Jul 2016 | TeamPage Real Time Daily Report 日報 (Japan)

ImageTraction® Software's Japanese Business office launched a dedicated DailyReports.biz site and solution for the Japanese Daily Report 日報 practice. In some Japanese companies, at the end of each day employees are expected to write a summary of what they did and submit it to their boss. This is called a "日報" (daily report or daily journal) and is traditionally used to share information between employees and bosses. Rather than adding a chore at the end of each day, the new Daily Report solution makes it easy to share a short note after a talk with a customer, when a task is completed, or after some other noteworthy event. The note is easy to post using a phone, tablet, or desktop computer and is shared in with others in real time. The note is also automatically included in a summary email digest at the end of the day.

July 2007 | Podcast Interview: Overcoming Fear of Blogs | Mike Gotta

Collaborative Thinking - Mike Gotta writes Jul 5, 2007: At the Enterprise 2.0 conference, I had the opportunity to interview Jordan Frank from Traction® Software. The podcast can be listened to, or downloaded, here at the Burton Group Inflection Point site (along with other analyst podcasts).

July 2014 | TeamPage Notifications

ImageTraction Software Summer 2014 Release New features include inline-page push Notifications, extending Traction® TeamPage's email notifications. Notifications make it simple to focus on activity that's important to you. Get more details, or send a quick reply whether in your office or using your smartphone or tablet. Change what you watch when your priorities and interests change. Available now, contact us for more information or a free trial.

July 2015 | TeamPage Live Task Lists

ImageTeamPage Summer 2015 Release update introduces Traction® TeamPage live task lists: drag and drop to reorder tasks for a project or milestone, everyone sees the live update. Use shared task lists to keep everyone in synch on order of execution for tasks as well as planned start and end dates. A live Presence bar shows who else is watching the same page.

Jun 2016 | ISO 9001:2015 Requirements Met By impi! Solutions

ImageImpi! founder Pierre Bienvenüe shares his analysis of ISO 9001:2015 requirements based on lessons learned working with one of his clients since July 2015 under the guidance of one of the contributors to the new version of the standard. He uses the impi! model to document mappings from sub-clauses of the impi! solution model to ISO 9001:2015 requirements, and from ISO clauses and sub-clauses to solution capabilities.

Jun 2019 | Pluggable Mailbox Protocols, Search performance improvements, new TeamPage plug-ins

ImageTeamPage Summer 2019 Release includes support for pluggable mailbox protocols, refinements to Traction® TeamPage's handling of configuration or environmental problems, performance improvements for built-in search filtering, improved protection from cross-site forgery attempts, improvements to TeamPage's SDK, and many other bug fixes and improvements. This release also packages several TeamPage plug-ins for general use.

Jun 2020 | TeamPage uses Solr for faceted navigation and search

Traction® Software is an early believer in the value of scalable, permission aware, faceted navigation and search spanning all Traction® TeamPage content. Traction Software partnered with FAST Search starting in 2006, transitioning to Attivio in 2009, adding new search and navigation capabilities along the way. Traction Software now includes Apache Solr faceted navigation and search as a free capability for Cloud hosted and on premises TeamPage subscriptions. Learn how Solr supports TeamPage's unique work graph model for indexing, visualizing, and using work that crosses boundaries, linking customers, suppliers, partners and internal teams with different permissions to more public or more private business activities on the same TeamPage server.

June 2006 | Wikis und Blogs für "Enterprise 2.0"

ImageWriter and consultant, Detlef Schmuck met us at the Collaborative Technologies Conference and wrote an article in Germany's heise online discussing enterprise fit for team focused blog and wiki applications like Traction® TeamPage. » Read More

June 2013 | Enterprise Collaboration & Social Software Industry Report, Redwood Capital

ImageA new Redwood Capital Group industry report released the first week of June 2013 focuses on Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software. The thirty-two page report includes Market Trends, Competitive Landscape, M&A Activity, Private Financing, Valuation Trends, and Emerging Private Companies, including Traction® Software. You can download a free copy of this and related industry reports from the Redwood Capital Sector Focus page.

June 2014 | Traction TeamPage 6.0

ImageTraction® Software is proud to announce Traction® TeamPage 6.0, a major release incorporating important new features, improvements, and internal updates, as well as consolidated capabilities from updates shipped over the TeamPage 5.2 baseline. Sign up for a free trial, or download a free TeamPage license for free access to Traction Software's Customer Support and Customer Forum TeamPage server, including installer links and detailed change log information.

KM is the Forest, Enterprise Blogs are the Path

May 24, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

ImageWhen I saw Michael Koenig's article in KM World, KM: the forest for all the trees, I thought this might be another story about how ECM can save paper. No, Koenig explains that KM is far from a fad, and took a stab at defining knowledge management.

KMF2009 ワークショップでの講演のビデオを掲載!

2009年4月14日(火)に開催された日本経済新聞社 主催「ナレッジマネジメントフォーラム2009」ワークショップでの弊社小島の講演『KMに必要なものは戦略、ツール、評価、そして風土改革です!』の一部を You Tube にアップしました。是非、ご覧ください。 [ As posted on TractionSoftware.jp For English summary, please see April 2009 | Knowledge Management Forum Japan - grl ]

Knowledge Fishing vs. Knowledge Farming

April 16, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Euan Semple's IT professionals, knowledge management and trout farming notes that a conversation "about managing communities of practice is raising my usual concerns about the fatal combination of the words "knowledge", "communities" and "manage"."

KUKA Systems

KUKA is one of the world's leading suppliers of robotics as well as plant and systems engineering. Their Enterprise Applications group deployed Traction® TeamPage in 2006 to support a process for collaborative Issue Tracking for their deployed enterprise information system.

Kuka Systems TeamPage Case Study

March 14, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

See Kuka Systems for an excellent TeamPage story Jordan wrote in cooperation with this Traction TeamPage customer. KUKA is one of the world's leading suppliers of robotics as well as plant and systems engineering and has been in the automation technologies business since 1898. They build robotics systems for factory automation and are a leading worldwide supplier of assembly and welding systems, and other related machinery, servicing the automobile, aerospace, and energy industries.

Language, Localization and Time Zone Support

Traction is fully localized allowing for support of most languages and the simultaneous delivery of the interface in different locales and time zones.

Laser focused E2.0, without the risk? Get Traction!

May 10, 2012 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

I really like how Kashya Kompella from the Real Story Group offered a great dose of context for his E2.0 Marketplace Analysis Q2 2012: "Slightly modifying what the ancient Greeks said, you cannot dip your finger twice in the same (activity) stream." Simply said, there is not a lot of room for risk when an enterprise makes an attempt at an E2.0 effort, whether they are trying to build knowledge in a wiki, approach project management from a perspective managers actually like, or wrap up the whole effort with blogs, discussion, and a social networking layer on top.

Law Enforcement and Intelligence

Law enforcement and Intelligence agencies are confronted with the problems of cooperating internally and externally (across agency) on cases, and may be legally bound to keep a log of hypotheses, activity, findings, evidence captured, interviews, and other material related to the case.

Law Firms and Litigation Support


Learn by watching - Then do

August 14, 2007 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Image JP Rangaswami writes an excellent blog - Confused of Calcutta - where he shares his experience as an "accidental technologist" who moved from investment banking to the services arm of a telco. His post on Facebook and Knowledge Management tells a great story about what happened when he decided to open up his mailbox to his direct reports:

Light up some classrooms! DonorsChoose.org Challenge

October 5, 2008 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

On Oct 1 DonorsChoose opened their Blogger Challenge 2008 to help spread the word about a great model for charitable giving. It's simple: Teachers ask. You choose, Students learn. Click the badge below to learn more and bring some light to classrooms where any contribution can make a difference. You'll feel good on a person-to-person level, and help children succeed in life.

Linked, Open, Heterogeneous

August 31, 2014 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Image Art, Data, and Business Duane Degler of Design For Context posted slides from his 5 April 2014 Museums and the Web talk, Design Meets Data (Linked, Open, Heterogeneous). Degler addresses what he calls the LAM (Libraries, Archives, Museums) Digital Information Ecosystem. I believe the same principles apply when businesses connect internal teams, external customers, external suppliers, and partners of all sorts as part of their Business Information Ecosystem. Read Degler's summary and slides, below:


Publishing, editing and linking pages is the core strength of wiki platforms. Traction takes linking to a new level with features that: create a variety of link types; support bi-directional linking with referential integrity persisting through edits and across permission boundaries, and introducing wiki page name history to complement wiki content history.

Lipstick on a Pig

August 5, 2011 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

On Aug 5, 2011, Andrew McAfee opened a public discussion on Google+ by sharing How Apple (unintentionally) revolutionized corporate IT by Aaron Levie. McAfee commented "Story from CNNMoney about how Apple is unintentionally revolutionizing corporate IT. About time, too." and asked "Does anyone doubt that the Cloud + mobile + social + new devices is going to have a huge impact on corporate technology infrastructures and costs within the next 5-10 years?" Off to the races...

Listeners and Notification

For cases where the built in notification methods like the E-mail Digest, E-mail Notifier and Dynamic RSS and Atom Feeds aren't adequate, Traction supports plug-in listeners (written using the Traction SDK) that can take action when an article is posted.

Literate Business and Euan Semple

May 4, 2011 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageEuan Semple's Literate Business post of May 4, 2011 is well worth reading. In preparing to write his book, Euan noted "There's something wrong with the names we use for social web tools in business... whether Enterprise 2.0, Social business or whatever."

Live Blog for Micro-Messaging

Live Blog is an automatically updating browser window that allows users to type a brief note from wherever they are (a traditional browser or mobile device such as an iPhone) which will appear as a highlighted entry within seconds for all users who are monitoring that space. The TeamPage Release 5.0 Proteus skin extends Live blog capabilities to include a Twitter style follow model and much more.

Live blog with Traction TeamPage

November 16, 2008 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

from Michael Angeles, Traction Software Director of User Experience: Live Blog
is a new plug-in for TeamPage 4.0. The new Live Blog interface works like Twitter or IM. It creates an automatically updating browser window you can park on your desktop (or iPhone). You type a brief note and everyone with access to that Live Blog sees their window update in seconds. But unlike Twitter or IM, Live Blog is backed by Traction's TeamPage platform that provides scalable storage, security, integrated search and all of the other capabilities that make TeamPage the leading best platform for Enterprise 2.0. For a video introduction see below. If you don't have Traction yet, remember that Traction is free for up to five project spaces and five users. Get a free Traction TeamPage/5 license and start Live Blogging now!

London Part II of III - Trend-Spotting with BlogPulse

February 3, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

While in London I delivered a presentation at a Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence conference. 26 January 2006 | Untying the Distribution Challenge detailed several aspects of how to build a blog-driven market monitoring and early warning system. Based on requests for a copy of the presentation, it was well received. One example worth sharing related to how blogs play a role in interpreting markets.

London Part III of III - Commitment Counts

February 7, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

On the last night of my trip, I grabbed Sushi dinner with a customer and Suw Charman. Suw is a Corante analyst, author of Strange Attractor and author of Dark Blogs Case Study 01 - A European Pharma Group. Conversations ran the gamut as they should when a virtual colleague is first met in person. Among other things, Suw briefed me on the Open Rights Group, which she heads in her copious spare time, and, we exchanged ideas on social software adoption. We are both steeped in various implementation projects and have seen some similar, some divergent trends. What's clear is there are no hard and fast rules, but lessons to learn from each deployment.

London Trip Part I of III - Its a small blog world after all

February 2, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

I returned Sunday from a 5 day London trip which capped off an 8 day Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence conference tour. And have just now gotten over jet-lag, life-lag, and the desk clearing process required to allow focus here.

Looking for a new Fake Steve Jobs ...

August 6, 2007 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Learning Fake Steve Jobs' real identity is about as much fun as learning that Santa Claus died on 6 September 1959 of pneumonia and complications from a stroke. Adopting an anonymous persona for for satiric or polemical rants has a long and honorable history, unlike the self-serving sock puppetery of some real life CEO's. The former FSJ takes a nice parting shot at Valleywag:

Lost Roots of Project Management: Think Agile that Scales

April 25, 2013 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

The Manhattan Project, Atlas, and Polaris projects are cited as roots for traditional phased stage-gate Project Management, but didn't use that model. New high innovation projects shouldn't either; think agile that scales. Read this fascinating 2009 paper by Sylvain Lenfle and Christoph Loch of INSEAD, cited on Twitter by Glen B. Alleman who calls it "breathtaking".

Lucent Technologies

Michael Angeles of Bell Labs explains how Weblogs are used at Lucent. In his presentation (20 May 2005 | Enterprise Weblogging: Using Weblogs for Communication and Information Management), he discusses a Traction® TeamPage based Training Weblog which was by a Program Management team to keep engineers and users of a new enterprise system up to date. The following narrative is paraphrased from Michael's PowerPoint presentation notes:

Lucy the Web Dog

Born somewhere in Illinois and rescued via BARC, Lucy is Traction's Enterprise Web Dog. She is sometimes caught moonlighting as a model of sorts for UpCountry.

Making Wikis Work in Business - Leading Users to the Water

October 17, 2007 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Rod Boothby's post on Managing Wikis in Business draws out the main points on a post and MBA research by the same name written by Penny Edwards.

Mar 2018 | Question and Answer plug-in and other TeamPage improvements

ImageTeamPage 2018 Spring Release includes a new Question and Answer plug-in that make it simple to add Q&A capabilities to any Traction® TeamPage solution. You can also introduce a dedicated Q&A space to support a forum connecting any combination of external customers, partners and internal team members.

Mar 2019 | TeamPage release focuses on Performance, Quality Management, and Interactive Tables

ImageTeamPage Winter 2019 Release focuses on Traction® TeamPage performance. It incorporates major improvements in query optimization, handling of search expressions, and caching. These improvements will be particularly significant for customers with large journals and for those who use TeamPage solutions and reporting views that make extensive use of search expressions in queries and interactive tables. Other changes include: additions and improvements to the Impi! Quality Management ISO 9001:2015 TeamPage solution; new ability to show Google calendar events in TeamPage Calendar pages; new PDF, Excel, CSV, and print export of for Data Tables; new Data Table filtering per column; improvements to PDF generation; improved temporary file management; improved background process task management; and improved statistics gathering.

Mar 2020 | Amazon Corretto Java VM, TeamPage Quality Management, Developer SDK, and general improvements

ImageTeamPage Winter 2020 Release Traction® TeamPage installers now optionally install and configure the Amazon Corretto OpenJDK implementation of Java SE as the bundled Java Virtual Machine. This release also includes improved support for ISO 9001:2015 quality management and business process improvement solutions; improved requirement sign-off tracking; improved work in progress tracking performance; improved SDK support for Client forms, Client Actions, Database API's, and Queries; improved SDK for image and file resource management; new SDL tag support for Conditionals and Conditionals requiring resource management.

Mar 2021 | Microsoft Azure AD Cloud support for cloud and on-premises authentication and user management; Impi! Coaching and Mentoring support

ImageTeamPage March 2021 Release TeamPage 6.2.49 introduces support for Microsoft Azure AD cloud-based identity and access management services. This new generation of Microsoft AD technology provides Traction® TeamPage single sign-on (SSO) that works along with other Azure AD compatible cloud and on premises resources. This release also includes: New coaching and mentoring use case support for Impi! Improvement Projects; Improvements to TeamPages' rich text editor, and many other improvements and bug fixes. Pleased read on for the full list of changes.

March 11 - Vannevar Bush's Birthday

March 11, 2011 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageThe Computer History Museum's This Day In History March 11 reminded me that today is the birthday of Vannevar Bush (born March 11, 1890), a distinguished educator, engineer, Vice President and Dean of MIT, and President of the Carnegie Institution. As World War II Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, Bush managed all US wartime research, reporting directly to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. After the War he was instrumental in creation of the National Science Foundation based on a 1944 request from FDR. Bush is also known as the author of a famous July 1945 Atlantic Monthly essay As We May Think, where he described a possible "new relationship between the thinking man and the sum of our knowledge" including the Memex - a literary machine which inspired the invention of hypertext twenty years later - and indirectly lead to creation of the Web. See the video archive of the MIT / Brown Vannevar Bush Symposium on the 50th Anniversary of As We May Think for a great collection of talks by Doug Engelbart, Ted Nelson, Andy van Dam, Tim Berners-Lee, Alan Kay, and others inspired by Bush and and his work.

March 2006 | Traction Named to “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management” By KMWORLD Magazine for Second Year

ImageHugh McKellar, KMWorld's Editor-in-Chief said "Traction® Software is included again this year because of its continued work to bring knowledge management innovation and collaboration to companies throughout the world and in a variety of industries. They continue to take an innovative lead with enterprise blog technology that fits the needs of knowledge workers and will form an essential part of the enterprise intranet." » Read KMWorld 100 Companies Page » Read Greg Lloyd's View from the Top in KMWorld » Read Full Press Release

March 2007 | Traction Software named to KMWorld "100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management"

ImageFor the third year in a row, Traction® Software was included in KM World's list of 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management. Hugh McKellar notes that the companies listed "distinguished themselves to our panel of judgets because of their role in creating, enhancing, or defining a market." » Read More

March 2014 | Traction Software Named to KMWorld's 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

ImageFor the tenth consecutive year, KMWorld recognized Traction® Software, naming the company to their annual KMWorld 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management. "Traction Software has proven to define the spirit of practical innovation by blending sparkling technology with a deep, fundamental commitment to customer success," says Hugh McKellar, KMWorld editor-in-Chief. The list is compiled by analysts, system integrators, and a select group of users along with KMWorld colleagues over a one year period.

March 2015 | TeamPage 6.1 Burn-up charts, interactive tables, SDK extensions

ImageTeamPage 6.1 Spring 2015 Release focuses on improvements to the Traction® TeamPage Project Management suite, including a new "Burn-up Chart" for tracking progress; user-defined interactive tables to dynamically summarize activity; and better tools for understanding the big picture of a project or milestone. This release also includes major under-the-hood improvements to TeamPage's forms SDK to make it easier for developers to create custom forms, or customized variations of standard forms.

March-April 2005 | [Traction TeamPage] Weblog Technology for Acquisition Program Management

ImageIn today’s acquisition environment, rapid sharing of formal project documents and project-related material is necessary, but the bulk of the project life cycle communication currently relies on nothing more than e-mail, corporate or capital knowledge of the project, and an exceptional memory of the progressive information shared at any given time period...

March-April 2005 | Blogs & Wikis: Technologies for Enterprise Applications

ImageThe outward-facing uses of blogs typically need few features whereas using blogs or wikis internally (whether on an intranet or extranet) often requires a different feature set...

March-April 2005 | The Rise of Blogs and Wiki's in Business

ImageOne of the key takeaways from the (Gilbane) report is that the growth in business blogs/wikis is for internal use, rather than customer-facing applications. Gilbane singles out two software vendors, SocialText and Traction Software, as leading the charge with enterprise offerings that combine both blog and wiki technologies with added features such as full audit trails and version control. » Read More

March/April 2003 | Organize, Analyze, Distribute: The Enterprise Weblog

ImageBy Jordan Frank, printed in the March/April edition of Competitive Intelligence Magazine, a publication of the Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP). One of the principal competitive intelligence (CI) functions is to develop quality information sources and provide analysis, but often much of a CI professional’s time is spent juggling information and managing outbound communication. Enterprise weblog technology and quality analysis can provide relevant competitive and market information to the right stakeholders in a timely manner. The result is a high performance, real-time competitive intelligence function that puts information at the fingertips of your stakeholders. » Read More

March/April 2009 | Intranets - TeamPage at KUKA Systems as Solution for Managing (and Maximizing) Change

ImageCarolina Reid's Solution for Managing (and Maximizing) Change is a case study covering KUKA Systems deployment of Traction® TeamPage as a means to track and collaborate on process improvement. She wrote:

May 2003 | Traction - Weblogs grow up

ImageClay Shirky's writes about Traction in the May 2003 issue of Esther Dyson's Release 1.0 titled Social Software: A New Generation of Tools. Abstract: "Taking their cue from people’s actual behaviors rather than some idealized projection, a number of startups are designing tools that help people get what they want from group interaction." » Read More

May 2004 | Aurora WDC 2004 Enterprise Competitive Intelligence Software Portals Review: Intelligence Portals as the Next Generation for Broad-Spectrum CI Applications

ImageFocused on an in-depth and open examination of the top six CI software portals vendors (Including Traction® TeamPage) and providing an updated functional comparison, plus screen shots of user interface and other benchmarking data, the Review is available free-of-charge to qualifying intelligence practitioners and other Aurora customers and partners. » Read More

May 2004 | Weblogs Weave a New Communication Hub: U.S. Defense Department tests Web technology for program management tasks

ImageKowalczyk compares the weblog to the introduction of e-mail. “E-mail crossed all venues and is now an integral part of program management,” he says. But the weblog may be a better tool, he adds. “The weblog is a systematic, time-ordered way to look at information from e-mail and from Web sites, with a particular focus on what you are trying to do as an individual. I think it has a lot of power.”

May 2007 | Computerwoche.DE - Enterprise Wikis erlauben zwanglose Teamarbeit

computerwoche.deEnglish Abstract: Hearing the term Wiki most contemporaries think just of the success of the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. While almost nobody doubts the benefits of these tools for Web Communities, still skepticism prevails over the advantages for enterprises the tools can offer in the professional areas. Wikis are still considered as primitive tools, promoting an anarchic way of working: Since each coworker can change existing documents even from his superiors. Whereas the analysts of Gartner prognoses that Wikis will develop to a commonly used tool for collaboration and up to 2009 more than 50 percent of all companies will use them. This article contains a german version of the Wiki comparison in the InfoWorld Wiki Roundup » Read Full Story (in German)

May 2007 | TechScore - 住友電工情報システムとアプライドナレッジが社内情報共有の分野で連携

English Abstract: Sumitomo Electric Information Systems Co., Ltd and Applied Knowledge Co., Ltd have partnered to integrate “QuickSolution Portal” and “Traction® TeamPage” in order to promote more effective and efficient utilization of the TeamPage Enterprise Blog and Wiki platform.

May 2013 | Getting Work Done with Social Task Management

ImageAlan Lepofsky @alanlepo of Constellation Research coined Social Task Management last summer to describe a trend he saw in December 2011 as task management started to enter Enterprise 2.0 systems. Lepofsky's presentation at E2.0 Boston 2012 highlighted Traction® TeamPage as a social business platform with a native (versus integrated) task management (slide 34). Luis Suarez @elsua does a fantastic job of summarizing key points in Social Task Management - When Social Business Got Down to Work. Later in the year (October 2012), Constellation Research published Lepofsky's research as Getting Work Done with Social Task Management. The research speaks to problems with traditional standalone task management systems which create top down choke points, lose context, limit collaboration and create information silos. Lepofsky argues that collaboration is at the core of social task management while describing the many benefits.

May 2013 | TeamPage listed as key product in Technavio's Global Enterprise Social Networking Market Report

ImageTraction® Software Inc (along with its Traction® TeamPage product) has been recognized as a key player in TechNavio's upcoming report on the Global Enterprise Social Networking market 2012-2016. TechNavio analysts forecast "the Global Enterprise Social Networking Software market to grow at a CAGR of 51.94 percent over the period 2012-2016." They continue: "one of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increased requirement of intranet interactivity among multiple teams in an organization. The market has also been witnessing an increased use of mobile enterprise social networking for sales activities. However, the risk of confidential information leakage could pose a challenge to the growth of this market."

May 2015 | TeamPage Bookmarks, interactive filters, and Japanese search improvement

ImageTeamPage Summer 2015 Release introduces a new Traction® TeamPage Bookmarks sidebar and interactive filtering. Interactive filtering makes it easy to focus on what interests you; bookmarks make it simple to return to any filtered or standard view with one click. The release also: improves searching and hit highlighting of Japanese text using the TeamPage native search interface; adds new classes to the TeamPage SDK; includes bug fixes, updated internationalization, and performance improvements.

May 2016 | TeamPage Mobile App, Improved Document Management

ImageTeamPage Spring 2016 Release introduces: the first release of a new Traction® TeamPage Mobile App for iPhone and iPad; a new TeamPage Document Management user interface; the first release of a new JSON API for mobile devices, bots, and other external clients; improved external search engine integration; bug fixes, improvements, and other changes.

May/June 2004 | Intelligence Blogs in the Enterprise - Traction 3.0

ImageIn 1996 Providence, Rhode Island-based Traction® Software evolved Engelbart’s hypertext journaling concept to develop the first Enterprise Weblog software... As an interactive webbased journaling system, weblogs reduce the pain of managing source information and automate much of the dissemination activity currently plaguing CI teams which prevents them from focusing on the core analysis task. Given more time to conduct situational and impact analysis, weblogs also furnish an excellent vehicle to inject analysis into source documents. by Arik Johnson » Read More

McDonald on Project Blogs and Wikis - For "Heavy-Duty" and "Innovation Oriented" teams

January 15, 2008 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Dennis McDonald really strikes the "What Project Blogs?" nail on the head when he describes how, for lighter-duty "innovation oriented" teams, blog/wiki systems can be their core platform whereas for "heavy duty" teams, they "take precedence by making the availability of reports and data from the more structured tools more accessible." With blogs for projects, function follows form. More specifically, project teams need to communicate and share content over time - that's the form of a blog and is the principal rationale for why every project team should maintain one, or more, blogs. Additional project management functions required can be layered on top of the blog, or can be provided by other more structured systems when necessary.

Meet Takashi Okutsu: Director, Traction Software Japanese Business Office

July 2, 2014 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageTakashi has been a TeamPage wizard since 2007, and now directs Traction Software's Japanese Business Office. Takashi provides exceptional sales, consulting, and support to TeamPage customers in Japan. He is a valued member of the Traction Software global team, and a frequent contributor to the TeamPage Customer Support Forum including development and discussion of TeamPage SDK plug-ins and examples. We invite Japanese visitors to explore TractionSoftware.jp for TeamPage information and a free trial. You are also welcome to join the TeamPage Japan Customer Support Forum to talk with Takashi and Japanese TeamPage customers.

Metrics Plug-in

The Metrics plug-in allows community members, administrators and managers to benefit and learn from all user interactions with the content.

Michael Sampson's Currents: "TeamPage - the One System to Rule It All"

Michael Sampson is a well-known and respected collaboration market analyst, consultant and author (of Microsoft Press's Seamless Teamwork: Using Microsoft SharePoint Technologies to Collaborate, Innovate, and Drive Business in New Ways), Michael speaks with authority when it comes to assessing collaboration platforms. Sampson's post this week, Traction® TeamPage: The One System to Rule It All, explains the threaded discussion and social tagging model in TeamPage. This post was one outcome of his investigation into E2.0 security and - in this case - how a strong security model can enable productive cross-workspace interactions. He concludes "The Traction team have done a fantastic job building security in from the ground up, and the level of configuration is fantastic. If you are in the market for a collaboration platform, check out what they are offering...[an example with screenshots followed by]... I think that rocks! " » Read More

MIT Sloan Management Review | Failure to Collaborate and Share Knowledge --> Team Failure

January 21, 2008 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Collaboration and knowledge sharing don't sound mission critical until you consider this: Teams that fail to do both, fail to perform. Bridging Faultlines in Diverse teams (A Dummer 2007 study published in the MIT Sloan Management Review) details the kinds of performance failures that result when teams fail to collaborate and share knowledge:

Mixing Tasks and Conversations, and KUKA as the "seminal enterprise 2.0 solution"

April 14, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

A tweet from John Tropea identifies our Kuka Systems case study as the "Seminal enterprise 2.0 task based / process solution." THANKS! I can't imagine a better endorsement of a case study, or the product supporting it.

Mobile Device Interface

The Simple skin is an alternative interface to Traction which is delivered automatically to mobile phone Web browsers with limited screen space and HTML capabilities (modern smart phone users can use the Proteus skin). The Simple skin is also useful for legacy desktop Web browsers or screen readers.

Monash University - the Understandascope

ImageDr David Low of the Understandascope deployed Traction's TeamPage when his university-based research unit was founded in 2006. With only basic html skills, Traction TeamPage enabled him to quickly create a quality website and discussion blog:

Monitoring and Leveraging Social Media Chatter, on the Internet and in the Enterprise

July 19, 2012 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

In the Pharma Chatter session at the SLA 2012 (Special Librarians Association) conference, I had the opportunity to talk about gathering and managing intelligence from social media. I was joined by Craig McHenry (Pfizer), Lisa Orgren (Septagon Research Group), and Heather Bjella (Aurora WDC)

More Observable Work - Transcribing Jim McGee's TUG 2010 Keynote

July 22, 2020 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageWorking from home like much of the world, I thought it would be a good time to try out a new tool to transcribe Jim McGee's Doing and Managing Knowledge Work TUG 2010 keynote. The 2010 Traction User Group theme was Observable Work, with Jim's opening keynote, a closing keynote by Jon Udell, and a four hour Observable Workshop moderated by Jon on the last morning of the meeting, see 12-15 Oct 2010 | Fifth Annual Traction User Group Meeting, TUG 2010 Newport

Multi-Tasking Turtles Beat Focused Hares

August 5, 2008 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Image Fast access to new information and multi-tasking (to a point) can both contribute to overall performance. A pair of studies appear in an MIT Sloan Management Review profile, What Makes Information Workers Productive. The studies authored by Sinan Aral (Leonard N. Stern School of Business) and Erik Brynjolfsson (MIT Sloan School of Management) look at productivity at a recruiting business, and find some surprising results.

My Part Wor ks

May 22, 2015 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageAbout 50 years ago, Andy van Dam joined the Brown University faculty with the world's second PhD in Computer Science (earned at the University of Pennsylvania). Today many of Andy’s friends, faculty, students and former students are celebrating his 50 years at Brown with Stone Age, Iron Age and Machine Age panels. [ June 9, 2015 update: See event video: Celebrate with Andy: 50 Years of Computer Science at Brown University ]

Named Data Networking - Boffin Alert

September 8, 2014 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageOn Sep 4, 2014 the Named Data Networking project announced a new consortium to carry the concepts of Named Data Networking (NDN) forward in the commercial world. If this doesn't sound exciting, try The Register's take: DEATH TO TCP/IP cry Cisco, Intel, US gov and boffins galore. What if you could use the internet to access content securely and efficiently, where anything you want is identified by name rather than by its internet address? The NDN concept is technically sweet, gaining traction, and is wonderfully explained and motivated in a video by its principle inventor and instigator Van Jacobson. Read on for the video, a few quotes, reference links, and a few thoughts on what NDN could mean for the Internet of Things, Apple, Google and work on the Web. Short version: Bring popcorn.

National Archives Conference on Blogs and Wikis - and My Most Productive Hour

May 8, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Marvin Kabakoff of the National Archives and Records Administration hosted a 1/2 day conference on blogs and wikis last Wednesday in Boston. Marvin talked about the evolution of records management, Matt Kowalczyk reviewed the use of Traction for a US Department of Defense project, and Mark Levitt from IDC pointed us to the role of Blogs and Wikis in contextual collaboration. Over a bagel, I had revelation on knowledge worker productivity.

National Health Service Orkney (NHS Orkney)

David Rendall of NHS Orkney (a regional health board of the UK's National Health Service) deployed Traction TeamPage and NewsGator Enterprise Server for a variety of use cases spanning the entire NHS Orkney staff. A year later, the use of the platform continues to gather momentum. NHS Orkney now has a single, central point of reference for internal communication and information as well as external news. Rendall says:

Need for Incentives, and other Innovation Myths

April 11, 2011 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

In our own Customer Forum, Rolf Isaksen (click here for blog's main page) recently asked: "Why do we need incentives to share?" Some of the follow-on conversation converged on "we don't" with some good pointer to experience and research supporting that premise. Rather, focusing on intrinsic motivation rather than rewards can net greater benefit and long lasting E2.0 success.

New Plug-In Architecture Enables Traction Users to Easily Develop, Manage and Share TeamPage Extensions

Image Simple New Architecture and Interface to Upload and Configure Plug-ins Enables Customers and Partners to Develop and Share Traction® TeamPage Extensions, Creating a Path to Better and Faster Customization and Richer Site-Specific Functionality


ImageTraction® TeamPage Introduces Page Name History and Cross-wiki Name Aliasing; Easy Linking GUI; and Page/Comment Moderation; Enables Collaboration ‘at the Edge'

NHS integrates Intranet 1.0 with Enterprise 2.0 to get Social with TeamPage 4.0

July 18, 2008 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

The UK's National Health Service's Orkney region deployed Traction with great success in 2005 to address an unfavorable report about the state of internal communications. The original NHS Orkney Customer Story details how they used Traction for everything from wiki collaboration on policies and procedures to action tracking and even an internal blog to announce "stuff for sale." Since then, usage has only improved and Traction has also been deployed at the NHS Camden region. In June, David Rendall upgraded to the recently announced TeamPage 4.0 Release. I'm pleased to be able to share some of his notes and screen shots - to offer a glimpse into how an organization facing major Internal Communications deficiencies just three years ago is an Enterprise 2.0 leader today.

NHS Part 3: NHS Orkney Board gets TeamPage and £28,000 Annual ROI

ImageThe Board of Directors at National Health Service's Orkney hospital use Traction® TeamPage and iPads to eliminate paper at board meetings. The move saves £28,000 per year in printing and related costs, and was covered by both The Guardian and BBC News. This use case follows a history of NHS Orkney innovation with TeamPage. They first used the platform to address a failing grade in a communications audit (See National Health Service Orkney (NHS Orkney) and expanded its reach to integrate their legacy directory with TeamPage profiles (see NHS integrates Intranet 1.0 with Enterprise 2.0 to get Social with TeamPage 4.0).

No need to curb your enthusiasm ...

July 8, 2008 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Read Prof Andrew McAfee's recent blog post Curb My Enthusiasm for a very concise summary of the model, analysis and conclusions of a July / August 2008 Harvard Business Review article he co-authored with MIT's Erik Brynjolfsson. McAfee poses a polite challenge that I'll paraphrase: For a bold and important claim, where is he wrong?

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Non-Profit Pricing

To qualify for non-profit pricing, the purchaser must be a United States IRS Certified Charitable, Educational or other 501(c) Tax-Exempt Non-Profit organization (or non-US equivalent). Non-profit prices are not eligible for Government discounts. Please contact sales.

Notes and Insights from the Catalyst Conference

June 15, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

I was invited to speak at the catalyst conference (see Jordan Frank Talks on Blogs and Wikis at Burton Group Catalyst Conference) and was able to sit in on both the Collaboration & Content and the User Centric Identity management tracks.

Nov 2009 | the{app}gap - Attivio Aligns with Traction and Releases New Features

ImageAppGap Analyst Bill Ives interviews Attivio CTO Sid Probstein and VP of Marketing Maryanne Sinville on Traction® Software's selection of the Attivio Active Intelligence Engine™ to power Traction® TeamPage advanced search and content navigation. Sid explains how Attivio's early binding and query-side JOIN operator allows TeamPage to "link security with content that matches the users query and permissions". Sid provides examples using Traction TeamPage Release 4.2 screenshots showing Attivio powered TeamPage permission aware search, faceted navigation and tag clouds, and discusses Attivio's sentiment analyzer and Classification Module. » Read the Full Story

Nov 2009 | CMSWire - TeamPage 4.2 Adds Mobile Features, Two Way Email Collaboration

Image CMSWire's David Roe says Traction® TeamPage Release 4.2 has added "... new features that gives users the ability to post content and comments on company wikis or blogs ‘on the road’ with simple, secure two-way email based collaboration." Roe characterizes this release as "... more than just an upgrade enabling collaboration using Blackberry or other mobile devices" with its use of a new internal architecture that enables Attivio search and an Oracle RDB backend demonstrated at Enterprise 2.0 San Francisco. » Read the Full Story

Nov 2015 | Teampage Plug-ins from Traction Software Japan

Takashi Okutsu, Director of Traction® Software's Japanese Business Office has been on a roll. His new Traction® TeamPage plug-ins include: a new Bootstrap3 skin; a new JQuery Mobile skin; Customer Support Request and Customer Quick Reference plug-ins. Takashi is also the author of Gantt Chart, Traction Poll, Mind Map, Pop-up Annotation, and other plug-ins, free to Japanese and International Traction customers.

Nov 2015 | Traction continues to punch above its weight - Real Story Group

ImageReal Story Group released the latest version of their Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Evaluations Report with updated reviews of Google, Igloo, Jive, Liferay Social Office, Telligent/Verint, and Traction® TeamPage on Oct 26, 2015. Real Story Group analyst Kashyap Kompella writes:

Nov 2017 | TeamPage 6.2 Major Release

ImageTeamPage 6.2 is a major release which packages Traction® TeamPage changes and improvements that have been incrementally delivered to cloud-hosted and on-premises customers. In addition to bug fixes and improvements, highlights of this release are updates to API's used by developers to extend TeamPage, and substantial internal refactoring to improve the structure of the TeamPage code base.

November 2002 | AuroraWDC's Recon Competitive Intelligence News

ImageThis month's newsletter features a new article on the Role of Weblogs in Optimizing Market Monitoring Systems, plus Aurora's profile of one particularly well-suited partner of ours, Traction Software, to provide the blogging infrastructure to succeed. » Read More

November 2002 | Knowledge Retention

ImageCapturing the knowledge in your firm means better distribution of information and less knowledge lost through 'leakage' (retirement, resignations, promotion, etc.)... The types of knowledge needing protection from leakage include project knowledge, business knowledge, and even office procedures... There is a very interesting low-cost package from Traction® Software (tractionsoftware.com) which mixes ease-of-use features of web logs with the collaborative and organizational aspects of the wiki. On top of those, Traction adds several types of email connectivity. By Michael Hogan. » Read More

November 2005 | Business Week names Traction Customer IJIS to Web Smart 50

Image This year's Web Smart 50 Named Traction® Software customer Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute (www.ijis.org) as a pacesetter in Collaboration. IJIS uses Traction® TeamPage for their website, partner extranet, and staff intranet. BusinessWeek Reports: The Project: This consortium of tech companies, which supports the Justice Dept., set up a series of blogs to share information among its 16 commitees. The Payoff: About 400 people working on 37 projects now collaborate virtually. One committee cut by half the number of phone and in-person meetings it holds. » Read More (go to Slide 9)

November 2006 | EContent 100 Companies that Matter 2006

ImageFor the third year in a row, Traction Software is named to the blogging category in the EContent Magazine list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry. In the 2006 EContent Announcement, Michelle Manafy says "We carefully reconsidered last year's list members and kept only those companies who we agreed continue to lead the industry. For some this means market share, but for most it means thought- and technology-leadership, innovation, and even experimentation."

November 2007 | The 451 Group - Can Traction Software gain traction with latest wiki release?

Image Senior 451 Group analyst Kathleen Reidy published her second review of Traction Software and Traction TeamPage (first report published Feb 2007). Reidy's November 9, 2007 report describes Traction Software's new TeamPage 3.8 release, the implications of the release, and Traction Software's position in the market. » Read Full Story (Subscription Required)

November 2008 | EContent - Web 2.0 Security: Getting Collaborative Peace of Mind

Image Marji McClure writes: "Most companies don't want to inhibit the collaborative flow that Web 2.0 has brought to the marketplace; don't want it to hinder their overall operations and they want to continue to build on their Web 2.0 platforms. Yet as the use of these collaborative applications becomes integrated into business processes, the need for them to be secure becomes imperative. [The problem as, Traction® Software's Jordan] Frank points out is that some people trust such systems just because their friends do, and because sites such as Facebook haven’t let people down—yet. He cautions that a breach could cause a backlash against such networks. 'Ensuring success in Web 2.0 means that trust doesn’t get broken,' says Frank." » Read Full Story at EContent. Subscription is required for on-line access. Another version of the story is published at CIO Today.

Oct 2015 | Personal Worklists, Quick Forms

ImageTeamPage Fall 2015 Release introduces Personal Worklists: Track and share what you plan to work on. It's easy to add, rearrange, organize, checkoff and share items on your personal worklist. New Quick Forms make common actions simpler using a right click action or keystroke. Traction® TeamPage now automatically checks for updates and notifies your administrator.

October 2004 | Fuld & Company - Intelligence Software Report 2004-2005

Image (report is available for $250) Traction® Software has harnessed this basic concept and added a considerable amount of functionality to provide a unique enterprise-level solution for gathering and sharing information throughout an organization... Traction’s TeamPage is a novel approach that represents a drive to design software around how people work, as opposed to forcing people to conform to the requirements of the software. A major benefit to implementingTeamPage is that it is applicable to not just the competitive intelligence function, but the entire organization as well. While several CI technology solutions are fundamentally designed for the CI team and may be harnessed for other uses,TeamPage is the other way around. It’s a solution designed to support any project requiring collaborative effort, and it just so happens that competitive intelligence is one of them. » Read More

October 2005 | A Review of Traction

Traction [TeamPage] is a web-based platform for sharing and aggregating information across an enterprise. It includes sophisticated tools to enable blogging, information sharing and interactive communication and these tools make it well suited to an organisation serious about how it stores and accesses information...

October 2005 | ミラクル Linux でイントラ Blog

Imageミラクル・リナックスは2005年10月20日、 イントラ Blog のアプライドナレッジと、 アプライドナレッジの企業向けイントラ Blog「TeamPage」によるナレッジマネジメント分野での協業を発表した 現在、情報入手や各種プロジェクトの進捗管理/可視化手段、 また社内ナレッジ共有手段として、 インロラ Blog が注目され始めている » Read More

October 2006 | Burton Group Report - Hypertext and Compound/Interactive Document Models

December 7, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

ImageBurton Group's Peter O'Kelly's report titled Hypertext and Compound/Interactive Document Models: Collaboration and Content Management Implications goes a long way towards explaining the benefits of and drive towards hypertext (a platform for blogs and wikis and more) as a backbone for collaborative work and communication. In the report, Burton Group says Traction® TeamPage... "...comes closest to bringing the visions of hypertext pioneer Doug Engelbart to fruition, and that it is also a very useful leading indicator in terms of features other vendors will eventually add."

October 2006 | SITA: A Case of Limitless Collaboration

ImageMarla Misek wrote an EContent case study on SITA's deployment of Traction® TeamPage for collaboration across a group of 100 employees on a virtual team, and to build a knowledge base. Raj Vardhan, head of SITA's Sales and Business Development said "We have increased empoyee participation, recognition, and social networking and we've broken hierarchical barriers. Interestingly, its also generated a strong viral effect: we have a number of departments now clamoring for their own access to the platform to foster collaboration. For us, it's real evidence that there was a need for this." » Read SITA Customer Case Story » Read Full Article (Subscription to EContent Required)

October 2006 | Traction Software named a KMWorld KM Promise Award Finalist

ImageTraction Software goes beyond blogs and wikis to deliver technology and best practices supportive of work process, and ensure customer success. KMWorld describes the award criteria: This award is given to the organization that is delivering its promise to customers by providing innovative technology solutions for implementing and integrating knowledge management practices into business processes. The award-winning organization demonstrates how it goes beyond simply delivering technology to working with clients to ensure that both the technology and knowledge processes are embedded into the work processes. In other words, it helps organizations realize positive business results. » Read More


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Open Cafe: E2.0 Implementation and Adoption

May 29, 2013 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

@JeffMerrell posed a series of questions for his Master's Program in Learning & Organizational Change. I'll offer my own experience as it pertains to each of his question areas.

Operations Log


Orient EuroPharma | 友華生技醫藥股份有限公司

Orient EuroPharma deployed Traction® TeamPage in the year 2005 to address critical communication issues within the company. The deployment is supported by our partner, Applied Knowledge Company, in Japan. As of the date of this case study, March 2009, the focus on internal communications, market intelligence and document sharing has thrived and spread from the IT department throughout the organization. This interview with Orient Europharma discusses their background, the problems which led them to deploy Traction TeamPage, and the benefits they’ve experienced as a result.

Original Traction Product Proposal

August 24, 2015 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

I hope you'll enjoy reading the original Traction Product Proposal, dated October 1997. Many early Traction concepts carried over directly to the Traction® TeamPage product first commercially released in July 2002, but we've also learned a lot since then - as you might hope! The Proposal and its Annotated References may be helpful to students interested in the history and evolution of hypertext.

Page and Comment Moderation

The Traction TeamPage moderation model allows for collaborative or formally controlled approval of page edits and comments, as well as new content. With TeamPage 4.0, moderation users who can read "drafts" in any number of work spaces can view, navigate and search the entire system based on its draft state or based on the "latest stable" published state.

Page Name Management and Name History

The concept of a name space is central to wikis. Each page in a wiki has a unique name, allowing you to link to that specific page by its page name (which generally is also the page title). Traction TeamPage delivers the ease and power of Named Pages without the constraints for less formal use cases that don't require it. TeamPage also offers a Global Name Space (that spans all spaces) and allows you to Alias Page Names across spaces.

Page Sections

Sections are a very powerful tool in Traction that allow you to display any cross-section of content at any volume level -- you can show as little as a just titles or entire pages within a section.


Traction Software Partners


September 22, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

The first public document from the first Hypertext Editing System (Andy van Dam et al, Brown University, 1968) was a press release announcing its own creation. Brown University Public Affairs thought this was very clever. AvD and crew wrote a two page press release, which in the second paragraph claimed to:

Personal Knowledge Management: Building Actionable Content from Collaborative Publishing

April 23, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

I enjoyed participating on a lively panel in NYC last Wednesday. John Blossom of Shore Communications moderated an SIIA Brown Bag. From John's blog: ...

Personal Notebook


Personal Profile Pages

In social networking applications, each person's profile page is a hub for their activity. It acts as both a directory entry and a blog. The Traction Profile page is the ideal place to learn about any person and their contributions to TeamPage.

Personal publishing and the future of e-mail

July 31, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

David Baker writes on The Future of E-Mail, riffing on an article New Technology, New Media and New Paradigm by Paul Gillilan in the print edition of last month's BtoB Magazine. David quoted from Paul's article:

Peter Drucker and Enterprise 2.0 | Drucker Centenary

November 19, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageEarlier this week Oliver Marks wrote an excellent post on his Collaboration 2.0 Blog: The Purpose of a Business is to Create a Customer' - Peter Drucker Centenary. Oliver celebrates the Nov 19, 2009 Centenary of Peter Drucker's birth with two of his favorite Drucker bumper sticker quotes: " ‘Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes‘ and ‘There is an enormous number of managers who have retired on the job‘, which somehow seem to fit together very well." then uses these quotes as context to discuss the disturbing findings of the 2009 Shift Index report and followup analysis by John Hagel, John Seely Brown and Lang Davidson of the Deloitte Center for The Edge. Please read Oliver's full post - you'll like it. Oliver was also used kind words to build on my earlier Enterprise 2.0 Schism post. Here's a slightly extended version of the comment I posted in reply, along with my two favorite Drucker bumper sticker quotes and several links to celebrate Drucker's birth and life.

Pharma and Biotech Risk Management

June 17, 2013 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Risks are the leading cause of costly delays in the process of bringing a biotech product to market. Risk management in the product development process all too often means one person juggling a list of risks in a spreadsheet. It's hard to edit, but even harder to open a discussion on an existing risk when someone has a question, sees a problem, or wants to add a new risk. Traction® Software partner Rosemary Vu used Traction® TeamPage's Section Table widget and extended TeamPage's Article to create a Risk form. For more on TeamPage Section Tables, see Q: How do I link to an Excel file? A: Why Would you Do That?

Pipeline Management - Sensitivity Analysis

October 16, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

In the management of a business obstacles may arise at any moment. One of the better lessons I learned at business school (the one on the other side of the river) is to recognize that the past does not predict the future (I have also learned that in a casino or two). A related lesson was to do sensitivity analyses on our data models and business plans.

PLM Gets Social, Untangles Ball of Confusion

November 27, 2012 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Stan Przybylinski - @smprezbo - of CIM Data advised an audience at Social PLM 2012 on inevitable social side of product lifecycle management. In the talk (video on YouTube here), he identifies companies including Traction Software (Minute 9:06) whose platforms are being used by product teams for everything from building requirements, to managing risks and simply discussing product issues.

Plug-In Architecture for Customization

Developers can use Traction® TeamPage's plug-in architecture to add new functions to TeamPage or override and extend the appearance and behavior of standard TeamPage features and interfaces. The architecture preserves plug-ins in their own directories so the installation of new plug-ins or software updates is non-destructive.

Portal Market Flattens, Changes?

July 18, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

When I saw the "Application Integration & Middleware Technologies / Portal Software" market projection sidebar on the cover of KMWorld this month I thought "Great, 5 more years of solid growth for portal license revenues." Then I looked at the numbers.

BEA's State of the Portal Market 2006 in Portals Magazine cites a Gartner study stating $6.4 Billion in 2005 software license revenues and an estimated 2.6% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) through 2010.

Presenting at the December KM Forum Boston

December 21, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

ImageI had the honor of speaking at the Boston Knowledge Management Forum on Monday. I was joined by Kathleen Gilroy of the Otter Group (who wrote a piece on the event beforehand) , Susan Dobscha of Bentley College, and Kelly Drahzal of IBM. I was also on an enterprise blog/wiki vendor panel led by Kathleen (thanks Kathleen!).

President 2.0

February 17, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

We've seen our US Government and state level customers seek out and achieve great success as they make their own migrations to "2.0" style collaboration with TeamPage. While "grasss roots" action at the agency level is encouraging, top down involvement and mandates tend to accelerate the proces. With Obama's Transparency and Open Government mandate, perhaps we have it!


Configurable printer-friendly pages allow users to select any arbitrary set of articles or comments and print them together.

Problem and Process rather than Incentives for E2.0 Tools

February 15, 2013 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Over on Quora, Ben Lopatin @bennylope has a best-answer to a question on the best ways to incentivize people to use E2.0 knowledge management and collaboration. He starts by shunning external incentives (as I do in Need for Incentives, and other Innovation Myths) and works through a few key principles which I've seen work time and time again:

Product Management


Professional Services

Traction Software professional services including business process consulting, training, TeamPage configuration, interface (skin) design, integration, and custom feature development.

Program and Project Management

Project teams need to keep up with work and actions within their own team and rarely are able to follow the pulse of activities of related teams working in parallel. They need a way to document and track major program objectives, raise alarms or exceptions, and distribute up-to-date information on a timely, efficient basis. Traction® TeamPage integrates communication, collaboration, action tracking and exception handling in a model that's easy to use, secure and effective, see Action Tracking with Tasks, Milestones, and Projects.

Project Artifacts - Risks, Issues, Questions, Requirements and more

August 14, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Glen Alleman at Herding Cats offers really nice distinctions in Risks and Issues Are Not The Same. In the course of working with a lot of teams as they deploy TeamPage as a project wiki, I've seen a wide range of terms for project artifacts. The more these concepts are discussed and hashed out, the better.

Pros and Cons of Emergence

October 17, 2007 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Jim McGee did an excellent job in The Problem of Emergence of wrapping up our coffee talk with Jack Vinson on the pros and cons of emergence when adapting Web 2.0 to Enterprise 2.0. The simple fact is that Enterprise 2.0 is different from Web 2.0, and because of that, these differences have to be accounted for in the technologies implemented and in support of the adoption process.

Providence Geek Talk | Frank and Nuzum speak out: How Pages Crush Documents

March 9, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Image Chris Nuzum and I had a chance to speak to the Providence Geeks about what we've done with Traction TeamPage and how "Pages are Crushing Documents." I do a history of our company and transition into a history of communication and collaboration that runs the course from stone tablets to books through email and documents and finally culminates in wikis and blogs. Now that wikis and blogs are becoming the new currency of collaboration and communication, my presentation focuses on how "packaging matters" with particular focus on the ways pages can be re-used and distributed in ways that can improve communication performance and enable innovation like we've never seen it before. Caught on "film" are my talk followed by a video podcast interview.

Public, Investor, and Customer Affairs



While most users contribute with the Add New Article form, Traction offers a variety of methods to publish content:

Putting the "Enterprise" in Wiki, Blog and Social Software

November 19, 2007 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

I enjoyed reading "Why Enterprise Software Sucks" at Signal vs. Noise. It's to the point and does a nice job of building on Khoi Vinh's note "If it Looks Like a Cow, Swims Like a Dolphin and Quacks Like a Duck, It Must be Enterprise Software." That said, it also diminishes the importance of IT as a decision maker and the party responsible for managing software.

Q: How do I link to an Excel file? A: Why Would you Do That?

June 11, 2010 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

I talked to two customers yesterday, both who came to me with some questions about attaching and linking to excel files. Easy enough, but before responding with a simple answer I challenged them: Why are you using Excel?

QL2 and Traction - Drawing actionable intelligence from the deep web

April 25, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

ImageTraction Software is happy to announce a partnership with QL2 Software. This comes after 9 months of working together and our first production deployment at a big pharma company last fall. QL2 and Traction bring intelligence from the deep web into Traction's Enterprise Blog where it can be analyzed, annotated and quickly brought to the attention of blog readers. Pharma users can track clinical trials, adverse events and DNA sequencing submissions. Every business can become better at competitive intelligence and quickly respond to events reported anywhere on the web. Combining QL2's WebQL and Traction's TeamPage supports better, faster, more market aware decision making. » Read the Full Release

QL2 and Traction Software Team Up

WebQL Gathers Data from the Deep Web so Users can Share, Comment and Distribute within the TeamPage Collaborative Weblog Environment

Re-Emergent Collaboration? Wikipedia, the Sequel

March 27, 2007 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

This week, BusinessWeek.com reports the Wikipedia co-founder seeks to start over. While the blemishes of vandalism and some poor writing doesn't sway Wikipedia fans, Larry Sanger, one of the Wikipedia co-founders, disagrees.

re: 14-16 June 2010 | Traction Software at Enterprise 2.0 Boston

Thanks to Bill Ives for his writeup of my panel: Selling the Case for Accelerating Business Performance with Enterprise Collaboration Tools.

re: A Web That Works | NHS Orkney

October 8, 2007 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

See also David's Oct 4, 2007 post Understanding the "corporate" mindset. Thanks for the kind words, David!

re: Ask an Engineer: What do you think of the Facebook Terms of Service Flap?

February 22, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

For a good example, see Nicolas Kolakowski's Feb 20, 2009 eWeek story Facebook Launches Social Widget for Facebook Connect :

re: At What Scale Can Web Services Survive?

September 16, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

9 Months later, I have an answer: 300 Million Users. It's good to see that all that traffic can add up to enough dollars to sustain the service. I wasn't looking forward a cash crunch at FaceBook leading to the dismantling of the network of friends I've spent a few hundred (or maybe a thousand) clicks putting together.

re: Beta Bloggers Need Not Lurk in the Enterprise

April 19, 2007 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

A study by Bill Tancer of Hitwise provides more grain to the Lurker effect that I referenced at AlertBox. He indicates that 0.16% of visits to YouTube are to upload content and 0.2% of visits to Flickr are to add a picture. This affirms that most of us are passive visitors of public sites. But this is far from a blow to 2.0. In fact the increase in viewership affirms the value of the medium. Individuals simply need a reason to contribute. As I conclude in the original post here about Beta Bloggers, there is a simple and obvious role for any knowledge worker to publish a steady stream of content in the process of every-day work process and communciation.

re: Beyond blogs and wikis

December 7, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

See October 2006 | Burton Group Report - Hypertext and Compound/Interactive Document Models for a synopsis of how Traction builds on classical hypertext roots to make blog and wiki two interaction and presentation styles designed to support collaboration in place and collaboration over time.

re: Blogging Policy = Blabbing Policy

October 11, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

In support of this point, Rod Boothby's post titled Bloggers are Dangerous includes this thought: Blogs dont cause problems, people do.

re: Collaboration - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow - Boston KM Forum

April 19, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Bill Ives was also at the KM Forum on Collaboration and, in a post about IBM's new Global Innovation Outlook 2005 report, expands on Bob Wolf's discussion of the Linux Community's ability to respond to a crisis.

re: Detailed Data Aside, Executives Back E2.0

July 30, 2007 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Forrester provided more grist for the data mill on this topic. The following chart and some detail on it was posted at Read/WriteWeb:

re: Detailed Data Aside, Executives Back E2.0

July 21, 2007 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

To add a bit more data fuel to the survey research fire: In an in depth survey of 120 IT Executives at large companies (average $10B revenue), Nemertes Research reported that "18 percent said their company is using blogs, 32 percent are using wikis, and 23 percent are using RSS."

re: Email isn't dead - It's only sleeping ...

February 17, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

In yet another conversation on "is email dead?" I settled on: No - it's just a "strange legacy idea" that's tragicomically inept for collaboration.

re: Enterprise 2.0 and Observable Work

July 5, 2010 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Monday July 5, 2010: For an update on the Observable Work conversation, see Blog1424: Intertwingled Work

re: Enterprise 2.0 and Observable Work

June 25, 2010 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Friday June 25, 2010: Observable Work discussion centered on Jim McGee's original blog post Managing the visibility of knowledge work, including a comment and blog post: Observable Work: The Taming of the Flow by @briantullis and a comment and analysis with several well sourced examples by @johnt, including this:

re: Explaining Twitter - One of Three Places for People

December 17, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Update Dec 17, 2009: Facebook's controversial ex-post facto revision of member privacy settings along with the revenue driven rise of apps like Farmville (as well as sleezy internal promotion) lead me to revisit this, see Blog1232: Facebook: A Carnival Midway not a Neighborhood?

re: Explaining Twitter - One of Three Places for People

April 15, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Rafe WTF of the day: @Josh comes back from lunch... "I got some cat food, do you want it?" Twitter.com 4:13PM 15 Apr 2009 ... much funnier than my example, but QED.

re: Explaining Twitter - One of Three Places for People

April 3, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Update: Steve Buttry Information Content Conductor of Gazette Communications posted an excellent tip sheet: Leading your staff into the Twitterverse for a workshop he'll be leading for the American Society of Newpaper Editors. It's an great introduction to Twitter which covers linking, following, tools and ethics. I believe Steve's advice is just as valuable for neighborhood (Facebook) and workplace (Enterprise 2.0) microblogging. Steve writes:

re: I Love My iPhone

February 26, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Joel (Chief Geek at Geek.com) loves his iPhone too. He called me after I'd left my Providence Geeks presentation to tell me he'd been walking around like a wet dog in the rain in search of his car. We used our iPhones to find eachother and then used his to find his car. Good fun.

re: Kuka Systems TeamPage Case Study

March 14, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageA customer story about giant orange robots - for real! How good can it get?
KUKA Titan Largest and strongest 6-axis industrial robot in the world. Payload capacity: 1000 kilograms

re: Personal Knowledge Management: Building Actionable Content from Collaborative Publishing

May 2, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Clay Shirky writes very perceptively on the role of groups; an excellent early paper is Social Software and the Politics of Groups (2003).

re: Personal Knowledge Management: Building Actionable Content from Collaborative Publishing

April 25, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

See John's News Analysis on the SIIA Personal Knowlege Management Brown Bag, 25 April 2006. One particularly nice quote:

re: Personal Knowledge Management: Building Actionable Content from Collaborative Publishing

April 23, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

See also:
Collaboration - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow - Boston KM Forum
Collaborative Intelligence in Large or Growing Organizations

re: Reinventing the Web

March 14, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

For an excellent first hand history of the Web - and a linked data proposal which seems to share many of the simple, scalable properties of his original invention - see Tim Berners-Lee's Feb 2009 TED Talk on the 20th anniversary of the Web:

re: Searching for the Perfect Fried Clam | Rhode Island

February 17, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

For a longer list of Providence RI restaurants I like, see Providence Rhode Island Restaurants: A Local's Favorites contributed to Bill Ives' list of restaurant picks.

re: Social Process Reengineering?

June 18, 2010 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

The title of this entry had three goals. First, I wanted to convey and play off the stark differences between Social Process Reengineering and Business Process Reengineering. Second, I wanted to leverage the similarities of SPR and BPR to explain that these two processes can, and need, to co-exist rather than compete. Finally, I wanted to ask the question about whether this is the right term of the process. After dozens of conversations with the best minds in E2.0 this week, I've reconciled to a a more targeted and appropriate term: Emergineering!.

re: Traction Roots - Doug Engelbart

May 21, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

See Use of Weblogs for Competitive Intelligence | First International Business, Technology CI Conference, Tokyo Oct 2005 and its link to the full Tokyo paper for my thoughts on how Doug's Augment model effectively extends TBL's web.

re: Traction Roots - Doug Engelbart

April 9, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

See also Tricycles vs. Training Wheels

re: Tuesday Dec 9, 2008 | Forty years after the Mother of All Demos

December 9, 2008 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

See also Dylan Tweeny's Wired summary Dec 9, 1968: The Mother of All Demos, including this video clip. Doug hasn't lost his enthusiasm and motivation!

re: Use of Weblogs for Competitive Intelligence | First International Business, Technology CI Conference, Tokyo Oct 2005

December 7, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

See Enterprise 2.0 - Letting hypertext out of its box
Beyond blogs and wikis

re: Use of Weblogs for Competitive Intelligence | First International Business, Technology CI Conference, Tokyo Oct 2005

May 21, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

See Traction Roots - Doug Engelbart
Reinventing the Web
Intertwingled Work
October 2006 | Burton Group Report - Hypertext and Compound/Interactive Document Models
The Evolution of Personal Knowledge Management

re: Why Software is a Good Investment

February 24, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

What Jordan meant to say: Send us your money and you'll be happy and save more than you spent!

Reading blogs at 800 MPH

March 27, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

I took a long needed vacation last week and came back to the usual firestorm of post-vacation pile-up that makes one pause before entertaining the idea of another break. Anyhow, after meeting a few high priority deadlines, I had time this afternoon to review everything posted to our TeamPage server in the last 2 weeks.

Record 2008 Results and End of Year Discount

November 13, 2008 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

We're happy to announce that 2008 marks the sixth year of consecutive revenue and customer growth at Traction Software. With the support of our growing customer base, thousands of TeamPage deployments, and a product that consistently earns reviews that put TeamPage at the top of the pack, we're able to continue our product and market leadership despite challenging economic times for competitors who charge more and deliver less.

Reinventing the Web

January 12, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

John Markoff wrote a really good Jan 11 2009 New York Times profile, In Venting, a Computer Visionary Educates on Ted Nelson and his new book, Geeks Bearing Gifts: How the Computer World Got This Way (available on Lulu.com). Markoff notes that Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, but: "Lost in the process was Mr. Nelson’s two-way link concept that simultaneously pointed to the content in any two connected documents, protecting, he has argued in vain, the original intellectual lineage of any object... His two-way links might have avoided the Web’s tornado-like destruction of the economic value of the printed word, he has contended, by incorporating a system of micropayments."

Reinventing the Web II

June 16, 2014 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageUpdated 19 Jun 2016 Why isn't the Web a reliable and useful long term store for the links and content people independently create? What can we do to fix that? Who benefits from creating spaces with stable, permanently addressable content? Who pays? What incentives can make Web scale permanent, stable content with reliable bidirectional links and other goodies as common and useful as Web search over the entire flakey, decentralized and wildly successful Web? Here's a good Twitter conversation to read:

Remembering Doug Engelbart, 30 January 1925 - 2 July 2013

July 4, 2013 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageI was very sad to learn that Doug Engelbart passed away at his home on 2 July 2013. Doug had a long life as a visionary engineer, inventor, and pioneer of technology we use every day - and technology where we're just starting to catch up to Doug and his SRI team in 1968. Doug had a quiet, friendly, and unassuming nature combined with deep knowledge, iron will, and a determination to pursue his vision. His vision was to aid humanity in solving complex, difficult and supremely important problems; Doug's goals were noble and selfless. The sense of dealing with an Old Testament prophet - a kindly Moses - is perhaps the greatest loss I and countless others who have met and been inspired by Doug feel today. I've written frequently about Doug in the past, and I'll continue to do so. Here are a few remembrances and resources that seem appropriate. I'll update this list over the next several days. Farewell Doug and my sincere condolences to his family and many friends.

Remembering Neil Armstrong...

August 26, 2012 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Image"I am, and ever will be, a white-socks, pocket-protector, nerdy engineer -- born under the second law of thermodynamics, steeped in the steam tables, in love with free-body diagrams, transformed by Laplace, and propelled by compressible flow." - Neil Armstrong, The Engineered Century. I was sad to hear about the death of Neil Armstrong on 25 August 2012. I'll always remember meeting Armstrong at an event for high school science students in the spring of 1966. He'll be remembered forever as the first person to set foot on the Moon on 29 July 1969. He coolly navigated the lunar lander to the surface despite computer alarms, avoiding rocks at the planned site, and landing with gauges showing about 20 seconds of fuel left. But that wasn't his only close call as an astronaut. In March 1966 Armstrong and David Scott successfully returned Gemini VIII to earth after a runaway thruster spun the Gemini and attached Agena target vehicle to a roll rate of about 300 degrees per second, making chances of recovery "very remote".

Return On Information

April 14, 2010 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Rather than thinking about communication, collaboration and KM software in terms of Return on Investment, isn't the real goal to achieve Return On Information?

Revelation Research and Traction Software Team to Bring Enterprise Weblog Solutions to the UK

Revelation promotes and delivers Traction Software solutions to corporate intelligence, market research, project and account teams in the UK market

Reviewers and Customers Praise TeamPage 4.0 - Cite breakthroughs in Enterprise 2.0 collaboration

November 11, 2008 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Image Since Traction® TeamPage 4.0 was released in June 2008 we're happy to report that reviewers and customers have consistently applauded the innovation TeamPage 4.0 brings to the market. When you want to be able to use wiki-style collaboration on products, plans and projects - as well as free-form encyclopedia pages - it quickly becomes obvious that you need to be able to distinguish between the 'latest stable version' of a constellation of pages and the 'work in progress cloud' created through collaborative editing.

Rice University - Carbon Nanotechnology Lab

The Carbon Nanotechnology Lab at Rice University deployed Traction® TeamPage to support information exchange throughout a research program team. The deadlines were very tight and reporting cycles to the sponsor, DARPA, occurred weekly. Traction enabled the program team to coordinate activities and allowed the program manager, Howard Schmidt, to both manage the team effectively and be accountable to his sponsor. The solution brought hard returns to execution time and quality.

Roger Fujii Senior Software Engineer

ROI for Competitive Intelligence?

June 14, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Corporate blogging is one form of synthesizing and distributing information, and it has its own return (see ROI for Corporate Blogging?). Competitive intelligence (CI) and market research functions face a similar challenge: How do you value distribution and synthesis of information?

ROI for Corporate Blogging?

June 14, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Charlene Li questioned the math for calculating the ROI of Blogs. She wrote:

Scientific Research

Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Scientific Research

Seamless integration can work like the Web | W3C Social Business Jam

November 9, 2011 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageI just joined the Nov 2011 W3C Social Business Jam and added a discussion topic: Seamless integration can work like the Web. I'm on deadline for Enterprise 2.0 next week in Santa Clara [ see you there ! ] but will try to steal time to jump in to a live IBM Jam while it's open (through Nov 10, 2011 8pm EST).


Traction's integrated search provides up to date, permission filtered search results.

Searching Content for People

January 7, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

By moving communication and knowledge exchange to web pages, social software breaks down the walls that traditionally divide e-mail communication and traditional folder based document sharing. As discussed at the conclusion of So, What About Enterprise Social Networking?, this style of interacting online opens avenues for content enrichment and exploitation.

Searching for the Perfect Fried Clam | Rhode Island

September 23, 2007 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Bill Ives of Portals and KM shifts his usual focus to raise a question near and dear to all of us who live in New England, Searching for the Perfect Fried Clam. He lists three tempting choices in Massachusetts, settling on Woodman's in Essex as his first choice. I'll certainly put that on my list, but must nominate Evelyn's Drive Inn in Tiverton RI for the Clam of Honor. Not only do they have great fried clams, but they're also my top choice for Rhode Island style (clear) clam chowder and traditional Rhode Island stuffies ("Fresh local quahogs halved and filled with our spicy blend of chopped clams and chourico").

Sept 2013 | KMWorld names TeamPage a Trend-Setting Product of 2013

ImageOn Sept 1, 2013 KMWorld recognized Traction® Software's TeamPage as a Trend-Setting Product of 2013. KMWorld editor Hugh McKellar writes: "The common thread running through all the products listed here is the unique value—and potential value—they offer the organization, its workers and their various constituencies." Traction Software is honored that KMWorld has again selected Traction® TeamPage as a Trend-Setting Product. TeamPage customers such as Athens Group show the value of an integrated Quality Management system, industry knowledge base, and training curriculum. TeamPage enables Athens Group to train and support a rapidly growing cadre of expert consultants helping customers design, construct, and operate safe, reliable drilling rigs and platforms around the world. Read KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2013

Sept 2014 | KMWorld names TeamPage a Trend-Setting Product of 2014

ImageOn Sept 1, 2014 KMWorld recognized Traction® Software's TeamPage as a Trend-Setting Product of 2014. KMWorld editor Hugh McKellar writes: "This year, we looked at more than 600 products. Traction® TeamPage was selected by the panel because it demonstrates thoughtful, well-reasoned innovation and execution for the most important constituency of them all: the customer.” Traction Software is honored that KMWorld has again selected TeamPage as a Trend-Setting Product. TeamPage customers such as Alcoa and Athens Group show the value of integrated action tracking and collaboration in support of knowedge management, quality management, project management, and similar business activities. Read KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2014

September 2004 | KM World: Trend-Setting Products of 2004

ImageKMWorld recognizes 56 companies for trend-setting products. They listed Traction TeamPage and Communicator 3.1 as robust Enterprise Weblog software that encompasses collaboration, document management and KM. Additional coverage of TeamPage and Communicator 3.1 found in KMWorld's article: Enterprise Blogging and Beyond. » Read More

September 2005 | Blogging Grows Up

ImageBy John Breeden II - Collaboration tools can benefit almost any organization. But what can you do if your users are spread far and wide and are not all techies? TeamPage 3.6 from Traction® Software may provide the answer. Technically, TeamPage is enterprise-level blogging software... TeamPage puts your entire organization into the content-sharing mix. The end user does not have to be technically savvy to use TeamPage... anyone - from your security guards to your database engineers - can use the system, but each interacts with TeamPage at a different level.

September 2006 | Collaboration Loop | Traction TeamPage Releases v3.7 for Blogs and Wikis

September 12, 2006 By Collaboration Loop Staff: Traction Software today announced Traction TeamPage Release 3.7. New features added in this release include extensible widgets, edit history and rollback, inline sections, flexible outputs to any format, and upgraded mobile device support. Traction's TeamPage software combines the group editing of a wiki, the interface of a blog, and a access control and comment model to provide secure, scaleable web based communication to business and government customers. ...

September 2006 | Fuld & Company Intelligence Software Report 2006-2007

Register for a free copy of the Report In its latest survey of 17 competitive intelligence software packages [including Traction® TeamPage], Fuld & Co. urges executives to match packages based not only on their features, but also on how they fit with a company's approach and progress in utilizing competitive intelligence techniques...

Shaka, When the Walls Fell

November 22, 2015 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Share Folders & WebDAV

Each space has a share folder where you can add files and folders via the browser interface or Microsoft Windows Explorer. A given user's ability to read, add and change content in the share folder is governed by permissions in Access Control and Security.

Sherlock Jr.

February 16, 2007 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Just what you need, believe me.


ImageAfter their initial pilot period, ShoreBank achieved overnight adoption within their IT Department after adopting Traction® Software' TeamPage Enterprise Wiki and Blog platform for Milestone Centric Communication and Collaborative Content Management.

Should Software Vendors Also Sell Professional Services? YES!

April 14, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

This conversation started with Stewart Mader and continues with Bill Ives. While most of our customers run the easy installer and are up and running readily, many benefit from our front end advice as well as more formal professional services engagements. This exchange offers two simple benefits that are strategic to the customers and to the software producer (and, in turn, to the customers).

SITA Gets Traction with Enterprise Blog Software

SITA, the world's leading service provider of IT business solutions and communications services to the air transport community, deployed Traction® TeamPage for Sales Operations, Marketing, Training & Development, Communications, and other functions, enabling users to better categorize and filter content. Departments in Geneva, London, Rome, Montreal, Beirut, Paris, Singapore, Rio, Mumbai, are actively using it to centralize documents, share ideas, collaborate on projects and exchange feedback.

SITA Gets Traction with Enterprise Blog Software

, a Traction Partner in Switzerland and France, leads the Implementation.
Providence, RI, April 3, 2006 ─ Traction Software, the leading developer of enterprise blog software for effective team collaboration, today announced the deployment of its TeamPage Enterprise Blog platform for SITA, the world's leading service provider of IT business solutions and communications services to the air transport community. The deployment was managed by Traction’s France and Switzerland Consulting Partner b-spirit.com.

SITA | Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques

SITA is the world's leading service provider of IT business solutions and communications services to the air transport industry. SITA manages complex communication solutions for its air transport, government and GDS customers over the world's most extensive communication network, complemented by consultancy in the design, deployment and integration of communication services. SITA is a community of 600 airline and GDS members and 2,000 customers, including Air France, Air Madagascar, Air Malta, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Hapag-Lloyd, KLM, IATA, and Royal Jordanian.

Skiing on the Slope of Enlightenment

August 12, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

At our market launch in 2002, I recall all kinds of skepticism passing off the wiki and blog markets as a fad. Today, with a complete social software platform and the most robust wiki framework on the market, we are skiing on Gartner's Slope of Enlightenment. Gartner reports that Social Software suites are headed for the trough of disillusionment (a good and necessary transition before hitting the slope of enlightenment), though our customer case studies show little illusion about the tangible and necessary business value delivered by Traction TeamPage. » Read Gartner's press release and ReadWriteWeb's report. ReadWriteWeb's writeup.

Skin (Interface) Options and Customization

The default Traction interface is the Proteus skin (some of the feature descriptions shown the older Mexico skin). Traction ships with several other skin options and easy out of the box skin customization options. Using the Skin Definition Language (SDL), its also possible to craft any interface that suits your needs and package it as a plug-in so it is easily managed and shared.

So, What About Enterprise Social Networking?

January 7, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Last week's post, Wither Web 2.0 Social Networking? and My 2 Cents., offers my perspective on the murky future of web facing personal social networking, as well as a recipe for its survival. The Enterprise Social Networking market, meanwhile, is growing up more steadily in the wake of its Web 2.0 sibling and, despite some commonalities, faces a different value equation, use cases and market forces.

Social Media and the Inc 500 - The Mattson & Ganim Barnes Report

February 2, 2007 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

ImageThe good news: Research shows awareness and use of social media (Message boards, social networking, online video, blogging, wikis and podcasting) is significant and apparently on the rise.

Social Media Policy Almost = Blabbing Policy

March 18, 2010 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

After reading 10 Social Media Commandment for Employers, I was reminded of Blogging Policy = Blabbing Policy, a blog entry I wrote back in 2006 when the the "conversation" in the blog-o-sphere started to center on corporate blogging policies.

Social Process Reengineering?

June 13, 2010 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

As much as I hesitate to introduce this term into social software lingo, I think it's exactly what Enterprises are doing with social software on the road to Enterprise 2.0 - striving for a fundamentally new way to work.

Standard TeamPage Pricing

A standard Traction TeamPage configuration includes unlimited TeamPage Spaces. Unlimited Spaces allow you to use independent Spaces for many different clients, customers, suppliers, partners or internal business activities. TeamPage Spaces make it simple to give internal and external groups access to the same TeamPage server, while making it easy to keep work for different clients or business activities separate and more private when that's important.

State of Connecticut - Department of Information Technology

May 1, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Rock Regan chose to deploy Traction when he was CIO of the State of Connecticut. In his new CIO and Government Technology Blog, Rock quotes Government Technology's story on IJIS Institute's use of Traction and adds:

Strategic, Market and Competitive Intelligence Solution

Collecting, managing and communicating intelligence information to stakeholders across the enterprise, or more privately to executive teams is a massive undertaking. TeamPage makes it a breeze.

Structuring for Emergence

September 23, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Enterprise 2.0 Social Software is appealing for many reasons, but a core value is the facilitation of emergence. Many in our community may quibble with McAfee's definition of Enterprise 2.0 but I think all will agree that the need to support emergence is a key trait. However, an emergent discussion shines a light on the interacting role of structure and emergence.

Sweet Tweet

October 22, 2008 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

At the age of 12 (or so), I tried board-sailing and totally failed. I had no sense for how the mechanics of the sail and the wind worked together to point my board in any given direction. Then I got in a sailboat which, for whatever combination of reasons, made sense of the whole sailing process.

System Requirements

Traction® TeamPage™ and Traction® TeamPage™ Feed Reader products are 100% pure Java™ standalone server applications that run on Windows, Linux, Solaris, or Mac OS X computers, as well as other machines for which a compatible Java VM is available (see below). There are no pre-requisites other than a supported operating system. After running the installer, Traction is easily set up and managed using its own web browser based administrative interface.

Tags for categorization and social tagging

Traction shines when it comes to categorizing your content. Tags (or labels) are used to organize or describe information within and across project spaces. Social Tagging, with permission filtering is enabled as users in each project can define their own tags, and apply them to content (pages or comments) in any space they can see.

Takashi Okutsu Japanese Business Office


ImageGreg Lloyd, President & Co-Founder
Greg has over 30 years experience as architect and engineer for publishing, hypertext, simulation, and real-time operating system projects at the Naval Research Laboratory, Mentor Graphics, and Electronic Book Technologies (EBT), Inc. He is the co-inventor of the Mentor Graphics/Context change control editing system for publishing, configuration management, and engineering applications. He has collaborated for 30 years with Andy van Dam of Brown University on four generations of hypertext systems. Greg has a Bachelor of Science (1970) in Physics and Computer Science and a Master of Science (1974) in Applied Math and Computer Science, both from Brown University. Greg is co-author of US Patent 7,593,954 for Traction Software's core hypertext technology (along with Chris, Andy, Roger, and Jun Simmons). On Twitter, follow Greg as roundtrip. See Blog1135: Where's Greg? for Greg's real-time Twitter updates.

TeamPage Accessories

TeamPage Feed Reader

TeamPage Attivio Content Analysis, Search, Navigation

TeamPage Attivio® option adds world-class content analysis, search and navigation. Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE) indexes TeamPage content and metadata, performs advanced linguistic and context analysis, delivers permission-aware, relevance-ranked search and content navigation.
 All TeamPage content is indexed and analyzed: articles, comments, status, links, relationships, space, tags, actions, authors, profiles, as well as attached documents and shared files - over 370 formats.

TeamPage Attivio Plus Pricing

Attivio Plus uses Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE) to index and analyze content stored in external business systems including file servers, Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum, Lotus Notes - even records in SQL Databases.

A TeamPage Attivio Plus license makes Attivio's advanced capability affordable for small to mid size businesses by offering a la cart packaging and pricing of capabilities, starting at $25,000 per year for one source (for example File server data). You choose the external sources you want index and an upper bound on the number of documents or records indexed.

TeamPage Attivio® Plus - Enterprise Search

Extend TeamPage Premium Search to the rest of your content with the TeamPage Attivio Plus Module. TeamPage Attivio Plus is built on Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) platform.

TeamPage Attivio® Search Module

ImagePosting your communication and knowledge to TeamPage is only as useful as your ability to get it out. Dashboards in TeamPage provide great structured navigation. Adding Premium Search provides great unstructured navigation. Your users have come to love outstanding search on the web. The TeamPage Attivio® Search Module meets the need for your enterprise, including drill down navigation users will love.

Teampage hypertext journal: Design concepts, by Takashi Okutsu

August 7, 2015 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Takashi Okutsu of Traction Software's Japanese Business Office wrote a blog post, Teampage hypertext journal: Design concepts. Starting from Chris Nuzum's Tripping Up Memory Lane presentation, Takashi explains how TeamPage's append-only journal models editable content, links, and relationships − while maintaining a full audit trail. See this Google English translation.

TeamPage iOS Application

The Traction® TeamPage App connects to a TeamPage server and makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the latest activity in your Traction® TeamPage server. You can download the free TeamPage App from Apple's iOS App Store.

TeamPage Release 4.2: Traction Software Adds Mobile Subscription, Notification and Email Collaboration to its Award Winning Enterprise 2.0 Social Software

ImageEnterprise 2.0 Conference, San Francisco, CA —November 2, 2009 Traction® TeamPage 4.2 developed in collaboration with Traction’s road warrior customersTraction® Software, the leading developer of enterprise 2.0 social software for secure, scalable collaboration, today announced release of Traction TeamPage 4.2 of Traction’s award-winning TeamPage™ enterprise 2.0 social software platform. The software now includes flexible mobile subscription and notification allowing road warriors to easily post content and comments with simple, secure two-way e-mail based collaboration. As the first release using an updated Traction platform architecture, Traction TeamPage 4.2 combines wiki, blog, social tagging, discussion and social networking capabilities in a secure, scalable collaboration platform.

TeamPage SAAS / Cloud Hosting Helps Bring Customers Closer, Improves Support

November 7, 2012 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

ImageAs we've put more attention to our cloud hosting (see Traction Software and Traction Software Japan) with free trials and an increasing hosted customer base, I'm seeing first hand how the customer relationship can become much closer, more interactive and more informed. In the last 24 hours, I was able to quickly help:

TeamPage Social Enterprise Web

Extending Traction® TeamPage discussion, tagging, and tasking to the rest of your enterprise content and the public Web is a snap with Social Enterprise Web features. Comments, tags, tasks are recorded in TeamPage, linked to source pages on the public Web or your private intranet.

TeamPage Solutions

TeamPage is easily crafted the meet your business need. The Dashboards at each level are tuned using out of the box controls to shape the solution you need, whether it's a need to manage SOPs for ISO 9001 compliance, track management issues, or simply put out company announcements.

TeamPage Workgroup Pricing

A Traction TeamPage Workgroup configuration supports up to ten TeamPage Spaces. TeamPage Spaces make it simple to give internal and external groups access to the same TeamPage server, while making it easy to keep work for different clients or business activities separate and more private when that's important.

TeamPage ハンズオン セミナー | Free Seminars in Yokohama

Traction® Software partner Applied Knowledge Company Japan announces free Traction® TeamPage seminars July 29, Aug 7, Aug 26 2009 at AKJ's Yokohama office. See CNET Japan announcement or AKJ Seminar Page for registration details.

TextWise - Delivering an automated, scalable, and contextual e-commerce solution on the web

Textwise - delivering an automated, scalable, and contextual e-commerce solution on the web.
Shortly after adopting TeamPage in the Spring of 2005, Rob Rubin (then CTO) of TextWise said "Since we've been using Traction® Software's TeamPage enterprise blog for our product development management, our culture has changed 100% to where our meetings and communications are totally driven by TeamPage. One day, our email system was down and not one engineer complained because they use Traction® TeamPage exclusively to track status and projects."

Thank you!

Thank you for your inquiry. We will contact you shortly.

That was fast!

September 21, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

See the update time on Olivier's TeamPage 3.7 post (from my Technorati watchlist)!

The Collaborative Organization - Free signed copy, Traction Software Booth 418 E2.0 Boston 2012

June 13, 2012 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageI've read an advance copy of Jacob Morgan's upcoming book, The Collaborative Organization: A Strategic Guide to Solving Your Internal Business Challenges Using Emerging Social and Collaborative Tools. I'm very happy that we decided to give Enterprise 2.0 Boston folk a chance to meet Jacob and get their own free, signed copy at Traction Software Booth 418 next week. Jacob says: "The purpose of this book is to act as a guide for executives, decision makers, and those involved with collaborative initiatives at their organizations". I believe he hits the mark with a book of lasting value, as do reviewers including Vivek Kundra, former Chief Information Officer of the United States; Erik Brynjolf, MIT Center for Digital Business Director, and others.

The Collector

Traction's Collector is a unique feature that provides an easy way to bookmark Traction articles and comments for later reference or immediate action. You can have multiple collections, each with its own set of articles.

The Debate Zone: Has the US passed peak productivity growth? | McKinsey & Company

May 23, 2011 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageSee the lively McKinsey & Company What Matters debate, Tyler Cowen: "Yes. The big gains in the 20th century resulted from transformative innovations that are much rarer today." versus Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson: "No. We’ve only just begun to reap the productivity benefits of digital technology." Read the analysis, lively comments, and jump in! My two cents (also posted as What Matters comment): I agree with Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson's analysis that digital technology - including but not limited to the Web, communications and computer technology - is a GPT that "leads to fundamental changes in the production process of those using the new invention." and whose impact on productivity will be felt over decades, not years.

The Evolution of Personal Knowledge Management

April 26, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

July 1945 The difficulty seems to be, not so much that we publish unduly in view of the extent and variety of present day interests, but rather that publication has been extended far beyond our present ability to make real use of the record. The summation of human experience is being expanded at a prodigious rate, and the means we use for threading through the consequent maze to the momentarily important item is the same as was used in the days of square-rigged ships. -- As We May Think by Vannevar Bush, Atlantic Monthly, July 1945

The Future of Work Platforms: Like Jazz

February 16, 2011 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageYesterday I read GigaOM analyst and editor Haydn Shaughnessy's Future of Work Platforms report (registration required, free seven day trial available). I commented: Haydn -- A very thoughtful and useful analysis – a combination that’s all too rare! I’m particularly happy to see your thoughts on observable work (see the full report for Haydn's excellent analysis).

Ever since Jon Udell coined the term, it struck me as good way to talk about practical benefits and a business purpose for collaboration. In my opinion it helps by pealing back issues of privacy in context and activity streams, along with subtleties required to support the social dance of getting things done, dealing with exceptions, and staying aware of what’s going around you without getting swamped. This is much closer to jazz than the world of canned business transactions. It requires a level of attention to ease of use and user experience that’s just as important but in many ways more challenging to do well in a business context than for the public Web.

The least entertaining game ever

January 18, 2008 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Good Morning Silicon Valley's Off Topic section for 18 Jan 2008 links to this page as "the least entertaining game ever". Unfair, unkind, funny, but with an element of truth: close to a perfect example of what I'd call a good cheap shot. To restore my karmic balance and express a personal opinion that the authors of the game might appreciate, see this page.

The parable of the four unfit friends

August 19, 2019 · · Posted by Pierre Bienvenüe

ImageIn this article we tell the parable of four friends and some of their life choices.

The Rise of Enterprise 2.0, Andrew McAfee | Video | Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2008 Tokyo

May 31, 2008 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

The Rise of Enterprise 2.0 - Professor Andrew McAfee, Enterprise 2.0 Summit Tokyo (2008) from Traction Software on Vimeo.

The spy who came in from the code | O'Reilly Radar | Carmen Medina interview

May 4, 2010 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageSee The spy who came in from the code for James Turner's excellent O'Reilly Radar interview with Carmen Medina who recently retired from the CIA after 32 years after serving in roles including Deputy Director of Intelligence, and Director of the CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence. Carmen was the keynote speaker at Traction Software's Oct 2009 Traction User Group meeting, speaking on Enterprise 2.0 and the Context of Work (see slides and video). She'll speak at the Gov 2.0 Expo on May 26, 2010 Washington DC on A Match made in Heaven: High Reliability-High Risk Organizations and the Power of Social Networks. Don't miss her talk, and follow @milouness on Twitter!

The Traction SDK and SDL

The Traction Software Developers Kit (SDK) and Skin Definition Language (SDL) make it easy for developers to extend or customize Traction Teampage's appearance, behavior, and connections to other systems.

The Work Graph Model: TeamPage style

October 11, 2013 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageJustin Rosenstein wrote an excellent option piece for Wired, The Way We Work Is Soul-Sucking, But Social Networks Are Not the Fix. Justin begins: "With Twitter’s recent IPO filing, the most popular graph dominating conversation is the “interest graph.” Before that, it was the “social graph,” courtesy of Facebook. But we’re now seeing the emergence of a third important graph: the work graph." The work graph term is new - and useful - but I believe the model dates back to Lotus Notes and even Doug Engelbart. In this blog post I'll review Justin's definition and use it to describe Traction® TeamPage's work graph model. I'll also show how TeamPage leverages its work graph model to meet challenges of information overload, work with external as well as internal teams, and work that needs to span siloed systems of record.

The Yin and Yang of Enterprise 2.0, the scruffy-neats, and INNATS

July 17, 2007 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

The success of user generated content sites and communities such as MySpace, Wikipedia and the Blogosphere leads many to question the merit of imposing any structure on collaboration. Leading thinkers like Jim McGee and Bill Ives recently offered their ideas and sought opinion from others on the FASTForward blog.

Thierry Barsalou, IPSEN CIO, Speaks at Gilbane Conference on Content Management

May 2, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Rod Boothby wrote a great summary of a presentation by Thierry Barsalou (CIO of Ipsen Phamaceuticals) on their Traction driven Enterprise Blog system for Competitive Intelligence. At the 2006 Gilbane San Francisco conference, Thierry reviewed Ipsen's business requirement, technology selection process, taxonomy planning, and path to adoption across all their global offices. He concluded with remarks about using Traction for other collaborative applications such as managing controlled vocabularies (a wiki type application for compliance purposes), project communication and other knowledge management related activities. » View PDF of the full presentation

Thought Vectors - Ted Nelson: Art not Technology

July 5, 2014 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageThe technoid vision, as expressed by various pundits of electronic media, seems to be this: tomorrow's world will be terribly complex, but we won't have to understand it. Fluttering though halestorms of granular information, ignorant like butterflies, we will be guided by smell, or Agents, or leprechauns, to this or that pretty picture, or media object, or factoid. If we have a Question, it will be possible to ask it in English. Little men and bunny rabbits will talk to us from the computer screen, making us feel more comfortable about our delirious ignorance as we flutter through this completely trustworthy technological paradise about which we know less and less.

Thought Vectors - Vannevar Bush and Dark Matter

June 13, 2014 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageOn Jun 9 2014 Virginia Commonwealth University launched a new course, UNIV 200: Inquiry and the Craft of Argument with the tagline Thought Vectors in Concept Space. The eight week course includes readings from Vannevar Bush, J.C.R. Licklider, Doug Engelbart, Ted Nelson, Alan Kay, and Adele Goldberg. Assignments include blog posts and an invitation to participate on Twitter using the #thoughtvectors hashtag. The course has six sections taught at VCU, and an open section for the rest of the internet, which happily includes me! This week's assignment is a blog post based on a nugget that participants select from Vannevar Bush's 1945 essay As We May Think. Here's mine:

Thought Vectors - What Motivated Doug Engelbart

June 23, 2014 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageBy "augmenting human intellect" we mean increasing the capability of a man to approach a complex problem situation, to gain comprehension to suit his particular needs, and to derive solutions to problems. Increased capability in this respect is taken to mean a mixture of the following: more-rapid comprehension, better comprehension, the possibility of gaining a useful degree of comprehension in a situation that previously was too complex, speedier solutions, better solutions, and the possibility of finding solutions to problems that before seemed insoluble. And by "complex situations" we include the professional problems of diplomats, executives, social scientists, life scientists, physical scientists, attorneys, designers--whether the problem situation exists for twenty minutes or twenty years. We do not speak of isolated clever tricks that help in particular situations. We refer to a way of life in an integrated domain where hunches, cut-and-try, intangibles, and the human "feel for a situation" usefully co-exist with powerful concepts, streamlined terminology and notation, sophisticated methods, and high-powered electronic aids. 1a1


You may publish to an external blog system using trackback out, and just as easily accept trackback pings into your Traction server.

Traction Adds Distributed File Authoring and Versioning to Industry's Leading Enterprise Weblog Software

Traction® TeamPage and Communicator Release 3.5 Add WebDAV, ATOM newsfeeds, and Personalized User Interface Enhancements

Traction announces x64 Sun Fire Support, Joins Sun at AIIM

Traction Software joins Sun in their AIIM Partner Pavilion today to preview Traction Release 3.7 and announce support for the Sun Fire x64 server platform in addition to already supported SPARC platforms. Stephen Borcich, vice president of Partner Marketing at Sun Microsystems said “There is an increasing demand for flexible, out-of-the-box and open-standard hardware and software solutions. Together with Traction Software, a leader in the quickly emerging enterprise blog and wiki market, we are enabling solutions that support this vision for customers." » Read the full release: Traction TeamPage Enterprise Blog Software to support the Solaris 10 Operating System Across Entire Sun Fire Servers Family


IJIS Institute Cited by BusinessWeek as One of 50 Innovative Uses of Internet Technology in Business Providence, RI, December 14, 2005 —Traction Software, Inc, the leader in Enterprise Blog software for business, today announced that The Integrated Justice Information Systems (IJIS) Institute was selected as a BusinessWeek “WebSmart 50” organization, in the November 21, 2005 issue, based on IJIS’s deployment of Traction TeamPage™ enterprise blog technology for its Website, Partner Extranet, and Staff Intranet. You can read about the Web Smart 50 by going to: http://www.businessweek.com.

Traction Named to “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management” By KMWORLD Magazine for Second Year


Traction Roots - Doug Engelbart

April 9, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

The source of the term Journal for the Traction TeamPage database is Douglas Engelbart's NLS system (later renamed Augment), which Doug developed in the 1960's as one of the first hypertext systems. Traction's time ordered database, entry + item ID addressing, and many Traction concepts were directly inspired by Doug's work. I'd also claim that Doug's Journal is the first blog - dating from 1969.

Traction Software Announces International Partner Initiative

Applied Knowledge and Netcore Solutions Leverage New Traction® TeamPage™ Release 3.0 Solution to Deliver Enterprise Weblog Technology into Asian Markets

Traction Software Announces Traction TeamPage and Communicator Release 3.1

Further Establishes the Traction Platform
as the Backbone for Enterprise Working Communications

Traction Software Brings FAST-Enabled Search to Blogs and Wikis

Traction Software Brings FAST-Enabled Search to Blogs and Wikis Traction Goes Beyond Blogs and Wikis, Offering Integrated FAST InStream Search Technology to Enable Secure Search, Entity Extraction and Drill Down Navigation PROVIDENCE, RI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 18, 2006 -- Traction® Software, the leading developer of products for secure, scalable, web-based collaboration, today announced the general availability of its Traction® TeamPage™ FAST Search Module. The Module is an integrated and easily installed option, based on Fast Search & Transfer's FAST InStream™ OEM search technology solution. The Module is priced at USD $15K per Traction TeamPage Server.

Traction Software Co-sponsors PMI Mass Bay Chapter's Professional Development Day 30 April 2011

Image Traction Software is happy to co-sponsor the Project Management Institute Mass Bay Chapter Professional Development Day, Saturday 30 April 2011 at the Conference Center at Bentley University, Waltham MA. The event is open to PMI members and non-members - anyone engaged in or impacted by the Project Management profession, from Junior and Senior Project Managers to Managers and Senior Staff. Enjoy the keynote and breakout sessions and earn 6 PDU's toward the Project Management Institute's Professional Education Requirements. See and ask questions about Traction TeamPage's new integrated Action Tracking and Project Management capabilities at the sponsor exhibit during lunch and breaks. For more information, see the PMI Mass Bay PDD registration and program page.

Traction Software Customer Stories

Traction® TeamPage is used worldwide by pharma, finance, high tech, manufacturing, management consulting, and other firms as well as small businesses, universities, and non-profits.

Traction Software Delivers Enterprise Weblog Solution to Western States Information Network

Weblog Technology Enables Law Enforcement Network to Efficiently Capture, Share and Use Critical Information

Traction Software Enters German Market and Provides German Localization for Industry's First Enterprise Weblog


Traction Software Geht auf den Deutschen Markt mit einer Lokalisierung fur das Erste Betriebliche Weblog

Leistungsfähiges web-basiertes Informationsssystem rationalisiert die Kommunikation im Team

Traction Software Internationalizes Enterprise Weblog Platform with Release 3.0

Traction 3.0 Delivers Internationalization, Authentication, Compatibility, Extensibility for Business and Government Customers around the Globe

Traction Software Introduces Enterprise Weblog solution for Competitive Intelligence and Market Research

Traction is the first weblog product designed for business use


Image ImageEnterprise Weblog Leader Recognized as One of the Most Innovative Companies Poised for Technology Leadership



Traction Software Names Jason Siegal Vice President of Sales

Public Relations Software Pioneer Joins Traction Team to Expand Sales Operations

Traction Software Products

Image Traction® TeamPage is the heart of Traction® Software's product family. TeamPage makes it easy to communicate, work together, find what you need, and stay on top of what's happening in your business. TeamPage integrates action tracking, Twitter-style status, threaded discussion, collaboration, social networking, and deep search. TeamPage connects people, actions, what you create or find in TeamPage, the public Web, your company's intranet and your line of business systems. See TeamPage examples.

Traction Software Selects Attivio to Power Information Access for Enterprise 2.0 Social Software

ImageNEWTON, MASS. – October 14, 2009 -- Attivio Active Intelligence Engine’s Permissioning Model and Real-Time Updates Prove Key Differentiators in Replacing Leading Search Solution at Traction Attivio, Inc. today announced that Traction® Software, the leading developer of Enterprise 2.0 social software, has chosen the Attivio Active Intelligence Engine ™ (AIE) to replace its legacy enterprise search solution for easier indexing, retrieval of content and an enhanced user experience. As part of the selection process, Traction evaluated several market-leading solutions before choosing Attivio’s unified information access engine for its single, flexible API, full Java support as well as its sophisticated and secure permissioning model.

Traction Software Short-listed as a Finalist for the “Red Herring 100 North America” Awards

The most-promising technology ventures will be honored at the
Red Herring Spring 2006 CEO Summit

Traction Software Showcases New Collaboration Capabilities at Enterprise 2.0 Conference

ImageEnterprise 2.0 Conference, San Francisco, CA —November 2, 2009Advanced Search, Oracle RDB Backend and a fast, simple, and powerful user experience that scales Traction® Software, the leading developer of enterprise 2.0 social software for secure, scalable collaboration, today announced that it is demonstrating new capabilities at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference November 3-5 at the Moscone North Convention Center in San Francisco, CA, Demo Pod #21. Traction will be showcasing Traction TeamPage using Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) along with the TeamPage Oracle RDB option and Traction’s new Google Web Toolkit (GWT)-based Proteus user interface. These capabilities extend Traction’s award winning platform for product development, professional services, pharma, and government customers who choose TeamPage as the best solution for mission critical secure internal and external collaboration. A Development Release of Traction’s new Proteus GWT based user interface and Attivio Advanced Search are running now on Traction TeamPage Release 4.2, which was announced and ships today.

Traction Software to participate in Information Sharing and Homeland Security Expo

Providence, Rhode Island (August 12, 2002) - Traction® Software, Inc., the leading provider of Enterprise Weblog solutions, will participate in the upcoming Information Sharing and Homeland Security Expo to be held in Philadelphia, PA, August 19-21, 2002.

Traction TeamPage

Traction TeamPage integrates collaboration, communication, activity and profiles

Traction TeamPage 4.0 Puts Hypertext to Work

Traction TeamPage Release 4.0 delivers a combination of wiki, blog, tagging and social networking capabilities that extend Traction's secure, simple and scalable hypertext platform to handle Enterprise 2.0 collaboration on the work that matters most to your business: developing products, communicating with customers and sales partners, collaborating with key suppliers, tracking business issues, and competitive intelligence.

Traction TeamPage 5.0 Delivers Integrated Social Networking And Collaboration With New Generation Interface Technology

ImageEnterprise 2.0 Boston MA — June 15, 2010A fresh look at how social networking and collaboration work for business — Traction® Software, the leading developer of enterprise 2.0 social software for secure, scalable collaboration, today announced Traction® TeamPage™ Release 5.0. This release uses Traction’s new generation Proteus interface technology to deliver a look and feel that’s fast, easy to use, and looks great. TeamPage 5.0 leverages this technology to integrate extensible personal profile pages, Twitter style personal status, group live blog technology, a slick and simple Feed summary and more as natural parts of Traction's award winning Enterprise 2.0 collaboration platform.

Traction TeamPage 5.0: Social Software for Work

Image Traction® TeamPage Release 5.0's new generation interface technology is fast, simple, and looks great. TeamPage 5.0 leverages this technology to deliver personal profile pages, Twitter style personal status, a flexible follow model with faceted navigation, a top down Feed view of activity and more as a natural part of Traction's award winning Enterprise 2.0 collaboration platform. TeamPage 5.0 puts social software to work for activities that matter most for your business including new product development, sales, life cycle product support, communication with clients and sales partners, collaboration with customers and key suppliers, tracking business issues, marketing and competitive intelligence.

Traction TeamPage 5.1: Social Software, Meet Project Management


Traction TeamPage Enterprise Weblog Software Recognized as a "Trend Setting Product of the Year" by KMWorld


Traction TeamPage Software to support the Solaris 10 Operating System Across Entire Sun Fire Servers Family

Traction to Preview TeamPage 3.7 at Sun's AIIM 2006 Partner Pavilion AIIM Conference, Philadelphia, PA, May 16, 2006 - Traction Software, the leading developer of enterprise blog / wiki software for team collaboration, today announced platform support for the Solaris™ 10 Operating System (OS) on Sun Fire™ AMD Opteron processor-based x64 (x86, 64 bit) and SPARC®-based servers. Traction® TeamPage™, a Java™-based Enterprise Blog server application, will include easy installers for the Solaris 10 OS on SPARC and x64 server platforms. Traction Software will preview the upcoming 3.7 release in Sun Microsystem’s Pavilion at the AIIM Conference May 16-18, 2006 in Philadelphia, PA.

Traction TeamPage Technology

Traction® Software solutions are based on the company's patented hypertext technology (US Patent 7,593,954). The core technology patent covers the fundamental indexing, cross-reference and navigational elements that combine to make the Traction platform capable of outperforming traditional file and folder systems.

Traction TeamPage Videos

One good way to learn about Traction TeamPage is to start with the video introduction, but to get the best experience and discuss how TeamPage will help your team or organization, please contact us for a live demonstration.

Traction TeamPage: Connected Work

The future of work: 
collaboration, conversation, identity, work product, action tracking and activity streams in context, coupled by permission-aware deep search, spanning systems of record and transactional business systems. Traction TeamPage connects people, actions, what you create or find in TeamPage, the public Web, your company's intranet and your line of business systems, simply and securely.

Traction TeamPage: The One System to Rule It All

February 24, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Needless to say I'm delighted with Michael Sampson's Currents: "TeamPage - the One System to Rule It All". I like One System to Rule It All angle, butassume that would make me a metaphorical Elven-smith of Eregion rather than Sauron of course. Hmmm

Traction® TeamPage™ and Communicator™ Features

This page includes a partial feature list up to and including Traction Release 3.7.

Tricycles vs. Training Wheels

February 2, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

In Infoworld, Jon Udell writes When it comes to increasing human productivity, user interfaces aren't one size fits all and cites Doug Engelbart:

Tried Ponzu in SFO ...

February 3, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Heading back from conference in San Francisco: Asian Mary (sake / vodka with wasabe bloody mary mix) would qualify Ponzu for Jordan on spice level. Braised soy/ginger boneless short ribs with asian veggies (chestnuts, ginko, lotus root, daikon, carrots) was great comfort food. yum.

Tripping Up Memory Lane

July 16, 2015 · · Posted by Christopher Nuzum

Last week I gave a talk at the Hyperkult 2015 conference. It was an honor to present there, especially since it was the 25th and final time the conference was held. This was my proposal for the talk:

Tuesday Dec 9, 2008 | Forty years after the Mother of All Demos

December 7, 2008 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Image On Dec 9, 1968 Doug Engelbart stepped onto a stage in front of about 2,000 people. He adjusted his headset and sat down before his mouse, chord key set, and twenty-two foot TV projection screen. His NLS/Augment system prefigured the Web, shared screen teleconferencing, much of what we know as hypertext, in what's often called the Mother of All Demos. Read this authorized clip from John Markoff's excellent book What the Dormouse Said or see the video of the Demo.

TUG 2009 Providence | Keynotes by Carmen Medina, Chris Nuzum and Stewart Mader

Traction Software's fourth annual Traction User Group Meeting - TUG 2009 13-16 October 2009 in Providence RI - will feature an opening Keynote by Carmen Medina, closing Keynote by Stewart Mader and customer talks by Alcoa, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, a top tier management consulting firm, and others. For live updates see What's being said about TUG 2009 on Twitter?. Tune in for Carmen Medina's 9:00AM EDT opening keynote followed by a Traction TeamPage Product Roadmap session and other highlights listed below. [ Update: See links below for TUG 2009 videos and slides ]

TUG 2009 Providence | Thank you!

November 2, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageI'd like to thank all of the Traction customers, partners and friends who traveled to Providence last month to make TUG 2009 Providence as enjoyable as it was enlightening. Special thanks to keynote speakers Carmen Medina, Chris Nuzum, Stewart Mader and all of the customers and partners who participated in the Oct 14 Main event. And my personal thanks to everyone on the Traction Software team who worked so hard to bring TeamPage R4.2, the Oracle RDB backend, Attivo Advance Search, and the Proteus Google Web Tookit (GWT) UI to life. I don't know what we'll do to top TUG 2009 next year - but TUG members provides some excellent ideas! See TUG 2009 Providence | Keynotes by Carmen Medina, Chris Nuzum and Stewart Mader for links to TUG videos, slide shows, interviews, tech talks and more, along with how become a TUG member and join the conversation. TUG registration is free and open to the public.

TUG 2010 Newport | Interviews

ImagePaula Thornton followed up on a TUG tradition she started last year with a series of short and lively interviews of folk who participated in TUG 2010 Newport. This year Paula interviewed: Brian Tullis, Alcoa (preview below); Michael Wadsworth; Patrice Livingston and Masayuki Kojima, AKJ Ltd.

TUG 2010 Newport | Thank you!

October 15, 2010 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageTUG 2010 Newport just wrapped up after four busy and enjoyable days. It's hard to express how grateful I am to the customers, partners, friends - and the Traction Software team - who made this such an enjoyable event. First I'd like to thank keynote speakers Jim McGee, Chris Nuzum, Jon Udell as well as customers, friends and partners whose thoughtful talks and enthusiasm made Wednesday's sessions so rewarding.

TUG 2010 Newport | Videos and Slides

TUG 2010 Newport was the best Traction® User Group meeting yet! For links to individual video and audio podcasts of the fifth annual Traction User Group 12-15 Oct 2010 sessions and slides, see the TUG 2010 Newport Agenda page. See Chris Nuzum, Traction® Software CTO and co-founder's TUG 2010 Traction Update below.

US Department of Defense - Rapid Acquisition Incentive-Net Centricity

The DoD CIO CIO office selected the "Liberty Project" as one of four out of 120 program proposals for RAI-NC funding. The program aimed to determine how best to deploy Traction® Software's Enterprise Blog platform in a net-centric environment with the goal of accelerating Test & Evaluation programs. The "Liberty Project" tested night vision technology and achieved significant improvements in communication effictiveness, tighter reporting cycles, improved information availability, and lower cost to the network.

US Department of Justice - Western States Information Network (WSIN)

ImageThe Western States Information Network is a member of the Department of Justice's Regional Information Sharing Service (RISS) Network. WSIN deployed Traction® TeamPage in the winter of 2003 for analyst groups, the watch center, and executive communications.

US Government is Sharing Information

February 28, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

According to INPUT research on government spending, the US Government will spend $64 Billion on IT contracts with $5 Billion of the total allocated to software. The top five government software spending priorities for 2006 show aggressive focus on software to store, manage and share information.

Use of Weblogs for Competitive Intelligence | First International Business, Technology CI Conference, Tokyo Oct 2005

April 26, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Over the past fifty years, the inspiration of hypertext systems has been the challenge of dealing with an ever-increasing volume of information. With the advent of the World Wide Web (WWW) as a near universal platform for commercial and scientific information, it is now possible to use the WWW as a platform for collecting, analyzing, disseminating and receiving feedback on competitive intelligence and other valuable business information. This paper will use examples of weblog deployment for competitive intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry to examine broader challenge of enabling enterprises to more effectively deal with the ever increasing volume of critical business information in general.

Using Enterprise 2.0 to Get Work Done | Collaboration and Content Strategies Blog

ImageBurton Group Analyst Larry Cannell on Traction® Software President Greg Lloyd's recent blog post: "This Enterprise 2.0 perspective is about bringing to bear the resources a company has to help people make the best decisions and improving the quality of their collective work. This is language even a pragmatic business manager can understand." Cannell would like to see more coverage of Enterprise 2.0 from a work based perspective. » Read the Full Story and more on Burton Group's Online Workplace Framework.

Vantis PLC (Formerly Numerica Group)

"Don't dismiss blogs as disruptive - Use them to your advantage" contends Ross Mullenger of Numerica Group in InternetWorld UK's cover "Dear Diary" story, subtitled "Meet Joe Blog", referring to the Numerica case study.

Wal-Mart, Meet lonelygirl15

October 18, 2006 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Image Tom Siebert from OnlineMedia interviewed me last week for a story he broke on a Pro Wal-Mart blog which, as it turns out, was put together by a professional writer and photographer, and financed by Wal-Mart through their PR firm, Edelman, and a funded non-profit called Working Families for Wal-Mart.

Water Cooler ROI - Putting Social Software to Productive Work

March 3, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Matt Hodgson's the ROI of Being Social at Work points to recent MIT research suggesting 40% of productivity for creative teams is a direct result of communication and employees with the most extensive digital networks are 7% more productive.

Water Cooler ROI Part II - Project Networks Improve Performance

April 22, 2011 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

ImageIn Water Cooler ROI - Putting Social Software to Productive Work I pointed to some terrific research that uncovered the extent to which project work relies on communication (in various mediums) and how digital networks actual enhance productivity (with a 7% increase in one case). More fuel for the fire comes from Why Project Networks Beat Project Teams, a study published in the MIT Sloan Management Review last month.

Welcome David, Kellen, Michael !

June 8, 2008 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

With the release of Traction TeamPage 4.0 it's been a busy week! I'd like to take time out to welcome three new Traction Software employees:

Welcome to Traction Blogs!

January 25, 2006 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

This is a group blog for employees of Traction Software Inc of Providence Rhode Island. You can read about Traction Software's customers products, partners elsewhere on this web site, but here you'll find a public conversation about anything and everything. Blogs is just one page of Traction's web site, but every news item, customer story and product note is a Traction blog post. Everything on this site is powered by a single Traction TeamPage server showing the content of Blog, Press, and Public projects (blog/wiki spaces) using a custom skin (for a similar example see IJIS.org). Welcome!

Welcome to Traction TeamPage 5.0!

June 15, 2010 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageOn Tuesday June 15, 2010 we'll introduce Traction TeamPage Release 5.0 to the world at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston. TeamPage Release 5.0's new generation Proteus interface technology is fast, simple, and looks great. TeamPage 5.0 leverages this technology to add extensible personal profile pages, Twitter style personal status, group live blog technology, slick and simple Feed summary and more as a natural part of Traction's award winning Enterprise 2.0 platform.

What are you good at?

January 30, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

I like what Seth Godin says in What are you good at? Where he talks about the distinction between content (domain expertise) and process (emotional intelligence skills you have for managing projects, visualizing success, dealing with priorities and so on).

What is a Blog? A Wiki?

February 27, 2007 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Despite years of debate, constructive discussion and an occasional flame war as well as scores of wikipedia edits, there remains ambiguity and disagreement on "what is a blog" and "what is a wiki." In a series talks at KMWorld, Burton Group’s Catalyst Conference, IQPC’s IntranetWeek and others over the last year, I've offered my own definition. So, here goes my attempt at a baseline set of definitions, with a bit of historical context.

What Web 2.0 and E2.0 Security Means to Me

November 6, 2008 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

E2.0 technologies must manage a delicate balance between collaborative freedoms they promise with the security, dependability and audit trail requirements that any enterprise has to have to let them in the door.

What's being said about TUG 2009 on Twitter?

Can't attend the Traction User Group 2009 meeting in person? Follow what's being said and talk back on Twitter using tag #TUG2009 . The Main event starts at 9:00AM EDT Wed 14 October with Carmen Medina's opening keynote Enterprise 2.0 and the Context of Work, followed by Chris Nuzum CTO and co-founder leading the Traction Software Roadmap discussion at 10:45AM EDT. See TUG 2009 Providence | Keynotes by Carmen Medina, Chris Nuzum and Stewart Mader

What's Social About Software? And Why It Matters.

June 25, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Innovation starts with words, and ways to convey them.

What's the 2.0 of Enterprise 2.0? Or, How to Be Emergent?

September 4, 2011 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageHat tip to Professor +Andrew McAfee for pointing out Do Happier People Work Harder? my nomination for Required Reading of the Day (#RRD). Teresa Amabile, a professor at Harvard Business School, and Steven Kramer an independent researcher wrote a great New York Times Labor Day opinion column. They cite sobering results from a Gallup-Healthways poll of 1,000 adults every day since Jan 2008: "People of all ages, and across income levels, are unhappy with their supervisors, apathetic about their organizations and detached from what they do." They also suggest that the problem is manageable - by what I would define as great enterprises.

What's the Point ?

February 15, 2012 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

From Nora Ephron speaking at Brown University, President's Lecture series, "Adventures in Screenwriting" April 24, 1997. Paraphrased notes by Greg Lloyd: I took my first journalism course in high school. The fellow who taught it left after two years and opened a hardware store in LA. I think I was the only person he taught who went on to work as a journalist.

When (and How) to Ask a Crowd?

November 19, 2007 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

ImageIn "Wisdom of Crowds is Cowardice," Central Desktop points to a Ross Mayfield statement (on the Conferenza blog) about the benefits of making decision rights more participatory and decoupling information rights from decision rights. Central Desktop concludes by urging "Lets just try to keep a little perspective when we talk about this stuff." OK. Lets do that...

Where Collaboration Meets Chess

April 4, 2014 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

In 12 Habits of Highly Collaborative Organizations, @Jacob Morgan draws awesome parallels between collaboration strategy and chess strategy:

Where's Greg?

October 21, 2009 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageYou may have noticed a slow down in blog posts by Jordan and myself, and attributed that to our work for TUG 2009 Providence last week, and you'd be partially right (but it was fun - as you'll learn). You can also blame our slower blog posting to time spent on Twitter, both as individuals: @roundtrip (Greg Lloyd) and @jordanfrank and using the Traction Software corporate feed @tractionteam (which broadcasts the title and a shortened link to new content posted on TractionSoftware.com as well as original tweets).

Which Enterprise 2.0 Users Are Talking About What and Who, Now and Then?

August 25, 2008 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

On his blog, I'm Not Actually a Geek, Hutch from Connectbeam writes "How Are Enterprise 2.0 Vendors Pitching Web 2.0? Using Wordle to Find Out. Here's another great tool that transforms the problem of having "Too Much Information" to not having enough!

White papers

Click a white paper title to read the paper online or download a .pdf copy for printing.

Who's on Your Team ?

July 10, 2008 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Web-based social software makes it possible for people to discover connections and stay in touch on a global scale without imposing undue work on either the sender or receiver of information - unlike email, face to face meetings, or any other medium in human history. In Who’s on Your Team? Enterprise 2.0 and Team Boundaries Larry Irons discusses a 2002 study on distributed work that's relevant for Enterprise 2.0 collaboration. The study found that members of geographically distributed teams have a fuzzy notion the boundaries of their team (who was in, who was out) while collocated teams rarely disagreed. Larry suggests that wiki style collaboration and social networking will make team boundaries fuzzier - and that's a good thing.

Why Enterprise Search Sucks

June 27, 2008 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageRon Miller of EContent wrote a very good article AIIM Study Finds Enterprise Search Still Lacking about an upcoming AIIM report on Findability and disappointed expectations for enterprise search. Ron's title is more polite than some of the words I've heard (and used) to characterize enterprise search. Bluntly - if we all agree that enterprise search sucks, what is to be done?

Why links matter - for your business as well as the public Web

July 7, 2012 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Image Mathew Ingram recently wrote Why links matter: Linking is the lifeblood of the web. He makes a strong case for the value of open linking - giving credit to original sources - as an ethical imperative. He also points out the collective benefit, quoting Om Malik:

Why Software is a Good Investment

February 24, 2009 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

In tough economic times organizations are faced with hard budgeting choices as they weigh the cost and benefit of investing in durable goods, people, marketing and software. Here are some reasons why software should be at the top of the list:

Why we're here. TeamPage at Enterprise 2.0 Boston 2012

June 18, 2012 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageIf you're attending E20 Boston 2012, please drop by Traction Software's booth 418 to say hi and learn what Traction TeamPage can do. If you're interested in social task management, integrating systems of record and systems of engagement - or just using social software in the context of work, talk the folk at Traction Software who know how to help you succeed. That's where we started and that's our enduring goal.

Why, How and What of the impi Standard Meeting Plug-in for TeamPage

January 25, 2017 · · Posted by Pierre Bienvenüe

ImageThe new impi! Standard Meeting Plug-in for TeamPage enables easier, faster and more accurate minute taking for recurring meetings which agenda is standardized. It augments the impi! solution: Goal Alignment - Mini Business Units Deployment. To learn more about this plug-in and impi's Business Management System solutions built using TeamPage, please contact Traction Software.


Wiki Collaboration for Wicked Problem Solving

January 29, 2008 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Nick Fera asks who is better for "Wicked" problem solving, Groups or Individuals? after reading a December 5, 2007 article in ScienceDaily about a Sandia National Laboratories study.

Wikis and Blogs vs. Suites | Forrester vs. CMS Watch | Where is the gloom and doom?

November 24, 2008 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

 There seem to be conflicting views on what kinds of IT applications and vendors will get hit the hardest in an economic downturn. Will it be point applications like Wikis and Blogs, or Enterprise 2.0 Suites? Or will it be big ticket collaboration platforms from vendors like Microsoft, OpenText and Documentum?

Wikis Reduce Email

August 29, 2007 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Michael Sampson's Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report post talks anecdotally about how "Wikis Reduce Email."

Wither Web 2.0 Social Networking? and My 2 Cents.

December 30, 2008 · · Posted by Jordan Frank

Michael Fitzgerald's MIT Tech Review column Are Social Networks Sinking? summarizes the inevitable deflation (though not all-out devastation) of the Web 2.0 Social Networking market (not to be mixed with the Enterprise 2.0 market - which is growing more steadily in-the-wake-of, rather than in-step-with, the Web 2.0 market) bubble.

Work you can see x Who you know = What you can do

August 24, 2010 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

Work you can see x Who you know = What you can do
With thanks to Jessica Hagy
Who created her great This is what 2.0 means drawing on Aug 14, 2010.

Working Across Boundaries

June 16, 2013 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageIn his Jun 2, 2013 blog post, Chess Media analyst and author Jacob Morgan asks: How Open is Too Open? He asks "Would you be comfortable working in an all glass building where people can see everything you do and every move you make?" Jacob outlines the benefits of transparency: "Keep everyone on the same page; Build trust and fostering better relationships; Allow employees (and customers) to contribute ideas and value when they see the opportunity to do so." Jacob recognizes that a balance needs to be struck, but not being transparent enough may do more harm than good. He ask: "How open is too open?" I agree with the benefits Jacob outlines, and believe the answer to Jacob's question depends on the answer to a critical question: "Transparency for what purpose?" I'll start the ball rolling in with this post, including some real-life customer examples.

Zoom in to focus, zoom out for awareness, bubble up items in the flow of work

May 9, 2011 · · Posted by Greg Lloyd

ImageThere's been a lot of Web and Twitter discussion about the value of activity streams to promote broad awareness versus the potential problem of showing too much information and having important signals get lost in the flow. I believe that the best solution is to allow people to selectively zoom into activity streams, status and discussions - clipped by space, project, person or milestone - to focus on any particular activity in context. To focus more precisely, click a watch button to get notification when anything is added, changed, or discussed in a context you want to monitor carefully.

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