelly's Reality Check - Marrying deep search and collaboration

ImageAnalyst Peter O'Kelly comments on KMWorld's Marrying deep search and navigation saying "...While it may not (yet…) be trendy to be the market-leading collaborative hypertext journaling platform, I believe that’s what the Traction team has created, and that TeamPages’s underlying architecture and flexibility, especially when used in conjunction with Attivio for faceted search and navigation, make it especially powerful for the various types of tools and services (workspaces, blogs, wikis, activity streams, tagging, tasks, etc.) now commonly associated with “social” software/services." » Read the full post

22 June 2011 | KMWorld - Marrying deep search and collaboration

ImageTraction and Attivio team up for the enterprise Traction® Software has released TeamPage Attivio Search Plus to index and search external sources and Traction® TeamPage's Social Enterprise Web to discuss, tag, task, share and badge internal or external content. These TeamPage options connect TeamPage with structured data or unstructured content in sources including Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum, Microsoft Exchange, file servers, SQL databases, intranets, and the public Web. » Read the full story

21 June 2011 | Asahi.com「TeamPage 5.2」を販売開始 ~タスクリスト機能を強化、プロジェクト全体の俯瞰的な状況把握を可能に~

ImageYokohama Japan, 21 Jun 2011 Applied Knowledge Company, Inc President Masayuki Kojima announces availability of Traction® TeamPage 5.2 in Japan. The newest release of TeamPage includes an enhanced task list, providing enhanced situational awareness and a birds-eye view of entire projects. TeamPage includes a fully localized Japanese user interface selectable as a default or personal preference as well as Japanese language search. » Read the Japanese language release or Google English translation.

21 June 2011 | Traction Software Introduces Social Enterprise Web

ImageDiscover, Discuss, Tag, Task, and Share Content stored in SharePoint, Documentum, File servers, Exchange, SQL Databases, and the Web Boston, Mass / Enterprise 2.0 Conference Booth #418 — June 21, 2011 — Traction® Software Inc, the leader in social software for work, today announced Traction® TeamPage Attivio Search Plus to index and search external sources, and Traction® TeamPage Social Enterprise Web to discuss, tag, task, share and badge internal or external content. These TeamPage options connect TeamPage with structured data or unstructured content in sources including Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum, Microsoft Exchange, file servers, SQL databases, intranets, and the public Web. Read » Full Release Download Traction TeamPage Social Web Handout (.pdf)

15 June 2011 | The App Gap - Software Announcements at the Boston Enterprise 2.0 Conference

ImageBill Ives writes in The App Gap: The Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston this coming week is often a place for related new product announcements. That is certainly the case this year. Here is the list of companies making announcements leading up to or at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference that I received this week. I have also spoken to three of the firms this week, Adobe, NewsGator, and Traction, and more in-depth coverage of their new moves will follow on this blog. I am also scheduled to speak to a few others in the coming weeks. » Read the full story

14 June 2011 | Fierce Content Management - One on One with Greg Lloyd of Traction Software

Image Fierce Content Management editor Ron Miller interviews Traction® Software President and co-founder Greg Lloyd. Topics include: Enterprise 2.0 evolution, business benefits and barriers to wide-spread adoption; relationship between content management, enterprise collaboration tools, search and knowledge management; why Traction Software decided to introduce a project-driven metaphor for Traction® TeamPage collaboration: "GL: I believe the ability to link plans, actions, discussion and work product (in any system of record) in context is the key to unlocking the value of social software for businesses of any size." » Read the full story

21-22 Jun 2011 | Traction Software Enterprise 2.0 Boston

ImageTraction Software will be exhibiting at Enterprise 2.0 Boston Booth #418 on 21-22 June, and we hope to see you there! Learn about Traction's new TeamPage 5.2 release that combines the freedom of social software with action tracking for follow through. Traction Software customers in Deloitte's independent Social Software for Business Performance study show dramatic, measurable results. Learn more and position your organization for growth in 2011. We'll also be making a product and partnership announcements that you won't want to miss - stay tuned here, see us a E2.0 Boston, or follow @TractionTeam on Twitter. To pre-schedule a meeting with Jordan Frank or Greg Lloyd at E2.0 Boston, please email e20boston@tractionsoftware.com, use Traction's contact form or use Twitter. Update: see 21 June 2011 | Traction Software Introduces Social Enterprise Web

25 May 2011 | Attivio and Traction Software Help Power Borlaug Global Rust Initiative to a 2011 Computerworld Honors Program Nomination

ImageNewton MA — May 25, 2011 — Attivio, Inc. announced that IDG's Computerworld Honors Program has acknowledged its work with the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) and Traction® Software to create a community portal developed to help fight the spread of wheat rust. As part of the award program, the BGRI has been named as a 2011 Laureate. The annual award program honors visionary applications of information technology promoting positive social, economic and educational change. The BGRI project organizers, led by Cornell University, selected Traction® TeamPage, a social software solution that combines wiki, blog, tagging, activity streams, discussion and social networking capabilities in a secure, scalable Enterprise 2.0 social software platform, as a basis for the portal. Additionally, Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine (AIE), was chosen to power search and information access, which are considered to be vital functions for the website. The Computerworld Honors awards will be presented at the Annual Laureates Medal Ceremony & Gala Awards on June 20, 2011 at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C. Read » Full Release See also BGRI UG-99 Video

20 May 2011 | CMS Wire - Traction Updates TeamPage to v5.2, Adds HTML 5

Image CMS Wire reporter Geoff Spick on Traction® TeamPage 5.2: "Having made a big play of tracking and collaboration in last year's 5.1 TeamPage release of its social enterprise tool, Traction makes reading what's going on easier with the introduction of slick-looking, context-based dashboards and activity feeds in the new 5.2 release." He says: "Able to view projects by tasks, people working on them, conversation threads, Traction TeamPage can be used by all parties, including teams, clients and other users with permission-based access to appropriate parts of a project and encourage collaboration and rapid solution of speed bumps or problems" » Read the Full Story

16 May 2011 | Fierce Content Management - TeamPage 5.2 adds dashboard and project tracking

Image Fierce Content Management editor Ron Miller describes Traction® TeamPage 5.2 as providing new tools to track different levels of project activity. The project dashboard tracks detailed actions, while also allowing you to step back to see the bigger picture. Miller says: "When you see something you like you can tag it or comment on it and help raise the visibility of the post for others who might be interested in it. Using the project metaphor as the basis for understanding information in the corporate social stream, the idea is to give you a hook on which to hang the information. » Read the Full Story

10 May 2011 | Traction® TeamPage 5.2 Introduces Dashboards for Action Tracking, Project and Case Management

ImageProvidence RI May 10, 2011 Traction® Software Inc, the leader in enterprise social software for work today announced Traction® TeamPage Release 5.2 with new capabilities to make it simple to track actions, show activity, watch status, and follow discussions embedded in the flow of collaborative work. TeamPage 5.2's new activity dashboards show actions, status and work in context using a format that's easy to read and reduces information overload. Activity dashboards allow people dive into and watch activity associated with projects or milestones they want to focus on, while also seeing, searching, exploring and connecting with others across a broad view of actions organized by business context as well as person. Read » Full Release and videos

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